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Between The Eyes vol #3, Lyrics, Videos, Notes

November 6th, 2007 by Hexfix93


bte3 Between The Eyes Volume 3 (PESTILENCE)

  1. Fiction Friction
  2. Satan Complex #42
  3. Dead Flesh
  4. Masked Illusion
  5. Fade Away
  6. Futile LSD
  7. Melting
  8. Cyber Communist Plotting Red Revolt
  9. Halucinagene
  10. Sadder Still
  11. Broken Mind
  12. Glorify Satan And Suicide

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FICTION FRICTION: to shoot yourself in the head. to separate the truth. to die with all this tension. in games based on fiction, feel this friction to turn the mess about, into something that lies on the floor. a justification misfit, shooting up in dark corners, to find the answers quick, to get the fuck out of this, to get the fuck out of this. work ever day, just the same same shame, for nothing of any worth, the future is the same old bullshit, wrapped in different plastic, for the future generation to choke on, swallow poison to seek the truth, blotter my mind with absolutes. space and time, melt all the walls, stealing time, just to kiss good-bye, words broken, lies, for buried dreams break like glass, going 4000 miles an hr. to smash into ice to shatter all the lies, shatter all the lies, bring it down down down down down. a cripple needs crutches on the insane luck, through the genocide we see all the lies to fry fry fry watch the water turning into faces. explode in grace, to feel disgrace, time has no face, slow you down, prolonging the maximum hatred.


SATAN COMPLEX #42: arrrrggg cigarette. destroy. it’s the vein, they’re the same, lost, religion relive the past. governments tool to keep you a passivist, yeah right like the governments cover up scams. like the cia fucking killing everybody. see the sky, in your veins, another broken fucking loss suck into this absolutely nothing, loss in trance, ego trip, ego kill in the sky, bull shitt. tv fantasy hypnotize you, the lies of the state right through the fucking media. like the lies that they cover up on police brutality. like a fucking thorn in your side, never question authority just continue to be a slave! play this game, a slave, a slave. capitalist economy war, to keep us all down in the 3rd world war. don’t you worry, don’t you sweat, just sit on your ass and believe the fucking government. animals tortured for your clothing. sick disease, meat! fucking disgusting, crude rude, humanistic greed. fuck no i worship the devil too. subversive, collective, overthrow the establishment.


DEAD FLESH: no i don’t give a fuck about you and your friends, i’ve seen the world through your eyes. i don’t watch tv 24 hrs. a day and buy the products they sell, i don’t eat meat, and i don’t wear leather, and i don’t give a fuck about torturing animals, i don’t care about your twisted smile, i don’t care about your social style, i’m unique not like you, who live like your parents. you wear leather, you think your cool, you think you know how to live but your such a fool, making animals suffer, eating dead flesh. i know what you feel, i know what you dream, i know where you go, when you want to be, alone in the night, all by yourself, to feel sorry for nothing but your own problems. torture all these insects, and torture everything, for your cosmetic, purposes, for your ugly style, dress up to look cool, to go to a club, so you can impress all their friends, to make yourself feel good. but don’t think to much, i know politics hurts your mind, what a waste of my time, to come here with you, watch you fucking dance, you make me sick, with all this shit, i don’t know what to do, maybe i should kill you, it’s the only solution, to make this world better, to make anything fair at all. but you won’t change, you will never change, you listen to the state, the government, the school systems, and your parents. so fuck you, i never want to be around you, and your sick disease, and your dead trees, and your weak minded dreams of false romantic states.


MASKED ILLUSION: ballucinate(toxic coma reference), devastate, your weak minded state, so you crawl on the floor and grasp at the wires and crush your head with a ten pound lie, so you’ll pretend to pulverize every muscle in your head, silly dreams, silly lines, compromise on this place in time, don’t you see what’s in front of me, you are a fire, a fire with walls in my mind, in my mind, oh, i see you fall down on the floor, pain for mercy, pain for breath, no one hears your cries so just forget it, oh i push myself out a ten story building, watch my bones shatter on the pavement, for all the world to see. oh, oh. what do you dream, do you feel it up in the sky?, or do you fold your arms fold your hands and pray to a god? oh , i wear the mask, i wear the mask. hallucinate, your broken state, you fall to the floor where you can’t see any light and the walls talk to you, crawl on the floor and grab at the wires, hesitate for a second, look back at the walls in your world, no eyes, no time, just freeze and fuckin die. what do you dream, you close your eyes, and fold your arms, do you prey in the sky, in the sky, up in the sky?, i wear the mask, i wear a mask. move in slow motion, the walls are bending back and forth, you can’t relate and you don’t remember who you are. you close your arms around your head, and you fall to the floor and you wish that you were dead. what do you dream? close your eyes, in pain, hesitate, they dream of a separate state! oh i feel you, i dream you, i hold you, oh i wear the mask, i , i wear the mask. wear the mask, wear the mask, wear the mask, oh wear the mask, we’re the mask!


FADE AWAY: no fun, no dreams, no life, no time, no fun, no dreams, no time, no life, another day of misfortune, another day of hating everyone, another day of hatred of depression on succession, on the mental breakdown, no fun, no dreams, no life, no time, just fade away! no life, no dreams just another day, a no fun, no life, no dreams just fade away. life in the mirror, life in your hands, life on a broken dysfunctional life, life death, life there on no fucking fantasy, nothing to dream. just another day here, no fun, no life, no dreams, no time, no fun no, nothing at all. time doesn’t hear you, your dying away, no one will understand you, no one to come and play, no one to stop to hear you, no one will hear, listen to what i say, what you say, i hammer a nail to my face and say ohhhhhhhhh! mentally backwards, in dreams that never transformed into anything at all ohhhhhh! time doesn’t hear you, no life, no fun, no dreams, no time, no life, no dreams, just fade away. time doesn’t hear you, no, time doesn’t care, no fun, no dreams, no life, no fun, no dreams, no life, no promises, no fucking time, no life, no dreams, fade away, fade away, fade away, fade away!.


MELTING: that’s the life you lead, that’s the time you feed, that’s the dream you let go anyway, that’s the time you live, that’s the life yeah, and you. that’s the time you lead, that’s the time, that’s the dream you let go, that’s the time you live. your lost no tears, no jesus christ, no thoughts no tears, no jesus christ, your lost, no tears, no jesus christ, no vision, a void, no sacrifice, no devotion, no time spent, on blood lust tears fucking government, anarchy expulsion, condition of communism, mental crush, anti christ, anti christ, jesus christ, no tears, no jesus christ, no jesus christ, jesus christ. that’s the way you live, that’s the way it is. that’s the life you fall on, on holy vision, that’s the dream you live, that’s your life…


HALLUCINAGENE: i steal the night, i hope the live, i watch ya die, i won’t deny, i pull the leg, i copulate, you know the time is waiting, from the start, until the end, you broke my heart, i don’t need you, i don’t need you, i don’t need you. now steal the time of your life, and your brain will fall out on the floor, push it round, kick it down, never mind the bullshit, lets get this show on the road. you’ll see what you want to see, you’ll dream what you want to dream, just follow me, and take some lsd. you soar, you feel the time fly by like a rock. into my brain, into the sun, it’s the plight, you got my heart and the vision of the sacred cow, bleeding eyeballs, and bleeding stumpy legs, pushed in the middle of this vision that you hold onto, your brain, see a man at a kitchen table with a knife, he’s gonna fucking kill his wife with the 12 gauge, knife, don’t you know it’s time to run away from the crazy game of life, don’t you know how to get away? it don’t always play so fair, so the knife will cut you down, what you do is on your time, this is the shitty life you talk about no compromise. drive a car it’s sexy like that?, don’t you know your fucking fat? all day, you crushed a million faces, you crush, you crushed a million faces. they seep through the wall, they cross you, your call, to the door, and open up inside, back into my head, i can’t take this, you never took the time to see the light then wonder why, the chemical reaction in your head is so insane. don’t delay, don’t delay, don’t fake, you’ll see what you want to see, we both know how it goes, so just pretend. pushed in the face, in the disgrace, it’s all over the place, it’s the vision, it’s the government, it’s the drug, it’s the nightmare of the dea, cause your children don’t care anymore, cause the children don’t care anymore, cause the children don’t care anymore, they fake it on tv, you’ll fake it on tv, you’ll fake it on tv, you fake it on tv! Below is a FAN Video, Not Work Safe!


SADDER STILL: sadder still, sadder still, sadder still, you watch it die. betrayal of the heart, is the hardest part of letting go. now you see the truth of me, so what’s the point? its so cold! time will take your soul. time will take your dream. time will take your life away, away.. fading lights, shattered dreams, of lost love, i remember the past. betrayal of the heart, is the hardest thing to let go. so now i dream, no i don’t feel, anything at all, anymore. time will take your soul. ohhhhhhhhhhhh…. Below a fan made video.


BROKEN MIND: clutching my hands, nails at my skin, the rules of the game, come crashing in. my broken mind, my broken soul, your fucking lies, i sold every bit so we go. watch me bleed, watch me suffer, the game never changes, my hearts on the floor bleeding, for your silly smile. watch my head explode, going upward, then back on the floor, it’s bleeding, the blood trickles on the wall, open your heart, and watch me fall apart. i never wanted it this way, don’t you know i try so hard to make you, listen, you never listen, nobody listens, no body cares. they all just stare, at the sad sight i am, a loser with no mind, no home, no don’t remind me, i know better, its all my fault, i should of tried harder from the very start, but they watch me, they kill me, push me down, i cant help my situation,, no life no, no life, nothing at all, just me, in discontent, watch as they stare at me, they stare at me, they stare at me, what a loser i am, i am, oh i am, death, dead, dead. hold my soul above my head, shoot it ten times instead, they walk in front of me and laugh, and kick me in the face, spit on me, shoot me, kill me, you don’t care anyway. so what’s the difference, i’m in pain, it never goes away, you just laugh at me, you laugh at me oh…. sorry i never predicted that this was the end of our relationship, i tried to make it better, to make it better. no one listens, no one cares, they all just stare, and laugh, then walk away, what’s the big deal, i’m just a loser…….


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