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Synth: Imks80 Ipad editor. Hexfix93’s take.

February 18th, 2012 by Hexfix93

Imks80 Ipad edit. This program replaces your need for any of the expensive Roland PG programmers for the mks 50, 30(with upgraded 30 roms), 7, 70, and 80. These are going for mad money on ebay now for example you would spend up to $1100 us dollars on one of these just to be able to program your mks80. Even the mks70 hardware editor is expensive now along side the mks50 and mks30 hardware editors. I am a roland synth freak, so these Ipad apps are a godsend.

In use: II had to setup apple bonjour and rtpmidi For windows 7, and i could use this inside of ableton, cubase and most other daws on the market for windows. What I really liked was being able to use the Ipad wireless over the wifi network into my daw. I could play the synth and edit at the same time, or record a midi seq and play it back in loop mode while i edit the sound. This is something I could not do with other apps. I tried booting up old emagic sound diver, and had all kinds of trouble using my usb midi controller and my pci midi at the same time. I had trouble with midiquest software that was supposed to work as a vst plugin, it never worked and had a horrid interface. I was pulling my hair out. I read about rekon’s editors and read about all the bugs in the mopho and mks80 editors. I have tried ther Itetra and the Imks80 editors from iControlMIDI and it worked. No hiccups, and installing the wireless stuff was not all that hard once I found the rtp midi instructions.

The interface on these apps are very simple. The look and feel is strange as well. edting the sliders from left to right dragging motions, with plus and minus buttons to edit incrementally. You have to jump around some pages to get to the different controllers, there is the osc page with lots of osc related stuff, then the filter page with the filter env and filter settings etc etc. It just works. It loads super fast as well. This is way cheaper than buying the hardware to edit these synths, and i love that its wireless, i can put this on my lap while i play my keyboard or mess with the sequencer. Convenient.

Things I would like to see added: Being able to control the synths save functions from the app. The app should have memories to back up your patches and store the ones you make on the app on the ipad’s memory, so if something happens to your synth, you can recall your edits. Would also like to see a resend all current parameters to the synth, because in real world usage, sometimes the sequencers will reset the synth you are using when you stop the sequencer and you will lose all your edits.

Final thoughts: This saved me a lot of money, I had an ipad, spend 20 or 30 bucks on the editor, and wow you have a programmer for your old analogs. If you were to buy the hardware editors they can break, and cost a small fortune. This app has really saved the day for my knob-less analogs. I give it a 4 out of 5!

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