VAC on Aftermath

August 31st, 2015 by Hexfix93


I love Toronto. What a great city. One of my favorites in Canada. This show was very amazing, and more varied than most festivals. I think more festivals should be like this, not Industrial or Goth or Future POP, But ALTERNATIVE. Yes, I like when there are many styles of music to listen to, its how I am, i tend to like the cream of the crop of lots of Genres. I prefer referring to my wide musical taste as Alternative. Seriously. I want to thank Troy, Richard, Lisa, Kim, Ethan, Megan and everyone who made this possible. I got to reunite with Daniel and DeJon of Haujobb, we are talking about me playing Myer Fest in October and maybe a Haujobb VAC mini euro tour after. This is great news. I might be remixing 3teeth as well, would love to work with Mr Kitty, Would love to do a mix for the Dreaming. I got to meet the dreaming as well, they were very amazing people. I give them best in show at this festival. They BLEW ME AWAY. I loved the diversity of the bands the most, Go fight was fun as well.he guitarist from that band showed me how to curse with the Michael McDonald voice, and how that is the only way he would let his kids say curse words. Pure gold. I hope they continue this festival, i will come back in a couple of years with a much better hair cut. LOL..

*UPDATED*I also got a mini tour of part of the city from Marcho of Decoded Feedback, he took us to moog music store where i drooled all over the modular gear they had, plus saw the most synths in a shop at once ever, Hope we can play some gigs together in the future. We also hung out with Carlos and Torque Order from Austin TX. All such amazing nice sweet people. Yone is so awesome as well. Xris Smack too. So cool to sit and talk with them all. Juli Bozak was very nice to me as well. So many nice people up there. Kassi Cork tried to get me to take a silly picture, but i was like, all my pictures look silly and ran away.

The Shows:

The Dreaming: FUCKING AMAZING. Stabbing Westward with a new name. All live, everyone playing. Loud, powerful and everyone nailed it. they covered a garbage song as well.

Leather Strip: I saw them at WGT 2016, but this time it was old school, and man did it take me back, and man he gets great vox live. he gave me some tips WOW, thank you Clause.

3 Teeth: Holy shit, this is the new breed of what manson, nin, and ministry were. I like them more than any of the new comers in this industrial metal thing. FUCKING POWERFUL!!!!!!

Mr: Kitty: Reminded me of Petshop boys meets Crystal Castles.

Ego Likeness: Amazing as always. I loved it so much this time, seeing them on a bigger stage withe the big lights and video.

Bruderschaft: When I heard the female vocals, i was blown away. Then Daniel Myer came out and Nailed a sisters of mercy cover and it blew my fucking head off.

Ludovico: This band puts on the most amazing theatrical live show, rivals even skinny puppy. Very cool.

Squid Lid: Very weird. In a very new and refreshing way. Very good theatrics, make up, lights.

Haujobb: So amazing still, This was a reunion of sorts for us. We toured with them ages ago. they still have it. Passion. So much, live its very powerful.

Alter Der Ruin: This guy has soul. Sings his heart out. Very unique sound as well. Any band that makes a song about a mustache ride is king

Velvet Acid Christ: Steven and Rick make our show so much better. Donna even more so. Krztov Finally put some real make up on and wee he looked great. I wish i could afford them on every show. Steven and Donna have had the most profound effect on me in many ways. Steven’s mind is simply amazing and he has such amazing advice for me on many things that i will actually do.

This is the line up for the goth cruise as well so go book your goth cruise tickets now. right now..

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News: 8-14-2015

August 14th, 2015 by Hexfix93


We play tomorrow in Phoenix with the siren project Click Here

We did a top 10 horror films list Click Here

I am shaking stuff up, I bought some lights, a light show we be apart of the VAC show starting in Denver, and maybe Aftermath if i can get it done fast. We have limited light show in phx plus video i hope. I recently bought a Prophet 06, Roland Jdxi, Waldorf Pulse 2, and fear before i can get to a review of any of them, i might have to sell them to pay for the lights. Sucks not having money. Alex of Siren project will build me a portable light case i can put on the airlines. Oh the money hole, jsut to look good on stage and have programmed fx lights, it does make a huge difference. I plan on making this a part of the VAC show permanently and will only book in venues that allow fog, and lighting. after phz, all the lights will be sync’d to the music kinda how it was out east and in the south of our 2013 tours, i am figuring out how to bring lights and video on our flights, its a tricky thing… Cant go over weight.

I am working on a snog remix, VAC greatest hits on double vinyl, and a new Single with and maybe with snog and dead milkmen guest vocals… I am so busy my head is spinning…

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The Siren Project: Denouement finally finished.

August 3rd, 2015 by Hexfix93


Their LP has been mixed by me, and mastered by Todd Loomis. Finally done. We are shopping it around to some labels now, if no one bites, we will probably self release it. I worked on a couple of the songs too, like some drum work in I Believe, and recorded vox on DOM. Mixed in the box with Cubase 8 and NLS plugins, lots of waves stuff… Mixing took place from nov 2014 to july 2015. I learned many things mixing real instruments. This band has amazing vocals, very good drums, guitars, and synth work.. So impressed. Very proud of this work.. Hope people like it, you shall hear it soon.

I’ll update you if anything new happens..

Check out their band page, Click Here

PS: This band will be doing guest female vocals at our Arizona, Denver, Austin, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Columbus shows in the USA.

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Vodka Bukkake

July 31st, 2015 by Hexfix93

In a land far far away up in the great white north… errrr Calgary.

After our vac show something happened in a hotel. Something weird and sinister. It would not of been that weird if it was anyone else. But we ventured to a hotel room not knowing what would be thrown upon us. Low and behold the pit master Scott Ivardensphere’s room, vodka bottle in hand. Feeding all the industrial chicks like a mother bird. It was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. This guy is mean looking. You cannot say no to him. FEAR FEAR.

At one point the no ahh shhhhush speech happened, the keep it down. Voices carry.

And then the assault on the VAC keyboardist happened.

Clearly you can see the violent reaction to the Vodka Bukkake. Pure humiliation.

The damage was done, at one point i left the party and witnessed someone running from the room, could not stomach the vodka bukkake. She lost her lunch.

Here you can see troy celebrating the vodka bukkake with a nice middle finger salute.

The moral of the story, do not trust mean scary looking people pouring vodka on your face.. Next time we play a show with Ivadensphere, there must be 3 people with vodka bottles to make it a real vodka bukkake. What kind of twisted world are we in.

Even now, some weird swedes (V>lh>ll)are manufacturing shirts because of this event!! From now on at every after party VODKA BUKKAKE!

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Terminus: Through the eyes of vac..

July 30th, 2015 by Hexfix93


Terminus was a well oiled machine. Surprised me so much to see something so organized so well. The Venue was good, medium sized with very good sound.

I will talk about the bands that stood out the most to me.

iVardensphere: Holy shit. Stole the show. Lots of living drumming. Huge fat analog sounds. The most wicked sub bass next to Meat Beat Manifesto. There was only 1 or two songs with vocals. Still, wow. This blew me away the way Juno Reactor did back in the day, the way Meat Beat Sounds live… Its up there. It sucks because we had to follow that. I tip my hat to you Scott.

Dive: My first show ever was with Sonar, Blacklung, Suicide Commando, and Pirre Point. So This was like a weird time lapse. Hanging out with Dirk listening to Ivardensphere was like a OMFG moment in my life. Dirk is one of the classiest people I have met on my travels all over the world. During sound check it blew my mind, then when he took the stage it blew my mind. He played Klinik songs, Body Control songs. It was amazing.

V?LH?LL: Very Unique vocals. Evil and dark to, pretty and angelic. This was the most witch house sounding band on the bill. I loved the video work they used. I loved the folk and musicality of it. This was my favorite music of the festival.

Iris: This guy’s voice is amazing. I am not a big synth pop guy, but wow. This blew me away. Sounded Incredible, Emotive. I want to do shows with this band now. He is an amazing human as well, I got to pick his brain for a while at the hotel diner.

Grendel: High energy. Big Rock sound. They rocked. JD is a super cool guy. Mel is amazing as well. I hope to play along side Grendel in the future. I cannot wait to see Mel’s amazing horses…

Aesthetic Perfection: Holy shit, Daniel graves can put on a show. The way he moves, sings. I heard a lot of club hits, and i loved that it sounded very club oriented. I will buy a Necessary Response music if i can. Very cool.

The Seeming: Pure emotion. Man this stuff was heavy. I loved it. Made me feel something. Not many things do these days. You should really check this band out..

Perturbator: Holy shit, it was a dj like show, but man, this music is amazing. Hardcore video game aggro electronic music.. It kinda blew me away big time..

Glass Apple Bonzai: Wow, it was like listening to the end credits of 80s Bmovies.. They had a Sax and everything. Both guys were playing a lot of keys, drums etc… Very fun band.

Ayria: I finally got to see her live. She really puts on a good show, and she is one of the nicest people I have ever met.


Ok before you get angry, i did not see every band on the bill, i had to get ready and eat a few times. so don’t get mad if you are not here.

Because I honestly liked just about everything I heard at this festival, it renewed my faith in the underground. I connected with so many people. I feel like I am part of something again, a movement of lots of new faces and new bands.. before I felt really isolated in many ways, even when i played WGT a few years back, i did not really connect with people much there. That will change, I am much more out going in my old age. I used to be pretty shy, or way to high on drugs to deal with anyone. Sober now… lol. High Functioning Flesh is amazing too, as was Apollyon’s Visage. Decree was so loud and high energy as well. If you did not go to this festival and could of, you really missed something special i think…

I love Chris and Ambor. They are the most amazing show event people I have ever met. I want to support their events in the future any way that I can. I loved everything about the festival, how we were treated, the hotels, everything. So happy..

The fans were amazing as well. People showed us so much respect and praise. VAC is nothing without you. I loved talking to fans in Canada..

Next stop, Arizona, then Aftermath, Then Goth Cruise….. What an interesting year.

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Velvet Acid Christ News 6/17/2015

June 17th, 2015 by Hexfix93


What a ride, the last month has been a huge disappointment. I almost lost my mother to poor health(she has improved big time thank goodness), I got really sick 2 weeks b4 that, the icing on the cake (my gf is gone too). I’m just glad i did not lose my mother honestly. She still means the world to me… What is worse, I had to cancel 3 shows, and man this really sucks, i am so sorry for this… So sad that I wont be able to perform songs with Rodney Anonymous of the Dead Milkmen for a long time. If I can only figure out a way to bring him to Europe with me or hell even Australia…


Any way, I am also mixing, and managing The Siren Project, hoping to get them signed to a label. The main Vocalist from this band will be doing vocals for VAC live in the west, in Atlanta and all non festival shows. Still have Donna and Steven for the festivals(happy dance). The Siren project is a goth influenced progressive alternative act. Songs vary from very Portishead inspired to Siouxsie and the Banshees. Very talented people have worked on this record and I am just helping summing it all up and getting it to the next level. Malgorzata Wacht toured with us in Europe and did vocals for slut, dilaudid and others. I promised to help them since she helped me. Returning favors. Plus it gives me something new to work on and is teaching me a lot during the process. I am breaking in Cubase 8 and the NLS summing software. I am very happy with this.

Song from their new CD:

Things are progressing. I am working on a remix for Decoded Feedback, and it sounds like Fun With Knives Era VAC now :) . This band is amazing, and I hope i can do their song justice. I remember seeing them in the front row of our lack luster WGT performance recently(i hope to go back to WGT redeem VAC in 2016). Decoded Feedback also gave VAC an amazing remix that you can buy now, its on the LP Direland, i have links at the bottom of this post.

The end of physical media is upon us. CD sales are down down down, and we lose a lot of money making cds that do not sell. Returns are no fun at all. I have decided to fight back. I will put out a single ever 6 months, digital only. The reason for this is to give people who like loss less and digital to still buy it. Streaming on Spotify, and the new apple service for 10 bucks a month is the wave of the future. This is how people are getting their music now, so we would rather be in a promotion cycle where we get attention every 6 months for a month, rather than promotion for 1 month ever 2 years. It sucks, when you work on an lp for 2 years, its like you are dead to the world, and the scene forgets you fast if you are not in the zeitgeist. I know we will release cds in a very limited fashion. After 3 digital singles, i will combine them, drop a few tracks, ad a couple of new ones and call it an lp. but in the mean time, you have the option to buy singles. Singles are way more fun, we can do covers, charge less, and get bad ass remixes. This to me is way more fun.


Upcoming shows:
July 24-26 Terminus Festival,Its Official. We are there.. First show in Calgary.
Event Sire Click Here.
August 15th Arizona @ Pub Rock Live with Siren Project
Click Here.

August 27-30 Aftermath Festival in Toronto. First show in Toronto.
Click Here.

September 27 The Gothic Cruise starting port: New Orleans.
Goth Cruise Event Site Click Here.

Working on… WORKING ON! *UPDATE* Venues, and DATES Being SORTED!!! Maybe shows…

Oct Denver, Booked, details soon.

dec 5th Austin TX @ Elysium
Click Here

jan 16 Seattle @ El Corazon
jan 17 Portland, Working it out

feb Chicago, working on it

March Columbus double show, Working on it

may AUSTRALIA, Working it out

August Europe, Working on it


Direland our new remix cd is out!!!!!!!!!! Rare unreleased tracks and remixes.. Rodney Anonymous from the Dead Milkmen is a guest vocalist on this release..

Click Here to buy digital.
Click here to buy CD

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BAD NEWS: Family Emergency made me pull out of the Milwaukee, Columbus and Pittsburgh in June.

June 8th, 2015 by Hexfix93


So sorry, my mother was in the hospital for 9 days, and was very ill… I have to take care of her for 3 weeks for this time. So I cannot play in the June shows for Milwaukee, Columbus, and Pittsburgh, Columbus is canceled, but the other two shows will carry on with out VAC. No other shows will be canceled though. I apologize to all you fans in those areas and to the bands and promoters working those events…

All other shows are still on….
July 24-26 Terminus Festival,Its Official. We are there.. First show in Calgary.
Event Sire Click Here.
August 15th Arizona @ Pub Rock Live with Siren Project
Click Here.

August 27-30 Aftermath Festival in Toronto. First show in Toronto.
Click Here.

September 27 The Gothic Cruise starting port: New Orleans.
Goth Cruise Event Site Click Here.

Working on… WORKING ON! *UPDATE* Venues, and DATES Being SORTED!!! Maybe shows…

oct Denver,

nov Atlanta

dec 5th Austin TX @ Elysium
Click Here

jan Seattle
jan Portland

feb Chicago
feb Columbus


Direland our new remix cd is out!!!!!!!!!! Rare unreleased tracks and remixes.. Rodney Anonymous from the Dead Milkmen is a guest vocalist on this release..

Click Here to buy digital.
Click here to buy CD

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VAC News April 16.

April 16th, 2015 by Hexfix93


In one week we will be in Florida, probably for the last time ever. Why am I doing all these shows. Its to continue the 13 year lay off make up. We have 16 lps. So i have to do two shows to expose it all, and i wanted to play Slut and Dilaudid(song from Gypsy 83 movie) live with amazing Female Vocalists. We are also playing our Wumpscut Cover live, we might not ever release it, live is the only way to hear it. That is the point of all these shows. So come to see amazing female vocals, and songs you did not hear at the last show. 2015 might be the last of the shows I do in the USA. and 2016 might be the last shows I do at WGT and Europe, and down under in New Zealand and and Australia. We also have the Festivals, these are to play in new places for fans who have never seen us. I’m not saying I am out for good, its just with touring and making lps, i have no me time. I need to fix myself after the first half of this of playing shows. Need time to remix other bands, and do the new single, plus produce a new band.

Gear is amazing now. New system 100m modules, aria modules in euro rack format, modular, here i come again. JDXI and JDXA WOW. Roland and korg are listening. I think I will buy the JDxi. XA is too much for me, plus 4 voices of analog not enough to make me want to sell my prophet 08, or lose interest in the prophet 6. I currently have a Kronos, Micro x, Electribe workstation, prophet 08, nord lead 4, and waldorf pulse 2. Allen and heath zed 14 mixer, lynx two l22 converters, cubase 8, and lots of legit waves plug ins. I also bought some really cool VST synths, The Roland Promars and Sh2, very analog sounding. Heavy on the processor too. The Gforce Oddity 2, the tone on this plugin is AMAZING. Komplete 10, I love battery and Kontakt 5, and the Monark and most of the REaktor synths.. WOW software is sounding better these days. I STILL PREFER HARDWARE. But I can use both…

I am still going to make a lot of music. That will never change, but i am doing things different now. Doing VAC singles now, 3 are planned. Producing new band. Remixing other bands… Speaking of which, we just did a remix for Ego Likeness that will be on their digital single. And Just so you know, the amazing female vocalist you will hear live in VAC is Donna from Ego Likeness, and also live drums from Steven. She will be with us in Florida, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Columbus, and Pittsburgh and Aftermath in Toronto.

Any how. Please look at the tour dates below, click me on each and join the event on Facebook and share them on your social media sites.. We really need your help in promoting these shows..

April 24 Tampa FL @ The Orpheum: VAC, Ludovico Technique, Mindless Faith, Stoneburner
Tampa Event Page Click Here.

April 25 Baltimore Mindless Faith CD Party, Velvet Acid Christ, Ego Likeness, Toxic Coma
Baltimore Event Page Click Here.

May 1st Richmond VA VAC, Mindless Faith, Toxic Coma
Click Here

June 12 Milwaukee VAC, Caustic, Gothsicles, Mindless Faith, Stoneburner.
Milwaukee Event Page Click Here.

June 13 Columbus @ Skully’s VAC, Caustic, Mindless Faith, Stoneburner.
Columbus Event Page Click here.

June 14 Pittsburgh VAC, Caustic, Mindless Faith, Stoneburner.
Click Here.

July 24-26 Terminus Festival,Its Official. We are there.. First show in Calgary.
Event Sire Click Here.
August 15th Arizona @ Pub Rock Live with Siren Project

August 27-30 Aftermath Festival in Toronto. First show in Toronto.
Click Here.

September 27 The Gothic Cruise starting port: New Orleans.
Goth Cruise Event Site Click Here.

Working on… WORKING ON! *UPDATE* Venues, and DATES Being SORTED!!! Maybe shows…

nov Denver VAC,
nov Austin TX

dec Seattle
dec Portland

feb Chicago
feb Minnesota

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Velvet Acid Christ Festival Appearances in 2015.

April 10th, 2015 by Hexfix93

I feel so honored. After seeing the line up for terminus, i felt wow, i am playing with legends
and amazing new acts.. Then Aftermath, being reunited with the band i first toured with in 2000
in the USA, Haujobb after that amazing band was on one of the biggest tours in ages with skinny
puppy and fla. I could not be happier. Kinetik is gone, and its sad, but aftermath is picking
up the pieces and bringing the hardcore, and exciting new big acts together as well. Terminus
out west, Aftermath out east. In the Great white Fucking North. I never thought in million
years I would be able to book Calgary, or Toronto. I tip my hat to both events, for allowing us
to play with all these amazing legendary acts. Thank you.

Now to something else, The Gothic Cruise. Again I never in a million years thought I would do
something like this. I have to tip my hat to Krztov who pushed me into playing festivals and
hooking up with Mindless Faith and Ego Likeness, which lead to all this madness. All these
shows and big events.. A Cruise, Toronto, and Calgary Rocky Mountains are on my bucket list.

Band List:
This Morn Omina
Velvet Acid Christ
Aesthetic Perfection
The Body
High Functioning Flesh
Azar Swan
Everything goes cold
M Seeming
glass bonzai
Animal Bodies
Hello Moth
Apollyon’s Visage
Digital Winter
Click HERE for web site

Band List:
Conjure One
Dead on TV
The Dreaming
Ego Likeness
Glenn Love
Go Fight
Kevorkian Death Cycle
Leather Strip
Ludovico Technique
MR. Kitty
Squid Lid
Tactical Sekt
Velvet Acid Christ
William Control
Click HERE for web site

Band List:
Abney Park
Angels & Agony
Velvet Acid Christ
Ego Likeness
Dj Sean
Dj Aesthetic
Click HERE for web site

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Covenant Show In Denver April 7th, one of the best days of my life…

April 9th, 2015 by Hexfix93

Last night was amazing. Went to the Covenant show @ Casslemans on a Tuesday night in Denver. The crowd was decent, proved that there is still a scene in Colorado for this many people to show up still on a weekday. The show was amazing, The new band members added a lot to the show since i last saw them, killer vocoder vocals, and this weird slide guitar thing, but man it worked out so well, and Eskil was nailing all the vocals. A mix of old and new stuff. I was very happy to hear this stuff live, and it was great to hear reworked live versions of the songs.. Covenant is still one of my all time favorite acts in the scene. They were so nice and actually hung out with me for a bit. Invited me to eat. They were very supportive of me, and to hear that from one of my idols is very flattering. Denver is a good crowd, I must play here soon. The covenant tour kicks ass! Go see it in your town, if you have to drive, drive. These bands are still lighting the flame of the scene. So glad to see the older crowd still come out and support all the bands like us… Gives me hope for the scene. Please, Go support Covenant! Also, Mike Wimer’s new band is opening for them, good stuff. Also saw Kill Minus Nine, they were amazing as well. Good people.. PS: Rob Hatch: Thank you for promoting a great show…


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Velvet Acid Christ News April 2nd 2015

April 2nd, 2015 by Hexfix93

Dire Land (remix LP) Is finished, and will come out in June.
Track List.

01 Christ Whore – God Module Mix
02 Eye H8 U – Decoded Feedback Mix
03 Inhale Blood – Dead Hand Project
04 Big Time Operator – VAC MIX feat Rodney Anonymous
05 Lust – Rodney Anonymous VAC Mix
06 Sex Disease 2014 VAC Mix
07 Dire – Disease Factory ov VAC Mix
08 Even Now – Slightly Tweaked VAC Mix
09 Klaglas
10 Bend The Sky – Dead When I found Her Mix
11 Barbed Wired Garden – Assemblage 23 Mix
12 Dystvonya
13 The Last Goodbye – Controlled Collapse Mix

So many great remixes… I feel so honored that so many people did this for us. There is a lot of rare and unreleased stuff on this as well. This lp is like two singles from Maldire, 2 singles from Subconscious Landscapes, and rare unreleased tracks.

No more pledge music shit. I will only be releasing singles in the future, digital. And if they get enough interest, after I do 3, and have some rare tracks, metropolis will release a physical cd of 3 singles, and rare tracks. This is the new plan for 2015 and beyond. I hope to get at least 2 singles done a year. I will also put up a web store for my merch, and will offer autographs this way, then you don’t have to ever pre pay or pre invest in me again… I plan on doing this very soon.

I am working with the Siren Project helping them mix and get their singles out. I just did 2 remixes, one for Ego Likeness and one for Siren Project. I plan on playing shows out west later in the year.. We have a lot of shows coming up and some big announcements still. 2016 will be WGT again, Europe and Australia. Then, I don’t know if i will do any more shows after that for a long time if it all. Studio is shaping up, but bills now kicking my ass. So have to sell some stuff again soon. Sucks..

I spent a lot of money on waves plugins, and some other soft synths that are ok.. Love the Butch Vig Vocal fx, and api collection, NLS mixing bus plugins a whole lot.. Cubase 8 rocks, and I really like the nord lead 4 more than I ever imagined I would. The waldorf Plus 2 is a dark analog that i have been having trouble fitting into my mixes.. On the fence about this synth.. Electribe is amazing… I love this thing. and I have my eye on the JDxi because i want the string sounds from it, the super natural engine is amazing, i was thinking about an integra 7, but i don’t want to buy and ipad for it to control it, nor do i need all the bs workstation sounds from their past products i hate. Jdxi looks to be a beast…..


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Upcoming Tour Dates 2015 *Updated*

February 28th, 2015 by Hexfix93


April 24 Tampa FL @ The Orpheum: VAC, Ludovico Technique, Mindless Faith, Stoneburner
Tampa Event Page Click Here.

April 25 Baltimore Mindless Faith CD Party, Velvet Acid Christ, Ego Likeness, Toxic Coma
Baltimore Event Page Click Here.

May 1st Richmond VA VAC, Mindless Faith, Toxic Coma

June 12 Milwaukee VAC, Caustic, Gothsicles, Mindless Faith, Stoneburner.
Milwaukee Event Page Click Here.

June 13 Columbus @ Skully’s VAC, Caustic, Mindless Faith, Stoneburner.
Columbus Event Page Click here.

June Pittsburgh VAC, Caustic, Mindless Faith, Stoneburner.

July 24-26 Terminus Festival,Its Official. We are there.. First show in Calgary.
Event Sire Click Here.
August 27-30 Aftermath Festival in Toronto. First show in Toronto.
Click Here.

September 27 The Gothic Cruise starting port: New Orleans.
Goth Cruise Event Site Click Here.

Working on… WORKING ON! *UPDATE* Venues, and DATES Being SORTED!!!

nov Denver VAC,
nov Austin TX

dec Seattle
dec Portland

jan Arizona

feb Chicago
feb Minnesota

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Mojo 13 and NYC shows!

February 4th, 2015 by Hexfix93

Ok, Firstly, the most important thing. Go buy Steven Archer’s Amazing art. This man is so talented in so many ways.

Buy this!!!! : Click Image


Funny, the day before the first show, we went and saw the B52s. I am a huge fan of the older stuff from the 70s and early 80s. Guilty as charged. I hate LOVE SHACK!!!!! I love Mesopotamia and Planet Clair, 52 girls, rock lobster, this is what I rock out to. Lately I am feeling really old. But After seeing a 67 year old Kate Pierson tear up the stage, I felt so pathetic. I will start taking better care of myself, cause I’ll fucking do this in my 60s as well if my fans are still there for us!!!!! So inspired. This was the most amazing weekend of my life i think. I still feel bad cause I accidentally tripped Rissa :(

Wow…. My mind has been blown. On stage with Ego Likeness, part of Mindless Faith, and the evil singer from the Dead Milkmen. It is like an episode of the fucking twilight zone. I had to keep pinching myself to see if I was dreaming… Donna: Brought new life to my songs. Added her amazing presence to our stage.. Dramatically threw collectible lyrics sheets to the crowd. More than anything, Nailed the vocals and made the songs hers….. Steven: Kicked ass on drums for us. High energy, so much… I was dumbfounded. So lucky… Rick brought his sexy swagger to the front of the stage, and man, The remake of Lust and Big Time Operator went over so amazingly well. I had no idea it could be this fun, cool, and my fans would be this pumped up over all this. Rodney Anonymous is so bad ass. The light of the party, Vocal genius. So fun to talk to, he is so entertaining. This can be said for all of the people back stage honestly. Steven even blew my fucking mind.


It was all strange fate. I flew to Philly to metropolis HQ to sign cds for our pledge thing, just so happen Dead Milkmen were playing the day after near Krztovs house. Promoter told Rodney we would be there to see the show. He did a cover of lust. So it led to us collaborating. Then setting up the shows with Mindless Faith added the Ego crew into the fold. It was like Metropolis records all star line up with a legendary icon of the punk rock world hyping it all. What the fuck just happened, I remember hearing that in the audience after we played Big Time Operator. Strange world indeed. BTO will be on our Remix CD “DIRE LAND” That comes out this june…

The best thing about this was getting to know everyone. The metropolis crew showed up as well. Dave Heckman, and Joe Schulthise showed up as well. Oh it was great, talking about all the new releases on metropolis, the old days, a super group in the works, Who knows what will happen, we wont be just another pigface, I can tell you that.. I might start trying to put together a single for that project soon. Gotta figure it all out, but I think at this point it will be, VAC, Ego Likeness, Mindless Faith, Rodney Anonymous.


Mindless Faith tore the stage up, Super tight, Big Sound, Dance floor perfect. Totally rocked and won the crowd…. I wish I could do every show with this band. Jason was such an amazing dude too.

Promoters for both shows get major thumbs up. Gabriel and Jet pulled in lots of people.. Mojo 13 is a great venue and I hope to go back there.

To all the fans…. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting us. We are 0 with out you. If I was not able to do music, I would rather not exist. It means the world to me…

NYC: The venue was meh. Made our fans stay out in the cold and forced a 4 dollar coat check on them. WE NEVER AGREED TO THIS. JET and VAC HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. I am trying to find a way to make it up to the fans. The system was in mono because the sound guy was too lazy to fix other inputs on the board, no sound came out of the big speakers on the left side, it crippled us, you heard HALF of our sound, and at a diminished quality of 20%. Pissed me off, some noticed, some did not. I noticed. Never again at SANTOS PARTY HOUSE. We are thinking about doing a cheap one off just out side nyc and giving away some swag to make up for this bullshit.. The fans in NYC deserve better…. I will work with jet again in about 6 months. This time we will charge way less and give out some swag. We are so sorry about this.

The Djs rocked it in NYC as well! Hats off to them!

I know Rodney is cursed, we even got a license plate stuck in the front of Krztov’s car. WTF…But that was the worst of it. Things were so amazing on this bizarro world weekend.

VAC FANS, Check out the links below:

Ego Likeness CLick Here! They are so Amazing.

Mindless Faith Click Here! Kick ass Industrial Club Music.

Steven Archer’s ART Click Here! Go buy his amazing art!

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Velvet Acid Christ Live in Delaware @ Asylum 13 Friday Jan 30th 2015 with Mindless Faith, Rodney of the Dead Milkmen

January 22nd, 2015 by Hexfix93


Velvet Acid Christ Live in Delaware @ Asylum 13 with Mindless Faith, Rodney of the Dead Milkmen
Donna from Ego Likeness will be performing an Alt Slut, and Dilaudid with VAC.

Click Here to see the EVENT PAGE!!!!

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Velvet Acid Christ Live in NYC! @ Santos Party House Saturday Jan 31st 2015. With Mindless Faith, Rodney of Dead Milkmen

January 22nd, 2015 by Hexfix93


Velvet Acid Christ Live in NYC! @ Santos Party House Saturday Jan 31st 2015.
Donna from Ego Likeness will be performing an Alt Slut, and Dilaudid with VAC.


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Velvet Acid Christ Remixed Assemblage 23’s Side Project Surveillance

January 16th, 2015 by Hexfix93

Go buy it!!! Support this amazing project!

Click Here To Buy

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Cubase 8.0 Review by Velvet Acid Christ.

December 25th, 2014 by Hexfix93

BLOATED!!!!!!! This thing is a processor hog. Coming from renoise, its kinda OUCH. What saves it? Render in place, and a new windowing system and a few VST instruments…..I bit the bullet. I bought cubase elements 7(which i will be giving away in a future VAC fan contest) and liked it so much, i bought cubase 8 new cause i got a great deal on it. Padshop is BIG WOW. Reminds me of the jp8080 style pads and strings I loved. The retrolog synth that they included really is an impressive software synth, decent bass, good pads and leads as well. Reminds me of Roland stuff. WOW this is a beast of a synth as well. Groove Agent SE is great too. The verbs SUCK MAJOR !#%!#%!^!. The compressors are , OK. but kinda meh. Delays are good, flanger is ok, phaser is meh, chorus is ok. New eqs are ok, Not that impressed here. The audio engine is a tad better. Asio is better in 8, as is the windowing system. Way better… I am making all my new music in cubase now. No more renoise for the time being, I will use renoise to play back samples, and vsts live, but that’s it for now.. Toxic Coma is all but dead….. Cubase 8 is worth it, mostly for the windowing systems, aiso guard, the audio engine is a tad better. Midi seems to work well so far as well.. I love lane recording in cubase. I love how midi is easy to edit. They added a lot of stuff like this chord track thing that I do not need at all, but very useful for beginners..


You will still need to buy 3rd party fx and synths. I reccomend waves, watch their site for flash sales, cause that is the best way to get into their plugins. I love their TG, Puigchild, and API plugins a ton. Could not live with out them…

Xmas eve.. Finished my part in the Big time Operator remix we are going to perform live, waiting on Mindcage Rick’s licks. Cubase 8 is great, but it is a processor hog.. Asio Guard works. Waves plugs are stupid unless you put them on on a usb drive… Puichild compressors and TG12345 channel strip, and the nls Bus mix, the waves H Delay. I hope Rodney releases the VAC remix of big time operator some how……

After mixing some of my old songs, and working on the Dead Milkmen remix, I really like cubase 8 a lot more than cubase 5…. Worth the money…

What stood out the most? Retrolog, Pad Shop, Grove Agent SE, and Quadrafuz. Quadrafuz is amazing, and multi band delay and distortion plug in. Perfect for vocals, and drums and guitars.. WOW I like the magneto 2 tape thing they added back in as well..

I give it a 8 out of 10.

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The Dead Milkmen and VAC? What?

December 18th, 2014 by Hexfix93

The dead Milkmen..

A huge part of my childhood. Sitting around dropping acid and watching teletunes. Punk
rock Girl, Methodist Coloring book, and Big Time Operator would always come on our local
pbs alternative video show in denver colorado.. Mtv sucked, sure sometimes on 120 minutes
we would get some cool stuff, but teletunes in denver channel 12 kbdi broomfield colorado
brodcasting was the whole entire reason i even knew about all this cool punk, industrial,
gothic, alternative music..

I went to Philly recently, to sign autographs for my pledge campaign.. Drove to DC to stay
with my friend over the weekend and see the Dead Milkmen. It was a shitty day, one of my
old best friends passed away from cancer… I did not find out until I landed in Philly.
Uhg… I was going to go see him soon, but the touring kept me away from him cause i was
traveling and getting lots of germs and his immune system was so low i could not risk
seeing him. So i never got to see him… That same night i tried to shake it off, and man,
i couldn’t… In Philly i was eating a vegan taco, and one of my rear molars split in half
and broke off… The next night at the milkmen show, i was blown away by how a bunch of
old punkers could still jump around and sing with such grit and passion and anger still.
Blew me away.. At the end of the show, Rodney called the crow up and called me out to sing
lust for blood, he had done a cover version of it, and i chickened out, all excuses.
tooth, running shows, not feeling right over the death of my friend………

I bought the new dead milkmen cd at the show after hearing it on the way back from Philly
on spotify in Krztovs car… WOW, the lp is amazing. I love it. I listen to it working out
LOL. It still has that old punk feels, but i hear more keyboards and stuff in it. I love
the social commentary on the LP… Any how, you should go and pick it up.. Its worth every

What is even more weird. Fuck I am pretty close to Joe Schulthise, He is number #2 at
metropolis records… I have been chatting with him over the years, and for a long time, i
knew he was the brother of the original bass player for the dead milkmen.. I used to
always ask about the stories of the band, their tours, and all the crazy shit.. I remember
being blown away that one of the guys at metropolis records was associated with a punk
band i grew up loving. Dead Milkmen have influenced VAC, but also my side project Toxic

Rodney and I have kept in touch, and he sent me his remix. So I fused it into a new mix i
was doing for the upcoming remix lp. Guess what, Rodney said he would sing to it, live, in
Delaware, and for the remix cds. HOLY FUCK, I feel like one of those female Beatles fans
who used to piss their dresses when watching the Beatles play… I think i even piss a
little in my pants when he sent me a demo vocal take… WTF. One of my punk idols is
actually singing on one of my tracks with his keyboard bits in it.. WTF universe did I
wake up in this time. I hate to sound like a name dropping FAN BOY. It was bad enough when
Gary Numan said he like VAC in an interview.. But this, this is a whole different level.

This is punk rock guys telling me they like VAC. WTF… Never when I started this project
did i ever think I would get the admiration from anyone who I idolized. I have had some
Idols really look down on me in the past…. So this is totally weird…

I am also working on covering/remixing a dead milkmen song, I want Rodney to sing on it
live too. Stay tuned because These two things will happen on stage in Delaware… I
cannot believe it.

New Dead Milkmen LP:

Please check this lp out. I love the raw punk feel of it, This band still has it, and their live show is still amazing…. Support this band.. I know not all of my fans are punk rock fans, but I know that some are….. So go support this band…

Click here to buy Pretty Music for Pretty People.

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Wojciech ‘kr-lik’ Król VAC Live keyboardist in Europe.

December 14th, 2014 by Hexfix93

So graced to have him in my project in Europe. Drove my ass around, and played mean keys live and was really great.. A Valued friend to the end for VAC. But more than this, the guy makes some really cool tunes too. Check out his bands:

Controlled Collapse:

Click Here… to see their home page…

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Velvet Acid Christ: Grey, Video by Soundmirror66

December 12th, 2014 by Hexfix93

This is my favorite video so far. Not work safe. Spread it across the net…

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