The Band Velvet Acid christ

Toxic Coma

Go listen to the new TOXIC COMA LP out on metropolis records: Click Here, to listen to sound clips and buy online. It is vacish, but toxicish. This new Toxic Coma lp is a hybrid of VAC FWK and Toxic Coma. It is the ultimate lsd lp, the ultimate pot lp. The theme of the new Toxic Coma is SATAN ov course. Absolutely one of the most fun mythical basts to groove to. Absolutely Wondermus. After listening to the new Toxic Coma you will be able to enter the gates of hell at the end of your time here on earth. Hell is not a bad place, I’ve been there and the curtains and decorations are fabulous. So many more interesting people hang out in hell. Way better artists, way better musicians, way better weekend games! Satan doesn’t even give a shit if you worship him. He is a very lax angel. He seriously likes what we have done with the new Toxic Coma. The new Toxic Coma is kind of like Christian Mingle dot com. After listening to it you can date many invisible demons that will curse you in ways you could never imagine. Besides Satan is gearing up for his battle with Christ and his undead zombie empire that is soon to come, and I know you want to be on the winning team. TEAM SATAN. FUCK TEAM EDWARD! TEAM SATAN! BUY Toxic Coma. Click Here To Buy!.

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PS: PS PS PS: And just so you know, Toxic Coma Makes songs for its fans on their birthday. This year only. So please to get a song made just for you, register on the Velvet Acid Christ Forum and please post, then for sure you will get a special birthday song for you this year.

Brief History: Toxic Coma is the band that started off the entire entity known as “Velvet Acid Christ”. A joke band that started in the apartment of baphomet some years ago with Disease Factory in Westminster Colorado in the winter of 1990. The very first song was made by downloading samples off of a bbs system called “The outer limits” That has audio samples you could download, soon after on the amiga we got into trackers and we loaded up jean Michael jarre’s oxygen. We replaced all the sounds with farts and toilet flushing and vomit sounds and a tune wee sound from the game lemmings. This is what was the genesis of the project. All hail “The Toilet song” The inception of toxic coma was born out of insane laughter. We had drunk ever clear during this process and were so plastered that we could barely operate the amiga. This sparked disease factory and lord voe vod to buy samplers and on the atari st use trackers. Atari st loaded way faster than the amiga. This was before Velvet Acid Christ even was conceived. This led to a tradition, who could make the most fucked up music, we all did drugs and drank hardcore back in those days, we would all work on obnoxious tunes all week and try to find the most fucked up samples we could. Every weekend we would get together and drop acid, smoke weed or drink and listen to what we made over and over again and laugh like mad men. Sometimes we would laugh for like 10 minutes with out stopping and it would cause us physical pain. This perioid of toxic coma lasted from 1990 to 1996, then we migrated to the PC and this is when Hypostasis and FRO started really getting into toxic coma and voe vod and baphomet left. Baphomet hardly did any songs for toxic coma even though he was there in the beginning. Disease Factory took the torch and ended up making about 70% of it. In the begining Voe Vod did a lot of stuff too though. The band has always been about trying to fuck with the other band member’s heads. Subliminal sex stuff, and trying to make each other go completely insane. This was the modus operandi up until Psychophreak. The psychophreak era brought in the VAC influence, to where we would try to make it more dance friendly and user friendly for the masses while still trying to make people go insane and laugh or flee the room from which it is playing in drastic measure.

New Toxic Coma Video: Satan Ravin

New Toxic Coma Video: DOOM

Newer Toxic Coma Video, and its amazing: Alabama Dirtwhistle

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New Toxic Coma Video: State of Emergency with gust vocals by Johan Von Roy

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