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Velvet Pill
Album: Twisted Thought Generator.
Influence: Portishead, Skinny Puppy.
Music: Erickson.
Lyrics/Vocals: Erickson. Rant: Rafi.
Gear: Emu E6400, Roland JP-8080, Yamaha FS1R, TC Electronics Fireworx, Roland Sh-101, Roland SH-09, Roland HS-60, Roland MKS-30, Roland GX 700.
Copyright 1999 Velvet Acid Christ.

LYRICS: Holding me down in this mess an unholy wreck A lost way to be, lost in the sea of my own dripping blood I don't know what to expect I'm lost in this wreck Torn apart from 10 differnt sides, they lie to me and whisper in my ears The secrets of my lust for you and turned it upside down Lost in the cloud on top of the world right now On this velvet pill that makes me so fucking ill. Never loose respect for this reject you worship over and over again. The pill, the lie, the blood in my eyes. A velvet pill A lifeless thrill Erotic chill So closed so empty so nothing could touch me. So closed so so empty so nothing could touch me. She said I'm not your future. I'm your sorrow There won't be tommorow. I promised you this sacred kiss. To fall apart to fall apart. Full of this hate only to relate she said she loves me but she kills me This cry, the fire in her eyes burning me inside I found a reason why mangled in this life No time to worry she says, she says Fall apart, to fall apart, you fall apart, we fall apart. A velvet pill Erotic chill A jagged scar A Red Mark A blue spark A Red Mark Last... remark

My downward spiral started, i lost the love of my life, i lost all of my friends, all i had were drugs, and music. my health was declining, i had started drinking heavily during this time, and doing pain killers. I was rejecting all new friends, paranoid, delusional. depressed. you could call this very introspective. This song is about me and my fucked up struggle with my x, drugs, and my loss of friends. the rant at the end is much to long... i always skip it.