Playstation Home

The ps3 to me was so much more than any other game console. The ps4 pales, the ps2 pales. The ps3 i had the best times with good friends playing so many different kinds of games, socom, shooters, tons of coop games on the ps3, saints row, army of two and many more. But playstation home was amazing. I really wish they would of continued it on the ps4, but like with everything cool on the ps3, sony killed it. They killed the servers for MAG, Socom confrontation, Socom 4, and many other great games. Snake is bringing it back slowly thank goodness, but seriously. Sony really dropped the ball, ps4 has no socom, WTF. ps5 still has no SOCOM. WTF. Playstation home is coming back thanks to snake as well. CLICK HERE.

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