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Intussusception (Bowel Move Mix)
Album: Between The Eyes Volume 4.
Influence: Lassigue Bendhaus, Autechre, Godflesh.
Music: Erickson.
Lyrics/Vocals: Erickson.
Gear: Peavy dpm 3, Roland Jd800, Ensoniq ASR-10, Roland Juno 106, Roland MKS-50, Boss Dr660. Digitech rp1, Digitech gsp5, Alesis Quadraverb GT, Alesis Adat, Sony Dat walkman, Cubase(atari st), Atari Mega 2(st), Peavy Tracer Guitar, Boss ME10.
Copyright 2004 Velvet Acid Christ.

this is now, we live, so cold, and lifeless, just sitting here with my head between my legs, staring at the ground, twitching, convulsing, think about the past, where did it go? where did it come from? and why is this such a rhetorical question to ask myself? so why? i must try to seek salvation in a world that is so cold, cold, cold, cold. loud empty thud, against my head, as the pain rushes in, and loving it, is over here upon myself ha ha ha ha ha ha, listen to time, why why why try to understand? why do you understand, when no one else does? no one else does! sick and killing, time killing me, forever, forever dead, all in till the end, so this is worth living?, in nothing?, so something is all, itís all a game to debate, contemplate suicide, i don't patronize, i don't sympathize, for you or dissed burnt image, image on top of the forehead in the mirror, where we see no truth, forever lost, forever loveless, loveless forever loveless, forever tired of living, soul taking i feel it breaking my mind! so good-bye, so good bye. ahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahah!

Alienation, i live in the buckle of the bible belt of the USA. Pat robertson, that is who i sampled, he runs the 700 club. I wish disease on him. Here i contemplate death, how one can eat death and proclaim to be pro life. Christians are nothing but hate and death, they worship death on a cross. how can they be good. wtih tons of anti communist propaganda to boot. how can one live in a world that is so cold?