PS5 or Series X/S? Neither.

Yup, The dog and I are playing some Socom 2, on the ps2 i got cheap. When i had the series S, their online store did not have many xbox, or 360 games. Just this and that and nothing i remembered that i really liked other than fallout and dead space. Lucked out and got a ps3 and now that confrontation is back online WOW. And soon i will play Socom 2 online as well. Plus I can play any ps1, ps2, or ps3 game, digital, or physical copy with my ps4, ps3, and ps2. My tv upscales component 480i and other modes that the ps2 has and it looks great on this tv. Sucks that i could not get a ps5 and play all the games with emulation. Sucks that the Series S has a limited catalog for the S.

PS4, Switch, PS3, PS2.

Very happy now. I tried the emulators on the pc. For some reason i did not care for it. I prefer playing the real hardware. The only way i will buy a ps5 now, is if there is a socom. Or god of war. We shall see, honestly, i want the ps5 slim, not that huge weird console.

I was so excited when the box came. Finally a ps2 again, I gave my last ps2 to Todd Loomis years ago when we were working on lust for blood, i think he gave it to his nephews. I have the slim now. I also bought a HD retrovision Component cable for the ps2. And it looks amazing through it, and that cable is better than most of the 3rd party ones.

Over all i am very happy. Now, once Diana gets here, we can play together like we used to. God i miss her. 🙁

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