PS4 Pro SSD?

Yes, i sold my xbox series s because i didn’t feel like playing the same games i had on my ps4 and losing all my progress, it was really fast and great, but ps4 exclusives i will miss too much. No luck on getting a ps5 either. So I decided to upgrade my PS4 PRO, because it has sata 3 in it, and will actually take advantage of an ssd. I noticed about 2x speed in load times on it now with my 870 evo 1tb. Its not fast like a ps5, but half the speed of loading of the xbox series S. It is a big improvement especially on cyberpunk 2077 on ps4 pro. Loads in textures really fast vs standard hd where it can have a delay making the game look like a ps1. I also but a 256 gb ssd in my ps3 slim, and it loads in gta 4 a lot faster now as well, file installs from the psn store are 2 times faster, doesnt speed up the disc games to much though, i do have a lot of games purchased for ps3 on the psn store digitally so i did get an improvement.

I really think if you have an old ssd laying around that is a decent size, install it into your ps4, all you need to do is download the update os thing from sony onto a usb stick, and if you want you can back up and restore if you have an external hard drive that is big enough for your content on your current ps4. Same thing goes for ps3. SSD on ps3 and ps4 pro is pretty cool, not the end all be all, but it does stream textures into games faster off the hd now for sure..

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