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Tours and sound production 2017.

February 15th, 2017 by Hexfix93

fan car paintjob :

This year is a tour year. A tour with a new bandmate, shiva. A new set list for places we have played before. Better sound, Lights and video. It is the last tour. Not my last show. but the last tour. After this year, i will go back to a show every one or two months. And hit the studio really hard to finish off VAC, maybe 2 more lps.

I will be pursuing other music en-devours. Maybe sound tracks, Video games. Production in live shows. Lights and live mixing. And maybe some other things.

I am quite happy with software synths. I could not bring my hardware with me now that i travel all the time. I found that with the right eq vst, the right compression vst, and a good daw like cubase or renoise, i cant get the software to sound fat and alive, not quite analog, but in a complex mix, it is hard to tell.

The vsts that impress me the most now are all the roloand vst pulg out synths, sh09, sh2, sh101, system 1. Wow these really cover all analog ground very well. The resonance is very convincing. The u-he Diva and bazille and hive are staples for me now. and of course Omnisphere the kind of VSTs. I feel more satisfied with all of these than the nord 4 and the virus ti2. still i’d like to have a deep mind analog, or the ob6 as well. but i just have too many other expenses.

As far as mastering goes, i have a couple of weapons i use now that seem to get me to a pro level all in the box. The tools now, the equilibrium, waves mixing consoles, the ssl compressor, duende, waves h-comp. The lexicon verbs. I am pretty happy. Still miss m ksp8 at times though. I do still have a rumor, and i am going to start using that a lot.

My wish list for this year is the ob6, and deepmind 12. I also really want the roland modular system, if i could have those 3 things for the new lp, i would be so happy, but now its all a pipe dream.

In the mean time, i just want to keep playing shows and trying to make the scene happy with a more dance oriented show. We play a few strange tracks now and then still.

I really miss my studio…


Here are our European dates: We wont be back to some of these places, like finland, and sweden, and copenhagen, some come this time or never see us. its very expensive to travel up north.

Friday February 17 2017 Helsinki, Finland Findustry Winter Ball
Saturday February 18 2017 Tampere, Finland Findustry Winter Ball
Saturday March 18 2017 Copenhagen Lygten Station
Friday march 24 2017 Hannover SubKultur
Friday March 31 2017 Kulttempel Oberhausen
Sunday April 2 2017 Erfurt Club From Hell
April 8th 2017 Stockholm sweden Nalen

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Velvet Acid Christ News feb 2017

February 12th, 2017 by Hexfix93


The Wrack single is coming to metropolis with one bonus old track. I have to figure out how to give the bonus track for free to those who bought it on bandcamp. After failing at live shows for too long, i took steps to build a better live product, with new band members, new clothing, and more stuff being played. Lights and improved sound. I have been hammering away at it for over year trying to make all these changes and make it work financially. a very difficult task indeed.I want to apologize for laying eggs live in floridia, terminus, wgt year after year, The new year brings much life with shiva, Steven Archer of ego, and maybe even Rodney Linderman out east. Working it all out now. But i finally under stand the visusal marketing needed to push forward in this new market. VAC will look like VAC now on stage. Good clothes, and everything. I wish the best for all the people i have worked with over the years helping me figure out this thing. Plus best of luck to all i have worked with in the past in all their endeavors. I spent the last week programming lasers and led fx for our shows. I never want to play a show with out our lights again.

Boom: New upbeat setlist, new band members. better look, lasers and fx lights. new songs being played, only place to hear them currently.

Friday February 17 2017 Helsinki, Finland Findustry Winter Ball
Saturday February 18 2017 Tampere, Finland Findustry Winter Ball
Saturday March 18 2017 Copenhagen Lygten Station
Friday march 24 2017 Hannover SubKultur
Friday March 31 2017 Kulttempel Oberhausen
Sunday April 2 2017 Erfurt Club From Hell
April 8th 2017 Stockholm sweden Nalen

Seattle @ Hightline may 6
Portland @ The Star Theater may 7
Milwaukee festival june 2-3
Road Island june 16
Queens nyc june 17
Delaware in the works but ok
Baltimore in the works but almost a done deal

Working on:

Florida mini tour
Kansas City yes again
Los Angeles YES again maybe db fest
San Fran next year for sure
Minnesota yes again in a year
Chicago yes again in a year
Mexico City
Christ Church

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Velvet Acid Christ NEWS: 1/6/2017 *updates*

January 6th, 2017 by Hexfix93

Happy new year. Most orders have been shipped and the store will go down jan 20th. we focus on the last 3 live shows in the usa in winter. Then we do some winter dates in europe. Details soon. We are doing lots of online advertising for our shows and stores plus the new WRACK single that is out. I just want to say that there will be another single in may or june, but the LP will not come out until this time next year. You can pre order the cd, or the bundle, or the digital version. BUT, here is the catch.

The great news now, VAC got its balls back. If you have not checked out the WRACK single.

Listen above and if you like, please buy it, it wont be on cd for a year and that will be a lp edit. This helps us with production, and tour support.

Shiva is the new VAC band member in the studio and on the road. This is now the core ov VAC, and we both are making aggressive music, some pretty tracks here and there but VAC is aggro again, and hyper, up beat and dance oriented.

As a result, Krztov my former live keys and drum guy is now working on his project and will be opening for us on random dates in the future. He is my bro, i will be mixing his future singles.

Our online store where you can pre order cds and buy shirts, stickers and posters is closing jan 20, so please buy stuff while you can and help us continue making new music and play more and more shows.

We are talking to metropolis records again, new deal, better promotion, i hated leaving, but i think things might be changing for the better, promotions and things. I still get to do all autographed pre orders, and ltd bundles myself. missing out on retail, not being in stores all over the world will kill us.

I apologize to metropolis records. my communication in the past was the problem i was not keeping them up to date well. they are the reason that you know vac. they are like family to me. i screwed up.


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Velvet Acid Christ news 12-19-16: Wrack Single Pre Order.

December 19th, 2016 by Hexfix93


Yes we will put out a single on bandcamp very soon (digital only), i was hoping before xmas, but now i am thinking after. The song Wrack is the A side, Pillbox is the Bside, and a song with Snog front man David Thrussell will be the bonus track. I hope to have this done in 2 weeks. You can now Pre order the single for $2.99,

Click Here to buy the digital single

Pre orders for the new LP have slowed down. I have not yet made a profit from the costs of printing everything, we need more pre sales. I am hoping that the single will help drum up support for the presales. Please help us..

We have new tshirts for sale back by popular demand, the lust for blood art shirt is being remade and you can order it now,it will ships in a week or so.

Click here to buy shirt

Live shows.
Kansas City, what an amazing show, we had Todd Loomis so it was really amazing too. Hope he joins us on more shows. I will go back to Kansas City. I also hope Nathan in Atlanta comes out of retirement and books us on a weekend in Atlanta next year. Special shout out to Cursed Earth Corporation for lending us keyboard controllers, stands and stuff.

We have more shows coming up. here they are:

Click here for live shows

We will be in Europe again from Feb to April playing shows, then back to the USA for East Coast, and North West Coast tours. We are working on booking all of these future shows now. Starting in 2017 you will hear new songs at our live shows from the new LP “The Edge of Oblivion” that you can pre order by clicking here.

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VAC in Chicago. Plus news, Tour Dates

October 27th, 2016 by Hexfix93



Fucking WOW.

I love this city(Chicago). I love the fans. I love the scene. I really like the job Daniel Evens Did promoting and booking our show, you should use him, I loved the Cobra Lounge as well. How on earth could i have waited so long to return to such a welcoming city for my band? Also we worked with an amazing opening act The Gothcicles, Thank you so much for letting us use your projector man (you should check this band out).

Plus we had a very awesome guest vocalist Laura Bienz from Angel Spit. She did one of the most amazing vocal takes on “SLUT” We have ever had. I wish every show was like Chicago, but this is a very special scene. A very cool city. I will be back there in one year. I swear, i will play that City every year now.

Next up, Denver. Which is awesome, We will have Todd Loomis on guitars, Alex Seminara from Siren Project on keys, Krztov on Drum pads. We will have lights, and a new upbeat set list of dance tracks for most of the show, plus the hits. This is a new set list and not the same as last year.

We also are trying to book San Fransisco, Phoenix. WE are playng a show in Missery at the end of nov, and we have ATLANTA in dec, Minnesota in a few weeks, Then we got LA in late January. We will head out east in april may and june, Brooklyn, Delaware, Baltimore, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa. In feb and march, dresden, hamburg, klon, Copenhagen. So keep an eye out. We are working our asses off.

Update on the new VAC LP. I have about 10 songs that need work. I am confident that we will have our record done by and shipped by fall. You can pre order it, it is how we are funded now, we no longer have a label, I have nothing against metropolis. I just want to use more money promoting our band directly to our fans, and i just did not have the budget to do that when a label takes a big cut of our sales and then just posts about us for 2 weeks, i want to run ads for my new lp year round, and to do this i need a bigger cut of the sales. When you buy a CD, MP3, OR our bundle, it will allow us to buy new gear, and promote our band aggressively on social media and on the web like we never have before. I love metropolis, and they have served us well, i have not one bad thing to say about them, I simply just needed to make this move to help our band grow. Record stores are dead. Physical media is only worth something if it is signed by the artist now. The scene is more up front, direct and personal now. So i am turning to the fans now for help. Help us pay for advertising, and marketing for our shows, and our releases.

And Our Box Set CD Autographed, Keychain, Patch, LP Shirt, Small LP Poster , Digital release code as well. You can help us by Clicking here and pre ordering the bundle or regular releases.

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Velvet Acid Christ: Crowd Funding begins, the bold new world.

October 23rd, 2016 by Hexfix93


Yes. I am leaving all record labels behind. They served me well when retail stores ruled the planet, when people bought itunes, when people went to brick and mortar stores. Those days are long gone. Now when you are on a label and you release an lp, they will promote you for about 2 to 3 weeks, then you are forgotten. What really made me think about this was i remember back in the wax trax days when Nine Inch Nails put out pretty hate machine. That lp was promoted for 3 years heavily, and even with tv commercials. Wow those days are long gone sadly. There is so much more competition and labels cannot promote acts correctly when they have so many releases to support.

So what am I doing? I will go directly to the fans, and because now all the money from my cds, and digital releases go straight to me, i can afford to do Facebook and google ads online all year long for every record i produce. You will only be able to buy directly from me as it stands, i might do band camp for digital though. Still This is how it must be done, I already have an online store now and I am selling a lot of t shirts and cds as it is now. So i do not need to do much except ask for Pre orders. What this allows me to do is upgrade my studio while i work on my lp to improve the production. Lets me work and pay other talented people.

Will the new VAC be on spotify or apple streaming services? No. I am sorry but we musicians make nothing that way and we can no longer afford it, you might be paying 10 bucks a month but we literally get NOTHING from streaming, and this makes it so we cannot pay our bills. Not good for us musicians. Spotify used to be ok on top of CD sales and the old school system. That system has died. So spotify is no longer like nice icing on top, its killing us.

So what we are offering is 3 pre order packages:

Digital Only, you will get codes on release day and directed on where to go download. Click Here

Autographed CD for 15 USD plus Digital Download...

And Our Box Set CD Autographed, Keychain, Patch, LP Shirt, Small LP Poster , Digital release code as well. Click Here

So far the lp is inspired by Pretty Toy, Blood, Lust, Discolored eyes. Also some we have to see we have to know trance sounding tracks, and a few dance club songs.

I still want to buy a hardware compressor that is analog. An ob6 analog synth, Roland vocoder, and be able to keep my nord a1r, and virus ti2, and roland integra 7. This will give me an amazing studio to finish the lp with. If i get enough pre orders, i will be able to use all this gear to finish the lp.

I also plan on doing drum work with Chris Kutz, I am working with my new band mate who i will announce soon. I hope to collaborate with Todd Loomis again as well.

Please Pre Order our lp, it will come out in late spring Early Summer 2017. When you do, Everything is going right to VAC, no middle men.

Here are our USA Live show dates. Also you can help us with this too.

Velvet Acid Christ Tour Donation fund, Gets you on the guest list to our shows and an autographed VIP pass. Click Here

VAC is working very hard, we hope that we can go directly to you the fans. Thank you so much, by helping us, you make all this happen, you mean the world to us.

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VAC NEWS September 30th 2016: Its getting grim folks. + tour + online store

September 30th, 2016 by Hexfix93

The Chicago Show is now 17 +.

Yes we are doing a few dates this year in some select cities in the USA. I just got home from a long European vacation. I love Europe. One thing I do not love is our lack of t shirt sales at our shows. So to make up for that I am pushing my shirts online hardcore. So please buy shirts directly from us. I cannot afford to print shirts in two countries right now, I am like 20k in debt from shows and studio gear producing the new record. This is also why I am starting a pledge music campaign. Our CD sales in shops around the world are Dismal, i keep thinking well its spotify, but no one is listening to us that much on streams either. It is strange how i play more and more shows, and people listen less and less, buy less and less. I am starting to think very bad things. Still I am working on at least one last LP. Weather I self release it or not depends on a few things. I know I am doing pledge again, But seriously, CD is a dead medium, so is mp3 and wav, so is streaming. So i really don’t know what to do.

I know that I will play shows for the next 2 years, then if this trend of poor sales, bad shirt sales continues, VAC will be questioning its very existence.

All I know now is that we have a new lp concept, new art that is good and black and white and hand drawn again, I am working with David Thrussell and a lot of new people on the new LP. So far the songs are very VAC, pretty toy like, and musical, creepy, industrial, and dance friendly. I will try and do a couple of club smasher tracks too.

Please, I beg you, buy our merchandise online, it is the only way we can fund our project at the moment, since the sales dried up, no more label support, advances are gone, no money left for production. Now we are turning to you the fans to help support us directly. With you, we can continue to print cool shirts, and music, and tour the world so you can see our shows. With out you, 0…


Please share our online store with your friends, and if you like something, please buy it, support us so we can continue to exist.. Thank you.


PS: Here are my ebay auctions for my nord lead a1r and roland integra 7. We just cannot afford the payments anymore.

Click Here for Nord Lead A1r

Click Here for Roland Integra 7

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Velvet Acid Christ Shop is back for a while!

September 21st, 2016 by Hexfix93


Ok, the store is back up, right now i only have the two new items for sale, you can order now but they will not ship until october 7th. I will be adding more stuff, cds, vinyl, mugs, patches, posters, everything later on when i am back in the usa in early october.

I turn 45 soon. I found the love of my life. Sadly, the music career i started so long ago is not doing so well for us anymore. So much so that the studio is reverting to mostly software again, most hardware must be sold to get our tour debt paid off. Touring is not really making the project any money anymore. Shows and cds and online music sales are no longer profitable. Please help us. When you see a tour date, tell your friends, if you see our merchandise for sale online, please share it. With out your support, we cannot do this for very much longer. Please help us spread the word. We need your support. With your help VAC can continue making music and playing shows. With out your help, i think we are doomed.

Here are the upcoming shows.

Germany Bonn @ Das Sofa September 23rd this Friday click here


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