VAC News:

Yay, got the se02, Pro-1, and a bunch good software, massive x, spire, arturia 8, dune 3, and lots more. Working on new songs, drums with battery and outboard quadraverb gt and gsp5 should get me into that old VAC sound nicely. Picked up a akai MIDImix Control Surface(to control and program my soft synths, and it didn’t work just like the korg nanokontrol2, those are for abelton)). Got Vaccinated, first shot, will get second shot in 20 days, I hope shows will happen this fall. If not then i hope in 2022. I miss playing shows more than anything, and our time touring for Ora Oblivionis got cut short Sadly because of covid.

I think I will be streaming newer ps4 and ps5 games more than PS3 games. Not many new games really make me happy at the moment, not sure if I will have a ps5 this year 🙁

I am working on Patreon content and post old stuff to my YouTube. I want to get more watch hours on my YouTube account so I can monetize my YouTube. I thought about a twitch channel, but honestly I do not just want to stream games and YouTube is a better fit for the vast sorts of media i need to publish.


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