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Velvet Acid Christ: Crowd Funding begins, the bold new world.

October 23rd, 2016 by Hexfix93


Yes. I am leaving all record labels behind. They served me well when retail stores ruled the planet, when people bought itunes, when people went to brick and mortar stores. Those days are long gone. Now when you are on a label and you release an lp, they will promote you for about 2 to 3 weeks, then you are forgotten. What really made me think about this was i remember back in the wax trax days when Nine Inch Nails put out pretty hate machine. That lp was promoted for 3 years heavily, and even with tv commercials. Wow those days are long gone sadly. There is so much more competition and labels cannot promote acts correctly when they have so many releases to support.

So what am I doing? I will go directly to the fans, and because now all the money from my cds, and digital releases go straight to me, i can afford to do Facebook and google ads online all year long for every record i produce. You will only be able to buy directly from me as it stands, i might do band camp for digital though. Still This is how it must be done, I already have an online store now and I am selling a lot of t shirts and cds as it is now. So i do not need to do much except ask for Pre orders. What this allows me to do is upgrade my studio while i work on my lp to improve the production. Lets me work and pay other talented people.

Will the new VAC be on spotify or apple streaming services? No. I am sorry but we musicians make nothing that way and we can no longer afford it, you might be paying 10 bucks a month but we literally get NOTHING from streaming, and this makes it so we cannot pay our bills. Not good for us musicians. Spotify used to be ok on top of CD sales and the old school system. That system has died. So spotify is no longer like nice icing on top, its killing us.

So what we are offering is 3 pre order packages:

Digital Only, you will get codes on release day and directed on where to go download. Click Here

Autographed CD for 15 USD plus Digital Download...

And Our Box Set CD Autographed, Keychain, Patch, LP Shirt, Small LP Poster , Digital release code as well. Click Here

So far the lp is inspired by Pretty Toy, Blood, Lust, Discolored eyes. Also some we have to see we have to know trance sounding tracks, and a few dance club songs.

I still want to buy a hardware compressor that is analog. An ob6 analog synth, Roland vocoder, and be able to keep my nord a1r, and virus ti2, and roland integra 7. This will give me an amazing studio to finish the lp with. If i get enough pre orders, i will be able to use all this gear to finish the lp.

I also plan on doing drum work with Chris Kutz, I am working with my new band mate who i will announce soon. I hope to collaborate with Todd Loomis again as well.

Please Pre Order our lp, it will come out in late spring Early Summer 2017. When you do, Everything is going right to VAC, no middle men.

Here are our USA Live show dates. Also you can help us with this too.

Velvet Acid Christ Tour Donation fund, Gets you on the guest list to our shows and an autographed VIP pass. Click Here

VAC is working very hard, we hope that we can go directly to you the fans. Thank you so much, by helping us, you make all this happen, you mean the world to us.

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