Socom PS5?

This was the only reason I did not buy a ps5 at launch, i had one in my cart minutes after than Sony press thing in November, and did not pull the trigger because no Socom, and also i thought Sony would sell me one direct like their email promised me, which was all BS. Here is some of the rumors about it, i want it to be true, but there is nothing official. I only wish there was some kind of Official announcement of SOCOM, because then for sure i would buy a ps5. I am still pretty pissed that Hhour never came to ps4, and there was no socom on ps4, all they needed to do is confrontation HD with some new maps on ps4 and that would of been amazing, but no. They shut down all the servers. and Hhour is in LALA Land.

If we get a new socom and it plays as well as confrontation, i will be very happy. They should hit me up to write some music for it.. Damn it!

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