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VAC NEWS September 30th 2016: Its getting grim folks. + tour + online store

September 30th, 2016 by Hexfix93

The Chicago Show is now 17 +.

Yes we are doing a few dates this year in some select cities in the USA. I just got home from a long European vacation. I love Europe. One thing I do not love is our lack of t shirt sales at our shows. So to make up for that I am pushing my shirts online hardcore. So please buy shirts directly from us. I cannot afford to print shirts in two countries right now, I am like 20k in debt from shows and studio gear producing the new record. This is also why I am starting a pledge music campaign. Our CD sales in shops around the world are Dismal, i keep thinking well its spotify, but no one is listening to us that much on streams either. It is strange how i play more and more shows, and people listen less and less, buy less and less. I am starting to think very bad things. Still I am working on at least one last LP. Weather I self release it or not depends on a few things. I know I am doing pledge again, But seriously, CD is a dead medium, so is mp3 and wav, so is streaming. So i really don’t know what to do.

I know that I will play shows for the next 2 years, then if this trend of poor sales, bad shirt sales continues, VAC will be questioning its very existence.

All I know now is that we have a new lp concept, new art that is good and black and white and hand drawn again, I am working with David Thrussell and a lot of new people on the new LP. So far the songs are very VAC, pretty toy like, and musical, creepy, industrial, and dance friendly. I will try and do a couple of club smasher tracks too.

Please, I beg you, buy our merchandise online, it is the only way we can fund our project at the moment, since the sales dried up, no more label support, advances are gone, no money left for production. Now we are turning to you the fans to help support us directly. With you, we can continue to print cool shirts, and music, and tour the world so you can see our shows. With out you, 0…


Please share our online store with your friends, and if you like something, please buy it, support us so we can continue to exist.. Thank you.


PS: Here are my ebay auctions for my nord lead a1r and roland integra 7. We just cannot afford the payments anymore.

Click Here for Nord Lead A1r

Click Here for Roland Integra 7

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