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Tours and sound production 2017.

February 15th, 2017 by Hexfix93

fan car paintjob :

This year is a tour year. A tour with a new bandmate, shiva. A new set list for places we have played before. Better sound, Lights and video. It is the last tour. Not my last show. but the last tour. After this year, i will go back to a show every one or two months. And hit the studio really hard to finish off VAC, maybe 2 more lps.

I will be pursuing other music en-devours. Maybe sound tracks, Video games. Production in live shows. Lights and live mixing. And maybe some other things.

I am quite happy with software synths. I could not bring my hardware with me now that i travel all the time. I found that with the right eq vst, the right compression vst, and a good daw like cubase or renoise, i cant get the software to sound fat and alive, not quite analog, but in a complex mix, it is hard to tell.

The vsts that impress me the most now are all the roloand vst pulg out synths, sh09, sh2, sh101, system 1. Wow these really cover all analog ground very well. The resonance is very convincing. The u-he Diva and bazille and hive are staples for me now. and of course Omnisphere the kind of VSTs. I feel more satisfied with all of these than the nord 4 and the virus ti2. still i’d like to have a deep mind analog, or the ob6 as well. but i just have too many other expenses.

As far as mastering goes, i have a couple of weapons i use now that seem to get me to a pro level all in the box. The tools now, the equilibrium, waves mixing consoles, the ssl compressor, duende, waves h-comp. The lexicon verbs. I am pretty happy. Still miss m ksp8 at times though. I do still have a rumor, and i am going to start using that a lot.

My wish list for this year is the ob6, and deepmind 12. I also really want the roland modular system, if i could have those 3 things for the new lp, i would be so happy, but now its all a pipe dream.

In the mean time, i just want to keep playing shows and trying to make the scene happy with a more dance oriented show. We play a few strange tracks now and then still.

I really miss my studio…


Here are our European dates: We wont be back to some of these places, like finland, and sweden, and copenhagen, some come this time or never see us. its very expensive to travel up north.

Friday February 17 2017 Helsinki, Finland Findustry Winter Ball
Saturday February 18 2017 Tampere, Finland Findustry Winter Ball
Saturday March 18 2017 Copenhagen Lygten Station
Friday march 24 2017 Hannover SubKultur
Friday March 31 2017 Kulttempel Oberhausen
Sunday April 2 2017 Erfurt Club From Hell
April 8th 2017 Stockholm sweden Nalen

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