PS5 vs Xbox Series.

After using the Series S, I was very let down. I am sure i would really like the power of the ps5, but…….

So in Microsoft buying Bethesda, is that really going to help xbox? I hated game pass, its like 180 a year, for online play and a bunch of games i would never play or buy for the most part. I only liked a few of the games on game pass that i tried. Bathesda, FALLOUT 76 IS the worst fallout ever. That game is a POS. And that is just my opinion, not a fact. I love fallout. But that is not Fallout. And what else, elder scrolls? yeah never played that on a console any way. Doom? meh. Having an xbox is like having a PC with a few extra games. So honestly because i have a PC. Xbox is just not appealing.

The ps5, Well, the interface sucks. The ui is lame, i still to this day prefer the ps3 interface. I loved the speed of the ps4 interface, but the ps3 allowed you to stream stuff from your pc, and was easier to find your games. Now this new PS5 interface the home button is all messed up and it has all these bugs where you can brick the ps5 usb hard drives. Cant copy ps5 games to usb hd, no expansion is activated, so no 2nd ssd to improve the space from 625gb to 1625gb. And you cannot find one. Plus its very big. I tried to get one, but gave up after a while and just started messing with the ps2 and ps3. Much happier.

In the end though, its always sony because of their 1st party, God of War, Uncharted, Last of us, And their other 1st party exclusives. Sony makes very good single player games, Microsoft does not, and Bethesda has to prove itself again after fallout 76.

I am pissed that there was no Socom for ps5 launch. Piss there was no socom for PS4, the should of did HD confrontation and socom 4 at least. That would not of been hard.

Eventually when i can walk into a store and just buy a ps5, i will, playing ps4 games at 60 fps will be worth it eventually.

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