$70 Video games? Rich of Reviewtech makes good points.

In the middle of a pandemic, they have the nerve to charge $70. The truth is games should cost no more than $49 in my eyes. Especially with the economy in the trash thanks to a pandemic. Games already Nickle and Dime inside the games with transactions.

Instead of buying the PS5, i got a ps3, and buy games for about 5 bucks. I missed a lot of games on the ps3, now i can go back and play 720p games for cheap that are really good. Down the line if i get a ps5, i will only buy games used for 30 or less, or digital when the sales hit 30 or less. The ps5 and Xbox Series X/S should of been delayed until the middle of next year. Why? There are no games and everything is delayed because of the pandemic. Cyberpunk should of only been ps4 pro, xbox one X and above or delayed until bugs were gone. People rushed to make a buck on the slumping economy, and it is just damn greedy. Shame on them.

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