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Repulsive (necropolis mix)
Album: Between The Eyes Volume 4.
Influence: Skinny Puppy, Diamanda Galas.
Music: Erickson.
Lyrics/Vocals: Erickson.
Gear: Peavy dpm 3, Roland Jd800, Ensoniq ASR-10, Roland Juno 106, Roland MKS-50, Boss Dr660. Digitech rp1, Digitech gsp5, Alesis Quadraverb GT, Alesis Adat, Sony Dat walkman, Cubase(atari st), Atari Mega 2(st), Peavy Tracer Guitar, Boss ME10.
Copyright 2004 Velvet Acid Christ.

rape yourself of entity, a nail surging in, sewn up in powers, sew it in your forehead. repulsive, persuasion, forcing a god, a sea of traitors, bleed into my head, lost in power of fate, sew your dead life, always goes no sacrifice, no itís this power, power fit in you, on you, tired, traitor, insane a purple day. so i find you here, caught in the middle of some stupid vice, shooting your arms, and wrap it around your head, and put it down your throat deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, this is not a game get down on your 4 legs, get down on your 4 legs and show me what life is about, show me the truth, show me life and show me death, whip me, shoot me, kill me, stab me, punch me, put it in my hair, put it in your eyes, itís no suprize, just sit back and show me what life is about, i have no clue, no mind, so you'll have to show me and don't waste my time. i will not jump around in circles for you, you fucking bitch, die, i'll show you a psychopathic madman all sewn into your eyeballs. liquid acid ahhrg! it's a broken form of disease, no closing, push it for me, now fuck for you, this disease, i'll fuck, i'll kill you fucking sleaze, i'm calling, i'll rip it closer, no fall down forever, i'll keep me closer, hide in your closet, right down your neck, now freezing, freezing, drink the poison so insane, (screaming), break down.

Duality. Male and female, Father and Child. A tale of abuse. Psychotic sex. NOT PRO. This song paints a nasty picture of innocence being destroyed by a molester. this song still fucks with my head. Inspiried by events in my life. This song makes me sick to my stomach still. it's pretty intense for me. i hate rape.