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The Hopeless
Album: Between The Eyes Volume 1.
Influence: Orbital, Information Society.
Music: Erickson/Slaughter.
Lyrics/Vocals: Erickson.
Gear: Ensoniq ASR-10, Roland JD-800, Roland Juno 106, Roland MKS-50, Digitech RP-1, Alesis Quadraverb GT, Boss DR-660, Boss ME-10.
Copyright 2004 Velvet Acid Christ.

LYRICS: a force fed lie, our dead dream, awake upon a staircase, start looking downward into hell where the last life screamed and we screeched "we're all ways, all ways a bloody mess a bloody mess" lieing hole, tired eyes, you're screeching, your scraping the bone with your life, into a dream, we will fade. hopeless, the hopeless, the hopeless, the hopeless, the hopeless, the hopeless, the hopeless, their calling of the dead, calling ov the dead. you liars, and your face, and your eyes separate the fear, the lies, the fate. set into eyes the calling of the dead, image in the light they calling you dead, they wont believe signs, they don't believe your cries, they all ways open eyes, and the light all over your head, your head. time distortion, crawling on to your knees, crawl onto the floor,get off your feet, a lie in the wake, spiraling down, glass feeling moments all over your arms, over your arms. condemned, force fed, force fed, your calling dead. feeling your flesh ripped apart with heaven and hell. the conflict of everything was sent from heaven and hell, the conflict of disease, the life long breeding season, for your lips you'll take away the life that was given so easily, now all becomes the entity of hate, shows you hate, shows you light shows you everything. everything. the fading light, a broken dream, you're everything. your everything. kneel to the floor get off your knees, raise up to the light, you wont feel a thing, inject the needle, inject the time, kill all the light with forces of the night. all ways a lost day, all ways a hopeless brain, all ways everything, all ways force fed. into your head, into head, into your life, where you dream, that's where you go,that's how it lives, that how you know pain, know choice, know life, no choice, no freedom just separation segregation, the annihilation, annihilation. annihilation, annihilation.

Song was originally on the calling ov the dead beta, off beat didn't like the track so it then came out later on neuralblastoma ltd.