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Velvet Acid Christ news 12-19-16: Wrack Single Pre Order.

December 19th, 2016 by Hexfix93


Yes we will put out a single on bandcamp very soon (digital only), i was hoping before xmas, but now i am thinking after. The song Wrack is the A side, Pillbox is the Bside, and a song with Snog front man David Thrussell will be the bonus track. I hope to have this done in 2 weeks. You can now Pre order the single for $2.99,

Click Here to buy the digital single

Pre orders for the new LP have slowed down. I have not yet made a profit from the costs of printing everything, we need more pre sales. I am hoping that the single will help drum up support for the presales. Please help us..

We have new tshirts for sale back by popular demand, the lust for blood art shirt is being remade and you can order it now,it will ships in a week or so.

Click here to buy shirt

Live shows.
Kansas City, what an amazing show, we had Todd Loomis so it was really amazing too. Hope he joins us on more shows. I will go back to Kansas City. I also hope Nathan in Atlanta comes out of retirement and books us on a weekend in Atlanta next year. Special shout out to Cursed Earth Corporation for lending us keyboard controllers, stands and stuff.

We have more shows coming up. here they are:

Click here for live shows

We will be in Europe again from Feb to April playing shows, then back to the USA for East Coast, and North West Coast tours. We are working on booking all of these future shows now. Starting in 2017 you will hear new songs at our live shows from the new LP “The Edge of Oblivion” that you can pre order by clicking here.

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