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Masked Illusion
Album: Between The Eyes Volume 3.
Influence: Legendary Pink dots, Front 242.
Music: Erickson/Workman/Slaughter.
Lyrics/Vocals: Erickson.
Gear: Ensoniq ASR-10, Roland JD-800, Roland Juno 106, Roland MKS-50, Digitech RP-1, Alesis Quadraverb GT, Boss DR-660, Boss ME-10, Peavey dpm3.
Copyright 2004 Velvet Acid Christ.

LYRICS: ballucinate(toxic coma reference), devastate, your weak minded state, so you crawl on the floor and grasp at the wires and crush your head with a ten pound lie, so you'll pretend to pulverize every muscle in your head, silly dreams, silly lines, compromise on this place in time, don't you see what's in front of me, you are a fire, a fire with walls in my mind, in my mind, oh, i see you fall down on the floor, pain for mercy, pain for breath, no one hears your cries so just forget it, oh i push myself out a ten story building, watch my bones shatter on the pavement, for all the world to see. oh, oh. what do you dream, do you feel it up in the sky?, or do you fold your arms fold your hands and pray to a god? oh , i wear the mask, i wear the mask. hallucinate, your broken state, you fall to the floor where you can't see any light and the walls talk to you, crawl on the floor and grab at the wires, hesitate for a second, look back at the walls in your world, no eyes, no time, just freeze and fuckin die. what do you dream, you close your eyes, and fold your arms, do you prey in the sky, in the sky, up in the sky?, i wear the mask, i wear a mask. move in slow motion, the walls are bending back and forth, you can't relate and you don't remember who you are. you close your arms around your head, and you fall to the floor and you wish that you were dead. what do you dream? close your eyes, in pain, hesitate, they dream of a separate state! oh i feel you, i dream you, i hold you, oh i wear the mask, i , i wear the mask. wear the mask, wear the mask, wear the mask, oh wear the mask, we're the mask!

This song is about an acid trip i had, i kept seeing masks on everyone, in fact i did the vocals while i was tripping.. it was haunting to say the least.. The lyrics are about the vivid visuals i was seeing, and hearing, i was on the floor of my studio flipping out, and getting tangled up in all the patch cables. dark.. This is one of my favorite vac tracks to date.. very underrated by people..