RazorDak: Plays With hexfix93 and pwns.

Yes, i doubted him and he ended up winning it for us with the other guys. I kinda suck at socom. Still figuring out what controls and what guns. But i manage usually around 4 kills per game, i mean best of 5.. I wish all my fans would join us. Its so fun people talk in this game. lots of cool people on there, one guy is 70 years old, i think its the luckylopez dude.. Playing socom with Grandpa is where its at, and still even the best cod twich and youtube streamers would get eaten for alive in socom. I swear i wanna see Ninja and DR Disrespect come here and get their asses handed to them.

Still, i have more fun playing this than any other game. Cannot wait to get Krztov in this stuff more…

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