Sony, Razordak, Socom, Gaming.

Funny Video of us playing a while back. I love the rag doll physics, and if you have not noticed by now, I am not very good at socom. My kill numbers are low, A long time ago i used to be much better, I think because only the hard core people came back, i suck against them because they are the better players, and when i was good i used to play against a lot of scrubs. Playing Call of Duty has softened my socom skills. No aim assist in socom.

Sony is killing off the ps3, vita, and psp app store, but, you will still be able to download anything you purchased from the store. So that is good. But still, why stop selling software for consoles that are still being used. Esp when you do not offer backwards compatibility.

Why i always stop myself from buying the greatest video cards. A long time ago i used to pc game until i realized how much better gaming is on a ps3 ps4 etc. Pc games are never fully optimized like the consoles are so you never get to fully take advantage of your hardware on the pc. Games are buggier on the pc. Still i think the pc is where i will have to play future Bethesda games sadly. I will not buy an xbox. I want a ps5 eventually.

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