Velvet Acid Christ Plays Ratchet and Klank

Finally got a ps5, I didnt think i wanted one but i was finally able to get one so i did. This games was one of the reasons why. I still own tons of ps4 games and they all run even better on the ps5. And i really want to play the next god of WAR.. Plus i still play COD and R6 and they run amazing on the ps5. PC and ps5 will be my gaming path forward. Now if only I can find a video card are the msrp price, i was thinking an AMD rx 6800..

So far i love the ps5. Everything runs great on it. Dual Sense is the best hardware controller ever, i especially notice in on cold war. Now i need to sell more records to pay help pay for the $70 games yikes.

That being said, i hope you enjoy the videos.

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