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> Between The Eyes Volume 4 (NEURALBLASTOMA BETA)
> Between The Eyes Volume 3 (PESTILENCE)
> Between The Eyes Volume 2 (FATE)
> Between The Eyes Volume 1 (Singles)
> hex angel (utopia/dystopia)
> twisted thought generator
> fun with knives
> calling ov the dead
> oblivion interface
> dimension 8


pinky Between The Eyes Volume 4 (NEURALBLASTOMA BETA)
Sex Disease
Thought Criminal
Let's Kill All These Mother Fuckers
Vaginismus (crotch kick mix)
Repulsive (necropolis mix)
She Bleeds Red
Revolution 101
Intussisception (bowel move mix)
Suicide Picnic
Cyclone Chamber
The Calling (beta)

Between The Eyes Volume 4 (Neuralblastoma Beta), The last time Bryan, Gary, And Chris worked together in harmony. This is where this line up started to fall apart and fight. It's complicated, and someday i'll shed more light on it. No matter what the case, The emotion and song writting on BTE 4 was brilliant, very raw, very agressive and mean. A lot of angry and psycotic guts were spilled making this record.

pinky Between The Eyes Volume 3 (PESTILENCE)
Fiction Friction
Satan Complex #42
Dead Flesh
Masked Illusion
Fade Away
Futile LSD
Cyber Communist Plotting Red Revolt
Sadder Still
Broken Mind
Glorify Satan And Suicide

Between The Eyes Volume 3 (Pestilence) song information and lyrics. Pestilence was a more up beat production, beats were faster, synthlines more agressive. This is where we merged the vortex sound and the industrial sound of vac. We payed a lot of respect to other dance artists here. I love how raw and full of feeling the vocals are on this era of vac. Very unique. In a scene that is possesed with genres, vac refused to be in just one. We were talented enough to cover many genre's and fuse them together to make vac. This cd is pure evidence of this.

pinky Between The Eyes Volume 2 (FATE)
Hell One
Hell Two
Dark Lights
Falling Snow
Mental Depression
Rain For 27 Days
Killing Me
We Have To See We Have To Know
Serial Killer 101
Descent To Darkness
Hail To Dead Souls
I'm Gunna Wrap Myself in your Intestines

Between The Eyes Volume 2 (Fate) song information and lyrics. Fate was the re-nvention of vac into its more goth form in 1994, before that, vac was doing mostly warp label sounding material like aphex twin and orbital. Many classics were born durring this seession, we have to see we have to know, hell two, mental depression. Also new un-released tracks like killing me, falling snow, rain for 27 days, serial killer 101 all show a different side of vac that was beeing hidden from you by off beat records at the time who hated the softer side of vac. This is by far the darkest of all the vac records to date. This is what set vac off on its cd days, before this, there were only demo tapes. This was the first vac cd. Fate got recognized in the local scene and by a lot of girls in town.

stinky Between The Eyes Volume 1 (Singles)
Futile (Nazi Bastard)
Disflux (Feedback)
Decypher (Force = Authority Mix)
Decypher (Acid Revolution Forgotten)
Dial 8 (Bound And Gagged Mix by DIN FIV)
Dial 8 (Barely Alive)
The Hand (Aggro Trash Mix)
The Hand (Cut Throat Psycho Rave Mix)
We Have To See We Have To Know Extended
The Hopeless
Murder The World
The Dead Part 1
So Much

Between The Eyes Volume 1 (Singles) song information and lyrics. I made a best of. But it was only from my singles and my rare b-sides. Starts out fast, mean, and in your face. tons of dance tracks on this, i was very happy with my song selection, all the mixes are very different, and it doesn't get boring. I figured since my singles don't sell that well, i would put this out so more people would buy it because its new to most, and i was right, this cd is selling well. The more dance oriented side of vac for sure. singles stay out of print after their initial run. no way was i going to throw away all these brilliant tracks.

hey what are you looking at huh? Hex Angel (Utopia/Dystopia)
Pretty Toy
East (meaningless Life Mix)
Dead Tomorrow
Exit (Disease World)

Hex Angel song information and lyrics. This album was hard to make, because so many things in my life had changed, i had changed, and i had to reach deeper than i had to before to get the emotions out of me. But honestly, in my opinion it was my favorite lp to come out in 2003 out of everything in the ebm scene. very diverse, something most other cds in this genre are not.

woo hoo da dis is in da hissy Twisted Thought Generator
Velvet Pill (Jagged Scar mix)
Dial 8
Asphixia (Wasted)
Never Worship (bruised Knees Mix)
Hypersphere (MDMA)

Twisted Thought Generator song information and lyrics. I crashed hard on MDMA half way through writting this cd, i was getting over my lost friends and depression, going to raves and parties, good times, took some XTC, 1 week later, i had a nervous breakdown, my body had given up, my soul was dead and all my old wounds started gushing blood uncontrolably, seratonin hit the floor. The result is TTG. This can give you an insight to why it sounds the way it does.

what the fuck is this? Fun With Knives
The Dark Inside Me
There Is No God
Fun With Drugs
Speedball OD
Fun With Knives
Futile 98
Razor Edition:
The Dark Inside Her

Fun With Knives song information and lyrics. I had no idea what i was getting into, it just started out with us making dance music, it turned into a monster, and our best selling cd still. I think it was the clean vocals and the tempos and the up beat nature of the songs that makes people keep comming back to this cd. The female vocals helped a lot, as did the serial killer theme and drug themes. who knows for sure.

stinky what? Calling Ov The Dead
Phucking Phreak
The Calling (Fuck Shit Motherfucker Mix)
The Dead (Death Wish Mix)
Timeless Visions
Pray For Life
Exquisite Stench
The Hand (Violent Trance Mix)
Zix Zix Zix (666 Mix)

Calling Ov The Dead song information and lyrics. Totally a conceptual cd, based on a comic book that Disease Factory and Sadistic Savior (jeff pruett/artist) had worked out but never finished. Story was about an anti hero who was killed and brought back to life with nano tech to kill and destroy all forms of order in society. Jeff got lazy and never finished it, we would of sold it through our labels, and all was go, but jeff became a republican :(. Also, gary slaughter left vac half way through this production. turbulent times indeed. This is by far my favorite vac cd from start to finish..

Dimension 8
Ultimate Negative
Furless Freak
Area One
Alien Surfaces
Access Completed
Mind Curve
Beyond LSD
Side Ways Calculus
Shooting Heroin On The Moon

Dimension 8 song information and lyrics. 1993-1994, we did this stuff right before fate. It was mostly influenced by the warp label material. Along the lines of orbital and aphex twin. Strange Techno, is what i used to call it. Only for those who are really into this type of music. It is not really ebm, goth, or industrial. Its, strange techno... BTW, THIS IS ON TTG, IF YOU STICK TTG IN A COMPUTER, YOU WILL GET A DIRECTORY WITH MP3S AND A TEXT FILE. YEST THIS IS ON TWISTED THOUGHT GENERATOR, TTG IS A DOUBLE LP. MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW THIS.. NOW YOU DO!

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