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Dilaudid (postponed)
Album: Twisted Thought Generator.
Influence: Legendary Pink Dots, Front Line Assembly.
Music: Erickson/Workman
Lyrics: Lipman/Erickson, Vocals: Erickson/Hasstedt.
Gear: Emu E6400, Roland JP-8080, Yamaha FS1R, TC Electronics Fireworx, Roland Sh-101, Roland SH-09, Roland HS-60, Roland MKS-30, Roland GX 700, Alesis DM PRO.
Copyright 2000 Velvet Acid Christ.

LYRICS: Falling down further in this void How was that you who left me here half asleep could drown me Falling in love with this feeling I follow you to hell Now I bleed softly in this space ou tthere far out there Leaving me thin and wasted, dried up and eviscerated Strung out, fully sedated, my will totally eradicated Who would of thought that this would eat my grasp Destroy my past. This behavior who could condone, my mind, postponed One black spot sucked in a hole totally loosing control Floating higher till I fall rabidly to hell barely connected to this soul Now I breathe softly in this crate out there so far out there Leaving me thin and wasted, dried up evaporated Strung out, fully sedated, my soul obliterated Who would of thought that this would feed this lapse Control my past. This behavior who would condone, my mind, postponed.

This was the turning point for me, when i started looking for a way out, the little part in me that was still good was trying to give up drugs, and bad food. and all the demons. this song is a reflection of my slow road to recovery. I was fully aware of my doom, i knew that if i didn't change i would end up dead very fast. i went on tour after this, and that did all most kill me, and after the tour, i slowly started rebuilding myself, and took a 3 year break from VAC. I saw the truth of most drugs and we wrote a song about it. i am really only pro psychedelics.