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Velvet Acid Christ News feb 2017

February 12th, 2017 by Hexfix93


The Wrack single is coming to metropolis with one bonus old track. I have to figure out how to give the bonus track for free to those who bought it on bandcamp. After failing at live shows for too long, i took steps to build a better live product, with new band members, new clothing, and more stuff being played. Lights and improved sound. I have been hammering away at it for over year trying to make all these changes and make it work financially. a very difficult task indeed.I want to apologize for laying eggs live in floridia, terminus, wgt year after year, The new year brings much life with shiva, Steven Archer of ego, and maybe even Rodney Linderman out east. Working it all out now. But i finally under stand the visusal marketing needed to push forward in this new market. VAC will look like VAC now on stage. Good clothes, and everything. I wish the best for all the people i have worked with over the years helping me figure out this thing. Plus best of luck to all i have worked with in the past in all their endeavors. I spent the last week programming lasers and led fx for our shows. I never want to play a show with out our lights again.

Boom: New upbeat setlist, new band members. better look, lasers and fx lights. new songs being played, only place to hear them currently.

Friday February 17 2017 Helsinki, Finland Findustry Winter Ball
Saturday February 18 2017 Tampere, Finland Findustry Winter Ball
Saturday March 18 2017 Copenhagen Lygten Station
Friday march 24 2017 Hannover SubKultur
Friday March 31 2017 Kulttempel Oberhausen
Sunday April 2 2017 Erfurt Club From Hell
April 8th 2017 Stockholm sweden Nalen

Seattle @ Hightline may 6
Portland @ The Star Theater may 7
Milwaukee festival june 2-3
Road Island june 16
Queens nyc june 17
Delaware in the works but ok
Baltimore in the works but almost a done deal

Working on:

Florida mini tour
Kansas City yes again
Los Angeles YES again maybe db fest
San Fran next year for sure
Minnesota yes again in a year
Chicago yes again in a year
Mexico City
Christ Church

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