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Velvet Acid Christ News July 8 2016

July 8th, 2016 by Hexfix93


Ok let me say this. It was not nearly as easy as it used to be booking shows. I cannot book shows in Sweden, latvia, estonia, or Finland. They just wont do it. I guess the scene has died so bad in so many places. So the scene is shrinking, those left are buying less and less. I just don’t know what to think. I really am not big on festivals either.

I tried selling my nord a1r with no luck in 3 weeks. I guess i have to keep it. I am very happy with the Roland Integra 7. It will become my live show brain in the near future. It does strings, bass, drums, leads really well and choir pads. The RME fireface ufx sounds pretty good, not as good as an analog mixer, but i get to multi track everything and use equilibrium and my waves plugins on it so i can beef it up after if i have too.

My online store is doing ok. Not great. I will be taking it down at the end of July, it will go back up in October. So if you want to buy something. Buy it now. I will only make new merch once the old stock piles have sold. I just don’t have space for it all. So please buy a shirt. You can go to the merch store by clicking Here.

The new VAC lp, still only 3 songs done, i have had to clean out my house and its taking forever. I will start writing now, and with my new band member who i will reveal when the lp is complete. I also think there will be a lot more guitars on the new lp, in the pissed off kind of way.

I am also selling a lot of Comics, and Manga and DVDs. Sadly. I don’t have room, and i am seriously broke and need about 20k in dental work done. Just had to pull one of my molars uhg, soon i wont be able to chew and eat everything blended through a straw. God damn phytic acid. Sucks.


I have been hiking in boulder recently, man is that fun. I have not done it since my early 30s, i missed it so much.


My last trip to Europe was amazing. I was with the best person ever the whole time. yeah, i found my soul mate in Germany. So that makes everything way more amazing in my life now. I went to some really cool places too like the bone church in Prague. WGT was our best and i think last performance at that festival. I just like being closer to the crowd and having a sound check. My favorite show in MAY 2016 was Prague. The crowd was so bad ass, the club was loud and sounded great. High energy. I only hope Vienna is like this as well. I am going back to Germany for 2 months to stay with my GF and play shows.


I am also back to the raw vegan thing about 80% now. Trying to get back to 100 % and there is this really cool restaurant in Boulder Colorado now that i found. Its great i can go eat, then go hike. Its on 15th and Arapahoe in boulder co. Amazing raw vegan food. and its priced well.


Ok last but not least. Our Upcoming shows..

Europe Fall Dates 2016:

Aug 20th Vienna @ Replugged 2016

Aug 26-28 Infest Festival , Click here.

Sept 3rd XELABRATION FESTIVAL in Oslo Norway with Decoded Feedback, Icon of Coil, Click Here.

Sept 9th Ausburg Germany @ Rockfabrik

We still might add russia, or berlin.

Now in the usa:

oct 14 Saint Louis @ The Crack Fox.

oct 15 Chicago @ Cobra Lounge.

We have dates for miami. i will post them once we ink the contracts.

I am working on Nov, Denver, Tuscon, LA, Kansas City. Will post those dates soon.

We are working on Mexico City, Brazil in December.

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Velvet Acid Christ News June 23rd 2016

June 23rd, 2016 by Hexfix93


Meanwhile, in VAC land, Fireface ufx costed a fortune, well worth it, now i use cubase 2.8 midi to all my hardware into the fireface and midi into fireface controlling vsts while running cubase 8.5 as the multi track recorder + live vst instruments too. Best of all worlds now. So now I have Integra 7, virus Ti2, Tetra, and akai s5000 This will be perfect. Need to get the ti2 rack kit, and buy a ob6 when i can afford it. In the mean while bills mounting from all my flight costs to Europe. So on the selling block Nord a1r, Boss SE 50, Tmobile Apple Iphone 5s 64gb, Allen and Heath zed 14 mixer, Lynxtwo l22 pci sound card with adat expansion, RNC Real Nice Compressor. I think the studio is done now. and i am working on music now. I love the fireface ufx. sounds great.

I will be writing some new gear reviews soon. Integra 7 is actually amazing in 96khz mode, blows away the jdxi. Fire face sounds amazing, and i love mixing through it. I am in love and i mean unlike i have ever been before. I found my partner in crime. I found my better half. It is so amazing so far. It has totally turned me around. I also am working with someone who classically trained in piano again. So the new VAC promises to be complex again.

Gear I am lusting for DSI OB6, Roland Moduar and that is about it.


What have I been doing, Training my voice to sing like Geddy LEE for the fuck of it. High notes wow. I wont ever use it in VAC. Well, maybe. LOL. The new VAC, I want it to be industrial, but i want to play accoustic guitar again too, and bass guitar. I also want to do some anthem club music like combi christ lol. I want to remix 3 teeth, and youth code and Covenant.

Music I am listening to now. Death in June, Rush, Chvrches, Marnie. Movies? Force Awakens. Psych on netflix. Game of Thrones (team Stark thank you). I am hiking in boulder colorado, but i have to wear a hat now or i will get cancer on my bald head. I am looking for cool wigs for live shows. Must find new cool hair stylists in Denver.

I am booking shows so i can hang out with my Girlfriend who lives in Germany. The plan is this:

So October is st louis, chicago, minnasota, miami all in order. I am not sure how the rest of the year will go, i will in the next 9 months play these cities, pain, italy, paris, ireland, tuscon, la, mexico city, Kansas, Delaware, Nyc, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary/Edmonton and Vancouver. Then in june, nz wellington, auckland, sydney, melbourn.

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Velvet Acid Christ: To Do List summer 2016

May 28th, 2016 by Hexfix93


#1: Study Neil Peart drum fills.
#2: Teach my gf how to play guitar.
#3: Make more instructional videos for my live synth players.
#4: Figure out 3rd band mate for august European festival shows.
#5: Book Minnesota, Chicago, Denver October, Book Mexico city in December.
#6: Program Virus ti2 sounds, Tetra Sounds, And Nord A1r sounds.
#7: Write new lp.
#8: Learn German and Spanish languages.
#9: Make costume for festival shows.
#10: Call and thank Todd Loomis for doing a great job mastering the Greatest Hits.
#11: Work out every day, eat as much raw vegan food as i can.
#12: Get in amazing shape.
#13: Hair club for men. LOL
#14: hook up and play RockSmith on ps4.
#15: Beat Uncharted 4 on ps4.

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What band would i want to tour with most and why? + Latency + tour news

April 11th, 2016 by Hexfix93

I have been asked this a few times.

If i could choose any band to tour with who would it be? 1st Choice Ohgr, yes the band Ohgr or Skinny Puppy? Why? Ogre is one of my favorite people to ever walk this earth, that’s why. Oh yeah, and i love his lyrics so much. From Puppy to Ohgr, I to this day am a huge fan.


When a fan sent me this picture, and said, ogre said something about touring with VAC i shit my pants. no shit. The fact that ogre even acknowledged VAC blows my fucking mind.

2nd choice is Wumpscut. The world needs wumpscut. To me, wumpscut has made tons and i mean tons of industrial club hits. So many. More than me, More than most of the dudes from the 80s, and certainly more than even the kings of future pop. Sadly, this will never ever happen, and beleive me, I have tried, begged, pleaded, offered to put it together, be his band, etc.. nope never nein.

Latency? I fucking hate it. It kills my inspiration. In the box, in a DAW, by the time i get a good drum sound, i have processed the hell out of it and my cpu and latency buffers get raised, then writing music becomes absolutely no fun at all. I like to play the drums, the riffs. When the latency is high, its no fun at all. This is why i went back to an all hardware setup. Sure bye bye vst effects, but you know what, i hate them. After working with todd loomis at his studio using a vari mu, and an ssl g bus compressor. I HATE SOFTWARE, even the UAD stuff ALL of it. out of the box hardware into an analog mix sounds better than ITB, and better than itb compressors. Its so much fun to write music again with no latency. I think it makes it way easier and more inspiring. The virus, the new nords, yes they sound better than diva, hive, and all the vsts i own. especially on an analog mixer. I am a lot happier out of the box.

BTW: We have shows coming up really soon you should know about:

European Mini Tour:
Wave Gotik Treffen 2016 Agra hall, Monday may 16th. Click here.
Chapeau Rouge Prague weds May 18th, Click here.
DAS BETT Frankfurt may 20th, Click here.
Downward Spiral Rotterdam May 21st, Click here.

USA Dates:

New Jersey June 4th @ QXT Click Here.

Infest Festival Aug 26-28, Click here.

We booked a festival in Oslo Norway, we are working on Gothenburg Sweden in august/sept.

We are working on Chicago, Atlanta, Minnesota, Miami, in September/October/November.

We are working on Mexico City in December.

Working on 2017: Pushing Australia and NZ into 2017. Looks like Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne, Perth June 2017. January 2017 Los Angeles, Oakland, Vancouver. Feb 2017 Kansas / Saint Louise. July 2017 Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal. Late August 2017 Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Warsaw, Munich, Paris, Glasgow, London.

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April 8th, 2016 by Hexfix93


Last night in Denver @ the Walnut Room I got to do gues vocals during the Chorus of “Corporate Slave”. Wow. on 2 days of notice. LOL was not expecting that. I had a blast hanging out with Mike Wimer, and the Snog Crew. I love these people so much, Labrynth and snog are great live. If you get a chance you really should go and check them out.

So over dinner, David and I agreed to Collaborate on a single. SNOG VS VAC. We will write 2 or 3 songs together and get a bunch of remixes and release it on metropolis records. I think this is the next thing i will be working on. I made a lot of jokes about it, even making him sing on an uber epic goth rock song or something really weird like that. I think this is going to be a lot of fun.

Good news east coast of the usa. VAC will play NYC, BOSTON, DELAWARE, CHICAGO dates,we will announce dates soon, and we will see you this year. Australia is in the works for November and it will be more epic. I am putting the new LP on hold, will do Snog VS VAC next. Greatest hits comes out May 7. We will push this at the shows. New Shirts, maybe new hoodies, depends on if i have enough frees space on my credit cards. New Studio has left me bankrupt. But guess what, Nord a1r and Virus Snow will be on stage, with yamaha dtx drum pads on our us shows. YAY. Knob tweaking live for VAC finally. New setlist rocks too.


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Review: Nord Lead 4r and A1r and by Disease Factory

April 6th, 2016 by Hexfix93

The Nord Lead 4r: After spending a lot of time with it now I can say I love it for everything. I like it more than the virus. The nord 4 is like a nord 2x with more bass, better filters.. I think its a must have for nord lovers.. The roland filters in this are amazing. The moog filter in this sounds better than the one in the Virus as well. Still the Virus has better bass than the nord 4. , i can get it to sound like a jupiter 8, its so snappy, snappier than my sh9. its so bad ass for arps and fast dance bass. i love how the envelopes snap on this synth. Nord 4 is amazing. The most 3d sounding digital synth i have ever played. i’m not kidding. nord 4 has the Impulse morph feature. this feature allows you to hit a button and switch to an altered preset that morphs into the new settings. ITS AMAZING. Most people don’t take the time to mess with this, but for making songs pop and arps and riffs change drastic and emphasize parts of a song, this tool is absolutely amazing and the fact that the a1r doesn’t have it, is a stab against it. I use it a lot now and music is not nearly as dull as a result, and i am saying the a1r is great for synthy work station style sounds that sound amazing, but the nord 4 is a performance synth that can really bring animation to your mixes. What I love the most about this, NO ALIASING!!!!!!! So play up high, and its thick and musical and bright. Can’t say that about any other VA I have owned or played. Virus Aliases really bad. NL4 also has 3 envs, 2 lfos. More complex sounds can be made with nl4 vs a1r.

Nord Lead 4r: 8/10


The Nord Lead a1r: Wow, I was thinking it would sound a lot like the nord lead 4 but more limited. It kinda is and does. But at the same time, the new FX, the delay, reverb at the same time, plus the chorus/ensemble/flanger/phaser/ringmod Totally puts this in another dimension. This synth is more in your face and varied than the nord 4, the nord 4 is a typical prophet jupiter style poly synth with a few bells and whistles. The a1’s fx and new osc are what set it above the nord 4. vastly different presets as well, and i do feel like i prefer them both for different things. for fm, nord 4, for strings a1r, for bells its a tie, for soundscapes, a1r because of the fx. for heavy modulated sounds the nord 4.. Also the formants in the a1 are better and i can make choir pads with them that sound great, not the case on the nord 4 that sounds more throaty not as airy like the ones in the a1r.. I like the a1 a tad more, but for in your face pissed off snappy sounds, nord 4 all the way. The adr asr envs don’t bug me at all as much as i thought it would. so many times i don’t use sustain really. Its cool to have the filter descend to the half way point and stay as long as the key is held, then release when key is released, and this is all Sustain is for on the filter, on the amp i don’t like loud then quieter on hold. its still ok to have, but its no deal breaker on the a1r at all. What the a1r reminds me of the most is the alpha junos with all the wave forms. But its got these prophet sounding filters and moog and roland tb. its confusing, it should be like the nord lead 4 and 3 and 2 in sound, but just isn’t, its not. It sounds like someone fused a prophet and a roland together. I like this WAY more than the prophet 6, or the ob 6. So glad i went this way, i can layer four sounds. For the price of a prophet 6 module, i have a nord 4r, and a1r. and 8 sounds of poly synth. a1r only has one lfo, 2 envelopes, weird osc configurations and less modulations than the nl4 I like this more the the virus. Wow. I do love the virus too. No Aliasing on the a1r either. AMAZING.

So they both have the nord sheen to the sound, and if you hate that, you wont like either.

Nord Lead a1r: 9/10

I give a slight edge to the a1r, because i was able to pull off very similar nord 4 type sounds, and new stuff the nl4 cannot do, like lush pads and strings thanks to the ensemble fx and the new osc types in the a1r.

Pro Audio Star is where I buy most all of my gear these days now that all my friends left Guitar center. They give the best deals out there..
Click Here to goto ProAudioStar’s Web Site.

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For Sale: Studio Gear: Ms20m, H9 max, Oxygen 49, Motu Micro Lite usb midi, Adat, Joemeek 3q, Chameleon Labs 7602, The Division ps4 game.

March 30th, 2016 by Hexfix93

Click Here for MS20m

Click Here for Adat Type 2

Click here fro Maudio Oxygen 49 keyboard controller

Click me for Chameleon Labs 7602 neve clone mic pre

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Tour News 2016

March 26th, 2016 by Hexfix93


European Mini Tour:
Wave Gotik Treffen 2016 Agra hall, Monday may 16th. Click here.
Chapeau Rouge Prague weds May 18th, Click here.
DAS BETT Frankfurt may 20th, Click here.
Downward Spiral Rotterdam May 21st, Click here.

We are working on Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch NZ, Melbourne, Sydney Australia in June – July 2016…

Infest Festival Aug 26-28, Click here.

We are working on Oslo Norway, Gothenburg Sweden, Malmo Sweden, Helsinki Finland, Cologne Germany, Italy, Spain all in September 2016.

In the USA working on Atlanta, Chicago, Minnesota, Miami in october, november.

In Mexico City in December.

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