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VAC in Chicago. Plus news, Tour Dates

October 27th, 2016 by Hexfix93



Fucking WOW.

I love this city(Chicago). I love the fans. I love the scene. I really like the job Daniel Evens Did promoting and booking our show, you should use him, I loved the Cobra Lounge as well. How on earth could i have waited so long to return to such a welcoming city for my band? Also we worked with an amazing opening act The Gothcicles, Thank you so much for letting us use your projector man (you should check this band out).

Plus we had a very awesome guest vocalist Laura Bienz from Angel Spit. She did one of the most amazing vocal takes on “SLUT” We have ever had. I wish every show was like Chicago, but this is a very special scene. A very cool city. I will be back there in one year. I swear, i will play that City every year now.

Next up, Denver. Which is awesome, We will have Todd Loomis on guitars, Alex Seminara from Siren Project on keys, Krztov on Drum pads. We will have lights, and a new upbeat set list of dance tracks for most of the show, plus the hits. This is a new set list and not the same as last year.

We also are trying to book San Fransisco, Phoenix. WE are playng a show in Missery at the end of nov, and we have ATLANTA in dec, Minnesota in a few weeks, Then we got LA in late January. We will head out east in april may and june, Brooklyn, Delaware, Baltimore, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa. In feb and march, dresden, hamburg, klon, Copenhagen. So keep an eye out. We are working our asses off.

Update on the new VAC LP. I have about 10 songs that need work. I am confident that we will have our record done by and shipped by fall. You can pre order it, it is how we are funded now, we no longer have a label, I have nothing against metropolis. I just want to use more money promoting our band directly to our fans, and i just did not have the budget to do that when a label takes a big cut of our sales and then just posts about us for 2 weeks, i want to run ads for my new lp year round, and to do this i need a bigger cut of the sales. When you buy a CD, MP3, OR our bundle, it will allow us to buy new gear, and promote our band aggressively on social media and on the web like we never have before. I love metropolis, and they have served us well, i have not one bad thing to say about them, I simply just needed to make this move to help our band grow. Record stores are dead. Physical media is only worth something if it is signed by the artist now. The scene is more up front, direct and personal now. So i am turning to the fans now for help. Help us pay for advertising, and marketing for our shows, and our releases.

And Our Box Set CD Autographed, Keychain, Patch, LP Shirt, Small LP Poster , Digital release code as well. You can help us by Clicking here and pre ordering the bundle or regular releases.

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