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Album: Calling Ov The Dead.
Influence: Nitzer Ebb, Juno Ractor, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly.
Music: Erickson
Lyrics/Vocals: Erickson.
Gear: Ensoniq ASR-X, Clavia Nord Lead, Korg Trinity, Korg Prophecy, Digitech RP-12, Alesis Quadraverb 2.0, Boss DR-660.
Copyright 1998 Velvet Acid Christ.

LYRICS: malfunction, eats through these dreams, shapes me into 3, memories, beat my head, yeah, the race and the lies, the ruined life destruction unfold of differn't shapes, that explode, the night, i push it further in the light, pulls me to the edge of where i lie. the waves are falling back, into this circle of my life, where they crawl, they push me back again into the knife malfunction, destruction, they push me inside out, malfunction destruction, they push me inside out, calm down and realize, when the end is coming near. they push, they push, they push me inside out. they push, they push, they push my inside's out. they push, they push, they tore me inside out. yeah, shot, kill me, shot down, uhh sike, now kill me, yeah, shot down, racing, the future's nightmare, comes down through the windows of your house no cost of life, four consolations, never changed my mind four reasons they will take a life and drain it out of my soul. your call, no life, no way, they burn you, no call, no life yeah, they push me inside out, yeah yeah yeah. they push me inside out, yeah yeah yeah, they push me inside out.

Proof that i could write a hit dance track without samples! Not one sample in this song.. One of the first tracks i wrote after gary left. I had to finish up the cd on my own, and did a great job doing so. This is probably 3rd or 4th biggest hit of ours in the scene. I loved playing this song live, cause the crowd would usually go crazy.. This song is also about the comic character story, when rebuilding him, they tore him to shreds and put him back together, and this is from the perspective of viewing this occurences. When he is first animated from the dead, he has a lot of problems adjusting, and starts malfunctioning.