David Jaffe NOCOM, NO, You have no clue.

WTF. Seriously. Socom fans were unhappy because socom 4 is not socom. The mechanics were all wrong, bobblehead characters and head shots all over the place, the zoomed in camera and huge characters are what ruined it more than the respawn shit. What about COD? They did that right over and over. The mechanics. If you make a game and change the mechanics, then there is a prb. Socom 2 and Confrontation are similar, cept hit detection is more realistic on Confrontation. The hate for Confrontation was because of the bugs when it launched. It was not stable for 3 months, until they patched it. This is where most of the hate came from. After it ran good, a lot of people played it all the time, then coldfront dlc breathed new life into it, but because they had to patch it so many times it got in the way of the planned dlc. Also because it didn’t sell as big as socom 2, sony moved on. If anything Sony killed socom by expecting it to compete with Call of Duty.

I hope they do a socom title that is like confrontation, and something new, but plays great. r6 Siege proves that tactical shooters are still popular enough. r6 Siege sold 10 million, and has had 70 million players online.

The other part of the fail: Did you ever see a Confrontation AD on tv? I saw socom 1 and 2 ads on TV, but never confrontation. Because sony did not market Confrontation as well as socom 1 and 2, that is why it did so poorly.

The Socom name means the hardcore fans will come out to try it, but you have to make them happy first, because their praise is what will fuel the spread of it. Jaffe is wrong, he blew it with Twisted metal on ps3, and thinks he knows what we the fans want or what we think. Dead wrong.

Also in some of the YouTube videos I have seen, they say the it is all nostalgia. And that the old Socom is out of date. Now that confrontation is back up, let me tell you, its not nostalgia, It plays better than most modern games. It also looks better than a lot of the modern games to me. Dead wrong. Confrontation is amazing still. I wish they had done an HD version with new maps on ps4. But nope….

I just hope the people at Sony give us Socom fans something new. Don’t listen to the naysayers Sony.

I hope the guerilla Rumor is true.

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