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Between The Eyes Vol #4, Lyrics, Videos, Notes

November 6th, 2007 by Hexfix93

bte4 Between The Eyes Volume 4

  1. Sex Disease
  2. Thought Criminal
  3. Let’s Kill All These Mother Fuckers
  4. Vaginismus (crotch kick mix)
  5. Repulsive (necropolis mix)
  6. She Bleeds Red
  7. Revolution 101
  8. Plasmodium
  9. Intussisception (bowel move mix)
  10. Suicide Picnic
  11. Cyclone Chamber
  12. The Calling (beta)

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SEX DISEASE: when sex is a pretext to a disease, we’ll crawl inside, my head was broken off, blistering on this separate faith, now crawl outside, we look away, to find a pretext, lead away, oh i see you, so low, i’m fine here, doing nothing for the sense. sex is the disease, sex is the disease, sex is the disease, sex is a disease, longing, you tell me life for you is bliss, so strange, oh a bottle of piss, no one to satisfy, no one will realize, ohh, oh, sex is the disease. birds flew over me, over me, gave me visions, of the end of the world, the end of our world, no no life just disease, sex disease. sexual pain on your weak mind, a cut inside, you blow out your mind, it’s nothing, into nothing, into your brain, into nothing, into your brain, into nothing, into your brain, into nothing, all crushed into space. i’ve said enough, to you, right now!


THOUGHT CRIMINAL: darkness again, sleeping upside down on a pillow of nails, push it, smile, oh talk talk talk talk talk for awhile, blinded, blinded, can’t see a door in front of me, you open up, and walk all over me, a sin for a bottle of gin, drunken! flowers bloom in a high fashion season, it’s all over me, all over me, greed! open up in my mind, oh so conned to be jerked back into the 50’s, and become some macho scum that makes me bleed, oh will you turn on me, why do you smile like that? darkness again, sleeping upside down on a pillow made of nails, mental shock, mental shock, mental shock! all over me, is grief, you can’t see, what will you do for money, killing time with bullets in the night, oh right, oh right, what is right? to conquer? or follow some path paved some years ago? with no hope, no hope of any life, shine, shine my bleeding heart! i will dance one more time before i must go around, revision, the vision, of the cult of the ruling class that be, no government, bottle up in my mind. oh so conned to be jerked back into the 50’s, and become some macho scum that makes me free, oh why do you betray me, why do you smile like that? over the back, and into a system of oppression, hurts so bad to be, expendable…


LETS KILL ALL THESE MOTHERFUCKERS: electric shock, a beating heart, rush it down into the ground, release the pressure of corroded side, all fall into this genocide, the crying sound, the crying sound, the cruddy sound for vision now, just fall away, just play this game, so insane for digital tension dementia. fiction friction, anarchy, call into so extreme, running to a cold place, it’s a constraint, construct the evil, construct the evil, construct the evil, the crouching, the calling of the fascist world, the world of skinheads, the world of fascist racist pigs, a sexist, a racists religion fight, the call? no government, it’s all insight. get the fuck out of my face, i’ll kill you in a second, the cross is your savior, it crawls into your head, latch on, latch on to some feeling that was broken up, no car, no cares, no life, nothing, your face you’ll die, what?, your disgraces. killing everything in the name of democracy, you lay into some kind of machinery. to be is?


VAGINISMUS: a siren of light bleaking out, and now it’s time to pull away, into the ocean, into the sea, we always look on tv, no one lives this last day, of generation x, for living now is the sin of all time, the sin of all time! this is where it breaks down, and now the time is seeping through, into the back of front of you, now is the end of the world, and then they tie you up, into a knot, into a cloud, well into the ground, where satan lives, to bring all you kids up in a world where nothings down, come into a freaky show, they push you, into the death now, we’re in the death wish, we’re in the death wish, in the death wish, where it crawls into the walls, through a death wish where it crawls through the walls, let go, this, now far, no fun with a hole, into the death wish, death wish, death wish…


REPULSIVE: rape yourself of entity, a nail surging in, sewn up in powers, sew it in your forehead. repulsive, persuasion, forcing a god, a sea of traitors, bleed into my head, lost in power of fate, sew your dead life, always goes no sacrifice, no it’s this power, power fit in you, on you, tired, traitor, insane a purple day. so i find you here, caught in the middle of some stupid vice, shooting your arms, and wrap it around your head, and put it down your throat deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, this is not a game get down on your 4 legs, get down on your 4 legs and show me what life is about, show me the truth, show me life and show me death, whip me, shoot me, kill me, stab me, punch me, put it in my hair, put it in your eyes, it’s no suprize, just sit back and show me what life is about, i have no clue, no mind, so you’ll have to show me and don’t waste my time. i will not jump around in circles for you, you fucking bitch, die, i’ll show you a psychopathic madman all sewn into your eyeballs. liquid acid ahhrg! it’s a broken form of disease, no closing, push it for me, now fuck for you, this disease, i’ll fuck, i’ll kill you fucking sleaze, i’m calling, i’ll rip it closer, no fall down forever, i’ll keep me closer, hide in your closet, right down your neck, now freezing, freezing, drink the poison so insane, (screaming), break down.


SHE BLEEDS RED: all over there, you sit here, wishing and dreaming you were not here, now is the time to wash away the fear. she she bleeds red, she she bleeds red, she cries. whisper in pain, in love again, it’s scary, it’s like a dying flower, so what’s the use, in trusting you again, again, again, wired eyes see right through me, she bleeds red, she cries. it’s like a dream, but only backwards, inside where you hide all your pain. into me, i lied to you, always again, what is the difference, when your life is nothing but some slavery… she she bleeds red, she she bleeds red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red red, she bleeds red!


REVOLUTION 101: psycho driven insanity, of man and machine, a technological thriller, based on a psycho killer, into the dream on the pretty tv screen, you scream in fear cause the end is near. psychological warfare on the masses, hysteria, anarchy is the true freedom, but the path needs pavement to overcome the flaws of this system, this system, media lies to help hypnotize you, digital tension. right wing fascist, backwards mentally deficient, masses of people believe the rhetoric of the churches, and the state and in the media, where they believe, peace is war, love is hate, yes means no, and segregate, a life is a dime or a quota for the ruling class. johnny take your gun to the corner, to the square, raise hell bring it all down, revolution 101, emergency, no plight no cause to be free, forever and ever a system of a stupid laboring class, that believes all the crap that they read from the main stream and the right wing, for separation oppression of anyone…


PLASMODIUM: crawl in a world, with a vision thing, they drool on the floor, in the translucent reality, hallucinations are tying me to the floor, and making me bleed deep down inside, into the vision, went through the wall a sight, into a window pain, of pain, but your lifeless, and your poor, and your life is on fire, it bleeds the sign, of life is here for you… for you… grinding sound, of bone hitting pavement, mucous drips, out of this long nailed hand, to a cross where it bleeds, push you down into the sound, no boring vision helpless sign, no bloody cross it’s genocide, no bloody vision in my mind, cause it’s over here it’s genocide, see it fade, through looking glass, into the wall where you were last, a vision of an image, image, dragged into the time, scanning sub space frequencies, scanning sub space frequencies, now we’re all in this ship of death, running down the universe, where the cross is into you, right into you, right through you… crawl back into your hole, where you came in, down, now you see shakespeare was a dream, in you once, and all i get is civil war, with bloody hands, with nothing but a war and brainless. kill, kill, kill, now christ, christ, christ, velvet, acid, hallucination christ, velvet, acid elvis tears apart, oh oh, christ christ christ, kneel to the field, then kneel at the altar, and hold up the head which you cut fresh, from the klan of nothing, you hold this cum, hold this gun, it’s in your cut off arms, velvet acid christ, christ, push into lips, feel the vomit, sick shit, your lost law, and maggots festering, bacterial infection, viral conjection…


INTUSSUSCEPTION: this is now, we live, so cold, and lifeless, just sitting here with my head between my legs, staring at the ground, twitching, convulsing, think about the past, where did it go? where did it come from? and why is this such a rhetorical question to ask myself? so why? i must try to seek salvation in a world that is so cold, cold, cold, cold. loud empty thud, against my head, as the pain rushes in, and loving it, is over here upon myself ha ha ha ha ha ha, listen to time, why why why try to understand? why do you understand, when no one else does? no one else does! sick and killing, time killing me, forever, forever dead, all in till the end, so this is worth living?, in nothing?, so something is all, it’s all a game to debate, contemplate suicide, i don’t patronize, i don’t sympathize, for you or dissed burnt image, image on top of the forehead in the mirror, where we see no truth, forever lost, forever loveless, loveless forever loveless, forever tired of living, soul taking i feel it breaking my mind! so good-bye, so good bye. ahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahah!


CYCLONE CHAMBER: (coughing) there over the sky, walking dust, search your ground, a monster hound, why it hurts flying backwards sewn in space time, preacher. psycho rape to ruin the micro world above you, psycho world above. trance out, trance out, cover dreams of glory, the glory meant to destroy. trance out. silk stary, stone tower breath, oh, stone tower breath, oh, soul stone tower, stone tower, ankle, ankle chained to a moving vehicle dragged down a street in vein, in vein, in vein. a vision engulfing me, take my heart, take my heart, breath now the black river that has stolen me, in silence im sleeping, down the river, hid the dream, gives the coins for your eyes, eyes.


THE CALLING BETA: die fucked up now, i cant believe, down that soul that chilly hole. I rip apart the sky, with a knife, tear out your own eyes with your cries, now lift up the fever and bring it down, a life was given so dont be drowned, around the world in seven days no jesus christ in my fucking veins. i try to change the world, but it never moves, never budges, never changes your fucking life is such a waste your living died in your stupid race, no pain, no pain no glory no shame no nuthin but you try, i wonder why, its a bullet to be alive. a lie, the calling dead, when they call you, when they call you to die, they call you to die, they will call you to die, they kill your mind. Fission. They take everything away from you, strip you down, take off your cloths, they shove their fingers up your ass, and broken glass inflate your bowels, for political fight, the right, to the right, in the right, fight for your life, fight for your life, they’ll take it all away from you. Tiny specter in the sky, realize that we will die, we try the, with the inevitable, but its all ready to late cause they Destroyed, Destroy, Destroy everything, Destroyed, Destroy, Destroy everything, Destroy, they Destroy, they Destroy everything for their money and their power, they’ll take your life away from you. They take away, they take away, your everything, your everything, their money, their power, their greed, destroy the world with everything, including your pathetic life, your pathetic life, your pathetic dreams, your pathetic soul, your pathetic mind.


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