Socom: Why I wont be playing anymore.

COD and WARZONE has weened me off of Socom Confrontation, Socom 2, Socom Combined assault. I just have 0 fun playing socom now. I loved confrontation, but after the ranking update the game runs worse, bad framerates. After grinding multiplayer on cold war to unlock weapons for warzone, i started to realize that hard core search and destroy is socom enough for me when i want that kind of game. Also team death match is something I really love. I am good at it. I am usually at the top of the board when i play it. Its a lot more fun, and it plays with a high frame rate, with way better graphics, and now with low fan noise(ps4 pro) and in 4k with raytracing on the ps5, which i love. Zippy fast aiming too. Responsive, unlike socom when the frame rate drops The old ps2 socom games are so dated and bad that i cannot stand them i tried so hard to like them, and i just do not see what people like about socom 2 or any of the ps2 titles, the single player games are good, but multiplayer is bah, bad hit detection, slow stiff unsmooth controls. Uhg, on my pc an i9 rx 580 it runs bad. even at default settings.

I hope now there is no new socom game. After playing with the die hard socom people for the last 4 months, i know they do not want it. They want s2 hd, or conf on ps5. I just hope there is a tactical shooter from sony that is good and fun. Thats enough for me, something like caliber, or a r6 siege. I still play r6 too and on ps5 it is excellent.

The ps3 is kind of boring, if you could play confrontation with a pc emulator and run in higher frame rate, that game would rock.


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