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Caliber is free and on Windows 10. Mouse and Keyboard only. Warning, This is an update. I have since stopped playing Caliber because the North American Servers are dead, and that is the only game as an american you can get a low enough ping to compete without being shot behind walls. So the only games you can play are against Russians on Russian servers, who have been playing the game for almost 2 years. Its not pretty.

Caliber is like Siege and Confrontation had a baby. It has tight gunplay like r6, and 3rd person like socom 4, but plays more like Confrontation. Some say old ghost recon but the game modes are more like Socom. Is this a replacement for socom? NO but it is scratching my itch for a new ps5 Socom game.

One bad thing is that you have to play story missions until you are level 4 to see the socom like experience. So do not give up until you play to level 4, because that is when the real game begins. The other bad thing is if you don’t play in russian servers, you might have to wait a long time to get into a match but if you can get a team of 4 together, you can zoom fast into matches on the north american servers. Just not super late at night.

There are character classes, but you do not need them to win like many complainers claim, If you level up the stock characters, you can wreck anyone if you are good and play as a team.

What i love about the game, is the characters, and the strategy of the game, you have to manage your stamina because it is tied to your super abilities, and your ability to run. Assault class has most stamina, then support, then sniper, then medic. You have to reload after rounds at reload stations that are timed but are plenty around each map. Unlocking characters by grinding can take a long time.

The pay system is expensive. But i think that is because it is in the beta and this is a free game and they have to fund it some how, and not a lot of people are playing it yet, and they are not on a huge distributor who runs ads for them. So right now this is a word of mouth game. I do not blame them at all for how expensive coins are. I hope they do make things cheaper in the future though.

I can play this game over and over just like i did with Socom and R6 siege. The aiming is tight, I have a i9 9900k with a radeon rx 580, 16gb system ram and m2 drive. This game in 1080p on my system is getting about 100 frames a second. That is with my old video card too which is comparable to a rtx 1060.

You must play as a team and use coms, we usually rock Discord chat with our teams. This helps a lot, but you can talk in game with the G button if you have a headset. I play mostly as Medic. As i do in Battle field 4. Or Doc and finka in r6. I love tactile shooters and Caliber just might be the best playing Strategic Shooter I have ever played. I think it is more fun than Siege and Socom. Maybe because it is new. But really this is it! The Game Mechanics are tight and spot on.

I give it a 8 out of 10 for Russians, and 5 out of 10 For Americans.. I will update my score once the game is released. I just hope they make items in the game Cheaper.

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