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Album: Fun With Knives.
Influence: PortisHead, Trickey, Jean Michael Jarre.
Music: Erickson/Workman.
Vocals: Anna From Luxt.
Gear: Emu E6400, Clavia Nord Lead, Access Virus A, Roland JP-8080, Korg Trinity, Korg Prophecy, Digitech RP-12, Alesis Quadraverb 2.0, Boss DR-660, Waldorf Pulse +, Waldorf Microwave 2, Sony vp55 fx.
Copyright 1999 Velvet Acid Christ.

LYRICS: Well it may sound absurd. I want to be a wreck for you. Smash out my honor on your floor. Fill up your bathtub with my moods. Well it may sound a little frightening. I want to swallow all your skin. Chew your soft tissue into ash. Beat your ego black and blue. I will be your doll. I will be your hole. I will crush your bones. I will abrade your soul. I will be your toy. I will be your thing. I will tear you down with the twist I bring. I will be your doll. I will be your toll at the gates of hell. That is what I'm for. I will be your flesh. I will be your end. Then on to the next. I will start again. I will be your doll. I will be your girl. I will remove your heart. I will burn your world. I will be your object. Tease and tear. I will be your, "hell I don't have anything to wear." I will be your slut. I will be your bitch. I will be your never ending, un-befriending, self expending, moral bending, thorn.

Chris and i wrote this in a day, i started it out as this spooky space trip hop. Then in the middle chris wrote this wicked pretty piano liberachi sounding stuff that floored me, and to this day it is the pinnacle of any thing chris ever did in vac. I wanted toni haliday to sing to it, but stefan got anna from luxt instead, and i was very happy with the results. I think this should of been a huge dance hit like those lame songs from delerium because this one has more soul and musical talent in it than any of those cookie cutter shit pop songs, we proved that we can write a pretty beautiful colorful emotion filled track that is kind of mainstream that still has integrity, but it got shunned by the stupid scene in most places. what a pity.