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Velvet Acid Christ NEWS: 1/6/2017 *updates*

January 6th, 2017 by Hexfix93

Happy new year. Most orders have been shipped and the store will go down jan 20th. we focus on the last 3 live shows in the usa in winter. Then we do some winter dates in europe. Details soon. We are doing lots of online advertising for our shows and stores plus the new WRACK single that is out. I just want to say that there will be another single in may or june, but the LP will not come out until this time next year. You can pre order the cd, or the bundle, or the digital version. BUT, here is the catch.

The great news now, VAC got its balls back. If you have not checked out the WRACK single.

Listen above and if you like, please buy it, it wont be on cd for a year and that will be a lp edit. This helps us with production, and tour support.

Shiva is the new VAC band member in the studio and on the road. This is now the core ov VAC, and we both are making aggressive music, some pretty tracks here and there but VAC is aggro again, and hyper, up beat and dance oriented.

As a result, Krztov my former live keys and drum guy is now working on his project and will be opening for us on random dates in the future. He is my bro, i will be mixing his future singles.

Our online store where you can pre order cds and buy shirts, stickers and posters is closing jan 20, so please buy stuff while you can and help us continue making new music and play more and more shows.

We are talking to metropolis records again, new deal, better promotion, i hated leaving, but i think things might be changing for the better, promotions and things. I still get to do all autographed pre orders, and ltd bundles myself. missing out on retail, not being in stores all over the world will kill us.

I apologize to metropolis records. my communication in the past was the problem i was not keeping them up to date well. they are the reason that you know vac. they are like family to me. i screwed up.


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