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Phucking Phreak
Album: Calling Ov The Dead.
Influence: Sisters of Mercy, Skinny Puppy.
Music: Erickson/Slaughter.
Lyrics/Vocals: Erickson.
Gear: Ensoniq ASR-10, Roland JD-800, Roland Juno 106, Roland MKS-50, Digitech RP-1, Alesis Quadraverb GT, Boss DR-660, Boss ME-10, Peavy Tracer Guitar.
Copyright 1998 Velvet Acid Christ.

LYRICS: Murder the feelings all left aside, from all those days you try to hide, you lift out the anger and cut it dry, you soak your tears away, now you can fry. your mind melts away, you go with the flow, you hold it down, but ya can't let go. you try to speak, but you hear no sound, lying again expressed into insanity, where you will never be. cause we're all dead, cause you're all dead, cause we're all dead, cause you're all dead, cause we're all dead, cause you're all dead, cause we're all dead, cause you're all dead. we walk into the night, we cut off the right, we won't feel a thing, we're so insane. disturbed thoughts, distort your mind, you're penetrated, obliterated. we all fake it, we all try to hide, the un-relying, the lie, the feelings, the how, the when, the why. we always lie, we always lie, we always cry, we always die. push away the feeling left, so far away, we walked into the sun, and left our hopes astray, we hope to live another day, but when you break it all down. there's really nothing left to say, there's really nothing left to say there's really nothing left to say, so babble away, so babble away.

Our second biggest hit in america. Gary and i were joking around with this at first, because the samples were so much fun, we kept laughing historicaly during the masturbating in your own feicies part. i kept cracking up when i was doing the vocal takes. it ended up being so serious after i wrote all the guitar stuff to it. funny how things turn out. I love this song. it shows that we know how to use samples to make a song fun and catchy. This song is about many acid trips i have had, and realizing that we are actually the walking dead re born. living off of the death of empires long faded. gas is nothing more than pure compost...