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Between The Eyes Volume #2, Lyrics, Notes

November 6th, 2007 by Hexfix93


    bte2 Between The Eyes Volume 2 (FATE)

    1. Hell One
    2. Hell Two
    3. Dark Lights
    4. Pain
    5. Falling Snow
    6. Mental Depression
    7. Rain For 27 Days
    8. Killing Me
    9. We Have To See We Have To Know
    10. Serial Killer 101
    11. Descent To Darkness
    12. Hail To Dead Souls
    13. I’m Gunna Wrap Myself in your Intestines

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    HELL ONE: id you ever fucking care?. arrgggggggg, liar, liar, liar. you fucking liar. you fucking liar, you fucking liar..


    HELL TWO: blood stained hands, rust is eating my skin, decay as clear as day, but no one sees decay, they all see roses and flowers in a circle of showers, the dark hour approaches, in the locked mind, in which no light gets in, where the red is redder, where the red gets redder, like a cut in your skin, like gravel in your skin, like a hemorrhage in your forehead, like a broken blood vessel that’s leaking out your side, like it’s leaking on the floor, like the lie, like the lie. zero gravity i’m bleeding, zero gravity i’m bleeding, zero gravity i’m bleeding, zero gravity i’m bleeding, zero gravity i’m bleeding. in eyes in rust, decay and rust, in temporary in sickness, in sickness, in sickness. who is your eyes, peel off your skin, break the sound away, for another fucking day, lost nights, lost days, break away kiss the ground. sigh, in faking, aching, breaking, lying in vomit and piss, in the shotgun barrel we sit, wait for another thousand years to get this, kiss this. 14 days and i lie it down, and it feels so bad that you never get high, feels insane as it cuts your skin, blood and maggots crawl with in, a life force ends, a notice on your back, right across your neck cause i’m bleeding, a hemorrhage, in the same way you never change, same way you never change, into your pain, after 14 days, a million fucking ways…. sleep..


    DARK LIGHTS: our father, who aren’t in heaven, hollow be thy name, thy kingdom cum, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in hell, what a lie, what a lie, to fall… our father who art in heaven, hollow be thy name, thy kingdon cum, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, lies lies, lies……


    PAIN: locked in a still position, swaying back and forth, needles in my arms, broken inside, my chest rips open, and blood runs on the floor, sealing my heart, gazing at a wall, in some dark corner somewhere in time, try to make sense, relation unknown, alone, alone, alone, in pain, and pain, in pain. fear is here. bleeding inside, oh you will remind, the anger all lost in fear, i never lied to you, you always lied to me, what the fuck is the difference, i’m sitting here bleeding, inside, inside, inside, it’s no big deal, it’s no big deal, wrapped in lies, close your eyes see the pain locked inside. ripped open for a fuckin dollar, a green piece of paper shatters my life, twisted up until i scream, let me go release me, release me, release me, release me! crying out hearing sounds, but the feeling got lost away in some forgotten song, they said they said, to close my eyes and dream away, dream away, but the pain, the pain didn’t go away, it never goes away, it didn’t go away, it never goes away, i’m lying in sound oh, and you, and dream, i’m breaking down. a thousand years, and all the tears, and feelings locked inside, locked inside. tide of emotion, blood, rain, and teaaarrrrss!… ruined all the years, ruined all the years, they told me that i was never here, never here, never here, never here….


    FALLING SNOW: my life, is breaking down, i see your eyes, falling time, wait for the end, wait for the end, and never ever go away. oh a million, 2 million secrets lost now, what i said? never waste?, once more snowing, snowing, the lights. oh, i always trusted you, trust in you. it’s there , a breaking mind, a soul all lost in hell, but they can make it up, and try to understand, what difference does it make, to know i’m full of hate. fear, religion, fear, religion, fear religion, fear fear religion. looking hands on your eyes, fear, there’s plague outside, no one cares, no one cares, so close your eyes….


    MENTAL DEPRESSION: mental depression, aggression, obsession, mental oppression, discretion, regression, relationship, a broken vow, the wire you walk so tight, oh no, it breaks you fall, you won’t turn down, you won’t turn vow, mental depression, obsession, regression, mental depression, obsession, regression, mental obsession, regression tension, we fall down and feel it break. oh feel a vow and feel it break. oh mental depression, obsession regression, mental, depression, depression, depresure, depression…


    RAIN FOR 27 DAYS: no different, no difference, your no different, no different, no different, no difference. rain, rain, for 27 days, rain, rain for 27 days. don’t you see the broken glass, i travel over the wall, to see the light, the light, rain for 27 days on my broken soul, today, i’ll never grow, your eyes, your head, see the broken glass, your eyes your soul no innocence, i feel 27 days, don’t you lie, we see the sun but it doesn’t matter though, innocence gone, all fucking lies, it rains, it rains for 27 days, it rains, it rains for 27 days, never go away, never walk away, i feel, i’ll assassinate your broken soul, lies and words, broken, feel this pain, never say good-bye, never say good-bye, is the difference, abhor the difference, the sorry face of religion, you’ve got no where to go, spinning round your falling down, your words don’t hold your soul, see your brain, my soul is down, on your lie, you you lie lie, it’s a lie, no fucking difference, ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh!


    KILLING ME: oh pain, inside where you lock your dream away, oh lay down, sleep in not a dream, i fell on a broken lost day, i feel, i see, on a broken past away. alone, you never cared, you never ever needed me, alone in what you call pity, you always play the game, oh so what’s the deal?, oh can’t you feel for real?, oh what’s the deal?, what’s the feel? can you feel?, can you feel for real? all in there interface, and one crawls in your bed, and someday, the creeping walls, a bed of nails, ripping your eyes, ripping your soul, into your brain, another fucking day and i don’t know what to play, i don’t know what i fucking see cause you never fucking tell me what the deal is, i never knew that you could be so cruel, fucking lying all the time in your face into my eyes, have i broken up the dead? have i woken up the dead?!!!!!!! ewwww, i played your game, i played your game, no special gain, it’s in my brain. i never played your fucking game. oh lips are kneeling on my forehead, now bouncing off the walls, another way to say hello, i forgave you last time, i know how, and that you would, i never mean’t to be this way, you close your eyes, and never, and never, woke up this way, you never woke up, woke up, you woke up this way that’s what i say going down, i feel it going down, oaarrrrrrrrggggggg! i’ll crawl into your window, when your sleeping real tight, i’ll kill you in your sleep, i brought the fucking knife, you drive me crazy every day, no, you don’t leave me alone, my brain is on the floor, i can’t decide until your deadddddddd! ohhhhhh ohhhh arrrrrrgg!


    SERIAL KILLER 101: 4 tears in my eyes, acid eats through my skin, we broke away the time, just to live a life of sin, so give in, so give in, so give in!, give in. my mind is broken, my mind is broken, your mind is broken, your time is broken, it’s all wire your down to one, your dead! you give me the answer, so simple, it’s here in your dream, pull out your eyes, pull out your mind, pull at your head, watch it die again, again, again, again, again. so pretty, so pretty pretty, so feel my fist, ohhhaaaaaahrroh! shoot the force, shit it down, time for play is coming down, see your face, say your prayers, then a pain, your falling dead, then i go into your eyes, it’s your fucking religion, look so far, you don’t say, you know what the fuck you don’t play, shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up i said, shut the fuck up i said, shut the fuck up i said. so kill, in this room, you close your eyes, and then pretend, that your dead, to make all the pain go away, to make all your pain go away, make it disappear, make it disappear. i push the nail against your head, make it better, make it bleed, turn around kill me, oh go ahead whack my head off, you know the rules, so finish me off, you killed me 10 times before, you shouldn’t let this stop you, you shouldn’t let this stop you, you shouldn’t let this stop you, you shouldn’t let this stop you, just go ahead and finish me off, i want me dead, you want me dead, so kill me….


    HAIL TO DEAD SOULS: dead souls wailing in water, frozen like a tide of depression, i lie and wait, howl at the moon, hail to dead souls, wash over me, and take my life away, push this staple into my head, watch my arms fall out over the table, twisted fabel, touch me once, and i’ll turn to dust, i give up my life, and give my soul to you, the collector, agony save me, save me from love, love, save me, save me from love and thoughts of their passion, and i’ll wait to become my fear suffocating on you. cry cry in slow motion. so sad, so sad, and nothing clinched you, hail to dead souls.


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