Cyberpunk 2077 ps4 pro vs xbox series S

Ok I played Cyberpunk 2077 first on my ps4 pro and beat the game twice. Then i wanted a ps5 so bad that i ended up buying an xbox series S because it was the only thing i could get my hands on. So i played on the series S as well. So, the series S ran the game much better, less frame rate drops. Also on ps4 pro to get a decent frame rate I had to turn off almost all the graphics settings that it allows you to. Still after I put an ssd in my ps4 pro, i still had to turn down graphics settings but the texture pop in problems vanished, i noticed this a lot on my samurai build, i would run in super fast and start slashing and the models would look like ps1 gta graphics.

I love Cyberpunk 2077 despite all the bugs in the game. I love net hacking, and the gun play. I like the story and the multi endings. If you have stadia, that is a great way to play this, on ps5, xbox series x/s and pr4 pro with ssd, the game is playable. The game does have bugs, although they patched a lot of them now. This is a must play. I loved the music in the game as well. Wish I could of written a track for it.. bah.

I love open world games. This game has very cool side missions, and random missions. This game is like super industrial land.

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