Update March 16th 2018

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2018 tour dates:

April 13 New York @ Revolution Bar & Music Hall

We are working on some summer European dates, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Finland, And Fall in the USA looks like chicago, Columbus, Florida, Philly, DC, Canada, and maybe if we are lucky Australia and New Zealand.

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The new LP hit some snags. Digital mixing super complex mixes is not panning out for us. So we bought some analog mixers, and a rme adi8 ds to mix out of the box and get more headroom and a better sound. We still plan on getting this LP out this summer so be patient. I am happy with how things are going. We have designed the artwork, and are getting the shirts, patches, keychains, posters ready for print as i type this. click here The CD click Here, Digital only Click here.

FUN WITH KNIVES is being REMASTERED on Vinyl and Digital release only. You can Pre Order below. Thank you for your support. You can pre order this LP below. The FWK remaster will not come out until late 2018.

Studio update: We added a deepmind 12 to the mix, got a great deal on it. It does juno style basslines that i miss, the ob6 just has a different sound, these two go great together. Also the motif and korg m3 are working out as well for drums and filling in the cracks. I love the korg m3 the most though. We are using a fireface ufx and RME adi8ds, Mackie vlz4 mixers, Eventide Eclipse fx, Kurzweil Rumor reverb, lexicon mx200. and a DR660 again, man i missed this drum machine, also thinking of picking up a roland tr8s...

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Full Length LPs and Singles

Greatest Hits

VAC takes the most popular songs and polishes them up in a professional mixing/mastering studio run by former member Todd Loomis. This was long over due. We also printed this on vinyl. We took 3 longs months to hammer this out and put new life into old songs and put much more bass and tame the high freqs that would annoy your ears at high volumes like the old records did. BUY! CD or vinyl


A singles lp covering Maldire and Subconscious Landscapes era tracks, we had no singles for those LP and felt like we needed some new life in some of the tracks to really make them shine, God Module, Decoded Feed Back, Dead When I Found her, Assemblage 23, Dead Hand Project, Controlled Collapse, plus remakes of Sex Disease and Even Now along with additional rare and unreleased songs. Additionally, there is a remix of Lust and a version of the Dead Milkmen's Big Time Operator Featuring Rodney Anonymous, yes we know him, and yes i still cant believe it. A surprisingly diverse and thoroughly entertaining album! BUY!

Subconscious Landscapes

This lp is all the bsides from Maldire. Kind of rushed, but still has some epic slow tracks, and some killer industrial tracks. Same studio setup as Maldire but we made use of a korg kronos, mopho x4, and virus ti 2 in parts. Some people let me down during the production of this lp, delivered late or not at all and i had to step in and some demo vocals were used and they were not polished, we just ran out of time. BUY! CD or vinyl


VAC find its way back to renoise tracker, a daw we used for toxic coma, studio funds dried up and most analog gear was sold because of the lack of money coming in for the project, this lp uses the most software vsts to date, but it didn't matter because analog samples were used as well as a couple of cheap va synth like virus a and mopho analog bass. This lp is like the sister lp to Calling ov the Dead, dark industrial electronic music with writhing vocals. Do not over look this lp. BUY!

Caustic Disco

The Art of Breaking Apart:A varied single with the club smash hit remix from mindless faith. BUY!

The Art of Breaking Apart

Struggling with midi timing on windows xp lead to this bare bones mostly acoustic guitar driven lp, well half of it any way. The other half is pure electronic music. A strange cd. Death in June and Tegan and Sarah is what lead to this creation as well. A good thing in my eyes, a bad things for all the rivet head fans i have, and maybe i should of released it under another band name, but ooopps too late. Still its dark and evil and that is what counts to me. High end gear used to make this record but those days are over now. BUY!

Lust For Blood

LUST FOR BLOOD:Possibly the most complete and diverse Velvet Acid Christ album in the past ten years, Lust For Blood is an aggressive return for one of electronic music's most prolific artists. Angry and other times haunting vocals are forged to incessant beats, permeating melodies, and relentless bass lines. As an om-age to early electronic music, guitars are once again introduced into the mix of patches, pads and circuits. Fans of The Cure will fall in love with "Crushed", while experienced VAC listeners will appreciate the intensity of "Wound" and "Lust", at the same time discovering a slightly different vocal approach in"Parasite". Lust For Blood proves that Velvet Acid Christ has not even begun to tap into the innovations they are capable of even with a decade of musical experience under their belt. BUY!


WOUND SINGLE: Treading on unknown territory, vac not only brings out a strong animal rights song: wound, with vastly differing remixes, but covers the Cure's Figurehead, this is the first time vac has ever covered another band, This track truly is the A-side.. Bryan Also sings very much like 80's omd or ultra vox on the Legacy of revolution remix which is also very rare. 01. Wound (Sacrificed Mix) 02. The Figurehead 03. Wound (Legacy of Revolution Mix Remixed by Revolution State) 04. Wound (Vivisected Mix) 05. Ghost Re-gen (Fractured Coils Version Remixed by Revolution State) BUY!

Calling ov the Dead

Calling ov the Dead After Church of Acid, Disease Factory took vac in a new direction by fusing dark guitar sound scapes, pounding industrial beats, trance elements and a hopeless sense of confusion into a sonic assault that is held by many vac's elite as the "pinnacle" of the entire discography. Do you hear them? The dead? ThEy scReaM $#56#%%26*&^48. BUY!

Hex Angel: Utopia/Dystopia

Hex Angel: Utopia/Dystopia Mankind is under a spell to stoned to awake. Now see this vision through the art and sounds of this cd. Vac reaches into its past, and treads new ground on the noise front to bring the most consistent cd of the year 2003. Noise, EBM, Goth, Industrial spun together like never before. To me this lp defines what the dark underground is. Revolution State helped with a couple of songs on this cd, check them out here. Very diverse. Spent a month and a half at #1 on the DAC. Amazing artwork. This cd is gaining sales slowly because of the music videos that have been made to promote this cd, Pretty Toy and Collapsed have sparked new interest in this lp. Please use winamp or some thing that supports varied bit rates with mp3s from this site. BUY!

Between The Eyes
Vol 4.

Between The Eyes Vol 4. In the second half of 1995, the Original (beta) version of Nerualblastoma was born. The record where the rage from the internal fighting of the band members, the failures in life, the failure of relationships had finally built up and then exploded. Much nosier, very RAW, with a lot more guitars, and a much more "in your face" sound. The tension laden and insane vocals are very apparent, on the edge of snapping. The hissing, cursing, writhing vocals rip apart almost every track. A very heavy metal influence was present on half of the songs that and are very well balanced with electronic dance anthems. Nothing on the market sounds like this. nothing.. BUY!

Between The Eyes
Vol 3.

Between The Eyes Vol 3. In 1995 we started out on a different path, using more of our meat beat manifesto influence. We wanted something more upbeat and dance oriented, enter pestilence. There were still a few tracks with Gothic over tones, but for the most part this was our biggest venture into dance like tracks at this point in the evolution of vac, we formulated the songs for clubs, the ground work for fun with knives was laid here. Here was the original version of futile which eventually became our biggest hit in Europe before vac ever saw the light of day in America. Download Mp3 Snippets of BUY!

Between The Eyes
Vol 2.

Between The Eyes Vol 2. In 1994, vac set out to re-invent itself back into its former Gothic self because from 1992 to 1993 vac was doing more of the warp label electro sound. A bad relationship (disease factory) sparked a depressing spree of drugs, torment, and self abuse at edt studios. Hopeless was the anthem through the entire album. To day, this is the most goth oriented cd from velvet acid christ, as FATE would have it, it comes out 10 years later in its original form. Many unreleased and hard to find tracks on this volume. BUY!

Between The Eyes
Vol 1.

Between The Eyes Vol 1. The best of singles and rare un released material from 1996 to 2000. This cd in my opinion is all most like a greatest hits, song after song pounds you, hits you right between the eyes. A very up tempo cd with fast dance styles mixed with industrial, ebm, goa, and trance. Futile (nazi bastard) never made it to the USA, this was our biggest hit in the European dance market. The Hand mixes never got the credit they deserved. Many of these tracks were neglected because CD singles just don't seem to sell. as a full length cd with lots of rare tracks it works well, and now you can get out of print rare songs that you could not get before. BUY!


(USA) Remixes from the twisted thought generator lp, a killer remix from dinfiv, and some cool reworked versions of other songs. BUY!

Twisted Thought Generator

Twisted Thought Generator(USA) Dive into a tangled mess of what has influenced the brain of a depressed, angry, and deprived maniac. Songs are haunting, melodic, piano driven, depressing, angry, and trance. Production is excellent. Drum work on this record is hands down better than anything VAC has yet to release. Out of a drug induced depression and years of self destruction comes a tell all tale of the inner most thoughts of mad man bent on self annihilation. The fight against drugs (smoking, drinking, caffeine, ecstasy, weed) began and ended here. Introspection. BUY!


Remixes from fun with knives, cool luxt and individual totem remixes of decypher, plus a couple of fun with drugs tracks. BUY!

Fun With Knives

Fun With Knives From an engineering and production standpoint is by far the best work ever done by Velvet Acid Christ. This record is our best seller. A parody of TV violence. It is a blend of many elements in music, mostly electronic, but does not loose the aggro edge of VAC, nor does it bleed into pop. Not as raw as many of the other vac releases, focusing more on dance and atmosphere and soundtrack like anthems. BUY!


Disease Factory aka Hexfix93.