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Review: Nord Lead 4r and A1r and by Disease Factory

April 6th, 2016 by Hexfix93

The Nord Lead 4r: After spending a lot of time with it now I can say I love it for everything. I like it more than the virus. The nord 4 is like a nord 2x with more bass, better filters.. I think its a must have for nord lovers.. The roland filters in this are amazing. The moog filter in this sounds better than the one in the Virus as well. Still the Virus has better bass than the nord 4. , i can get it to sound like a jupiter 8, its so snappy, snappier than my sh9. its so bad ass for arps and fast dance bass. i love how the envelopes snap on this synth. Nord 4 is amazing. The most 3d sounding digital synth i have ever played. i’m not kidding. nord 4 has the Impulse morph feature. this feature allows you to hit a button and switch to an altered preset that morphs into the new settings. ITS AMAZING. Most people don’t take the time to mess with this, but for making songs pop and arps and riffs change drastic and emphasize parts of a song, this tool is absolutely amazing and the fact that the a1r doesn’t have it, is a stab against it. I use it a lot now and music is not nearly as dull as a result, and i am saying the a1r is great for synthy work station style sounds that sound amazing, but the nord 4 is a performance synth that can really bring animation to your mixes. What I love the most about this, NO ALIASING!!!!!!! So play up high, and its thick and musical and bright. Can’t say that about any other VA I have owned or played. Virus Aliases really bad. NL4 also has 3 envs, 2 lfos. More complex sounds can be made with nl4 vs a1r.

Nord Lead 4r: 8/10


The Nord Lead a1r: Wow, I was thinking it would sound a lot like the nord lead 4 but more limited. It kinda is and does. But at the same time, the new FX, the delay, reverb at the same time, plus the chorus/ensemble/flanger/phaser/ringmod Totally puts this in another dimension. This synth is more in your face and varied than the nord 4, the nord 4 is a typical prophet jupiter style poly synth with a few bells and whistles. The a1’s fx and new osc are what set it above the nord 4. vastly different presets as well, and i do feel like i prefer them both for different things. for fm, nord 4, for strings a1r, for bells its a tie, for soundscapes, a1r because of the fx. for heavy modulated sounds the nord 4.. Also the formants in the a1 are better and i can make choir pads with them that sound great, not the case on the nord 4 that sounds more throaty not as airy like the ones in the a1r.. I like the a1 a tad more, but for in your face pissed off snappy sounds, nord 4 all the way. The adr asr envs don’t bug me at all as much as i thought it would. so many times i don’t use sustain really. Its cool to have the filter descend to the half way point and stay as long as the key is held, then release when key is released, and this is all Sustain is for on the filter, on the amp i don’t like loud then quieter on hold. its still ok to have, but its no deal breaker on the a1r at all. What the a1r reminds me of the most is the alpha junos with all the wave forms. But its got these prophet sounding filters and moog and roland tb. its confusing, it should be like the nord lead 4 and 3 and 2 in sound, but just isn’t, its not. It sounds like someone fused a prophet and a roland together. I like this WAY more than the prophet 6, or the ob 6. So glad i went this way, i can layer four sounds. For the price of a prophet 6 module, i have a nord 4r, and a1r. and 8 sounds of poly synth. a1r only has one lfo, 2 envelopes, weird osc configurations and less modulations than the nl4 I like this more the the virus. Wow. I do love the virus too. No Aliasing on the a1r either. AMAZING.

So they both have the nord sheen to the sound, and if you hate that, you wont like either.

Nord Lead a1r: 9/10

I give a slight edge to the a1r, because i was able to pull off very similar nord 4 type sounds, and new stuff the nl4 cannot do, like lush pads and strings thanks to the ensemble fx and the new osc types in the a1r.

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Cubase 8.0 Review by Velvet Acid Christ.

December 25th, 2014 by Hexfix93

BLOATED!!!!!!! This thing is a processor hog. Coming from renoise, its kinda OUCH. What saves it? Render in place, and a new windowing system and a few VST instruments…..I bit the bullet. I bought cubase elements 7(which i will be giving away in a future VAC fan contest) and liked it so much, i bought cubase 8 new cause i got a great deal on it. Padshop is BIG WOW. Reminds me of the jp8080 style pads and strings I loved. The retrolog synth that they included really is an impressive software synth, decent bass, good pads and leads as well. Reminds me of Roland stuff. WOW this is a beast of a synth as well. Groove Agent SE is great too. The verbs SUCK MAJOR !#%!#%!^!. The compressors are , OK. but kinda meh. Delays are good, flanger is ok, phaser is meh, chorus is ok. New eqs are ok, Not that impressed here. The audio engine is a tad better. Asio is better in 8, as is the windowing system. Way better… I am making all my new music in cubase now. No more renoise for the time being, I will use renoise to play back samples, and vsts live, but that’s it for now.. Toxic Coma is all but dead….. Cubase 8 is worth it, mostly for the windowing systems, aiso guard, the audio engine is a tad better. Midi seems to work well so far as well.. I love lane recording in cubase. I love how midi is easy to edit. They added a lot of stuff like this chord track thing that I do not need at all, but very useful for beginners..


You will still need to buy 3rd party fx and synths. I reccomend waves, watch their site for flash sales, cause that is the best way to get into their plugins. I love their TG, Puigchild, and API plugins a ton. Could not live with out them…

Xmas eve.. Finished my part in the Big time Operator remix we are going to perform live, waiting on Mindcage Rick’s licks. Cubase 8 is great, but it is a processor hog.. Asio Guard works. Waves plugs are stupid unless you put them on on a usb drive… Puichild compressors and TG12345 channel strip, and the nls Bus mix, the waves H Delay. I hope Rodney releases the VAC remix of big time operator some how……

After mixing some of my old songs, and working on the Dead Milkmen remix, I really like cubase 8 a lot more than cubase 5…. Worth the money…

What stood out the most? Retrolog, Pad Shop, Grove Agent SE, and Quadrafuz. Quadrafuz is amazing, and multi band delay and distortion plug in. Perfect for vocals, and drums and guitars.. WOW I like the magneto 2 tape thing they added back in as well..

I give it a 8 out of 10.

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Synth update. march 2014

March 28th, 2014 by Hexfix93

Yes there are a lot of new synths out there. From the boomstar series, to the new roland Aria series to the korg Volca, and arturia microbrute.

Ok I know they all seem to be wanting to bring about a Analog old school revolution. I my opinion, they are failing, all of them. And where to start. Roland.


Roland Aria. Wow I was expecting so much, with Korg doing the analog thing, you would think that Roland would of counter punched. Nope instead they keep doing what they have been doing. They repaint what they have already done. VA Tb 303, they did that already. The System 1 is like the gia but stripped down with less memory. Limited memory is a bad thing, nord 4 and virus have lots of memory for lots of sounds, this is a good thing. We live in 2014 and ram and rom is super cheap. WTF are they thinking? I was excited about the Aria but really let down now after seeing it in action. The only one I am even remotely interested in is the VT-3 vocal processor. If the tr-8 can load samples in, or if they expand it some how i might be interested, but i have killer 808 and 909 samples so no thanks. If they system one can nail the tone of the sh2 that they plan on releasing WOW then i might have to get it.


Korg, While I do like the ms20 mini, and volca stuff, it lacks the analog magic that vintage gear has. It sounds good, and better than software, but still lacks the warmth and fatness and vibrance of the old gear. After owning the volca bass, i like it, but I don’t love it. Filter is kinda meh, osc is kinda meh. The ms20 is pretty good, but honestly, I am more into presets these days, i like tweaking presets. I like scanning memory in my synths when playing back a riff to find the right sound.

Arturia Microbrute, for the money this is the best way to get that amazing filter. Worth every penny. Sure its scaled down but the patch mod matrix is killer.


The Nord Lead 4 is pretty cool, and after spending a lot of time with it now I can say I love it for everything. I like it more than the virus. I love the keyboard and pitch bend. The nord 4 is like a nord 2x with more bass, better filters.. I think its a must have for nord lovers.. The roland filters in this are amazing. The moog filter in this sounds better than the one in the Virus as well.

The new moog Sub 37 is what I really want more than anything. That filter is so good, the sub phatty is so amazing. Its a fat bright moog and the opposite of the voyager. It can sound more like the original model D. Also the sub 37 is like dual note cool. This will have more memory too and that is what I really want.


As far as gear I need for my upcoming tours, we must travel light so Right now I am shooting out Roland XV5050, Access Virus Snow, and a Waldorf Blofeld. Trying to re create basses, leads, strings, sound fx. So far I am leaning toward the Snow and Xv 5050, I managed to get really nice pad and strings out of the snow and was still able to get good leads and bass. xv 5050 will be for choir patches and acoustic guitar sounds. These are super portable and great for our FLY IN gigs. Since I am no longer touring by car, van, or bus.

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Synth: DSI Mopho x4 Hexfix93’s Review.

July 6th, 2013 by Hexfix93

The mopho x4 is like a mopho on steroids. The presets really show off the power of this synth, the unison sounds can rip your head off. I prefer this over the prophet 08, i’d take a mopho x4 any day of the week over that synth. It does killer bass sounds, snappy envelopes. Killer resonance that sounds very 3d and wet unlike digital synths that sound flat and 2d. Analog is still the best for resonant and fat sounds. This is the perfect budget synth to get an analog to compliment a software or digital VA studio. It is not super moog fat, but it is fatter than most roland analogs. Pads are great, Bass is amazing, arps are amazing, the sound fx are great, the weird sequencer pattern modular like sounds are really cool as well. For soundscapes you cannot go wrong either. This is my favorite new Analog polysynth for sure.. It is perfect for making industrial, techno, or prog rock. I give this a 9 out of 10.

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Synth: King Korg Reviewed by Hexfix93.

July 6th, 2013 by Hexfix93


I really liked the King Korg, and plan on buying one again when my finances permit. This OB filter on this thing is killer, for pads, and strings, and sweeps. Bass is good, the leads are amazing, and there is very little aliasing with this board. It is super easy to make sounds with, it also has very cool oscillator types and on some of them you can get great sync, cross mod and FM, it gets crazy, and sounds super sci fi and weird, or super pleasant and nice, or really aggressive and cutting. Korg really made an amazing synth here. It does sound a little bit better than the kronos’s AL1 and ms2 and polysix. If you need a lead synth that can make amazing strings, it delivers the right oscillators and filters to cover most vintage synth sounds by far I prefer this over the Virus TI, Novation stuff, and Nord. The keyboard is nice and has great synth key action. I prefer it over the cheaper maudio controllers. In fact this is a great light board to gig with if you need analog sounds. The FX are really good actually and really easy to set up and use. The analog circuit over drive is really good for warming or making things really aggressive. The knobs are nice, feels well built and there is no stepping when you tweak the filter.. Very cool. I give this a 8 out of 10..

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Synth: Arturia: Minibrute, Hexfix93’s Take.

December 23rd, 2012 by Hexfix93

Wow, just in time for xmas. I lucked out and won a bid on a mini brute. So affordable I could not pass it up. I used to own a modular, which I built around the Livewire’s(RIP) Frequensteiner (Steiner Parker Filter clone). I had a ton of Osc and envs and lfo for that system. It never stayed in tune or scaled and stayed musical long enough to really make music with it. For blips and beeps wow it was amazing. Still I need to spend my money on Musical Instruments not sound fx machines. I wanted to hate this thing because it lacks a true 2 osc setup. The metalizer had my hopes high that I would love it for SYNC type sounds it could provide. It fails at the “sync” sound. Instead offers up something new and pretty musical. I heard that Daniel Myer of Haujobb and Covenant, used this thing on the last covenant tour. So I wanted to see what was up with it. I also ran into a arturia rep who brought one into Guitar Center by where I live. He had it plugged into a roland synth amp so i did not care for how it sounded through that thing. YUCK. Still I learned a valuable thing, On the mixer section, keep all the osc under the middle line on the mixer to get more head room, over the middle line is over driving the mixer. Makes it sound more aggressive but also cuts headroom, and kind of destroys the bass. So keep osc below middle line to hear it correctly.

The osc: It is very musical. Can get big with all WAVS running. PWM is kind of ok, different plavor than roland for sure. The ultra saw is amazing for leads, makes it sounds like more than one osc. Metalizer is cool and interesting, kind of reminds me more of ring mod than a sync sound. Unique for sure. The sub osc fattens the sound big time and, i love the sine wave option too. It lacks octave control switch on the env, so you just have to use the keyboard xpose, or control with a bigger keyboard to go low and high. I have not tested the scaling and tuning on this yet, but it sounds good so far.

The filter: This is a great filter that does not sound moog, or roland. It is a tad korgy and old yahmaha sounding. This is a good thing too. Multimode with resonance is the bomb, if you want really lively leads with out taking up much room in the mix but you still want it to stand out and cut. THIS IS IT!!!! This filter sound much different and better than the fruequensteiner I had on my modular. GOOD JOB ARTURIA. The Brute Factor is ok on conservative settings. On extreme settings its more for sound FX and gets very un musical.

The Envs: Snappy, tight, musical, shaped well. 2 of them, plus you can make it super slow with a switch for longer evolving sounds and drones. LOVE IT.

Modulations: Pretty good, 2 lfos, one for the mod wheel that is limited to vibrato and other things. the other for pwm, metalizer, osc, filter and amp. What i hate is that the PWM and Metalizer LFO destination are the same path so on for both, off for both, so kind of limiting 🙁 Wish there was a switch.After touch can do filter and vibrato but its all or nothing so i wont use it.

The arp: This is the bomb. Reminds me of the sh101 but way better. I think it can do step recording, but i have not figured it out.

Build Quality: Love the case, its metal and kinda has weight to it, I love the knobs, move great and sound great when you tweak it while you play it. The sliders feel decent but not as good as the knobs. Switches are good. Pitch bend and mod wheel are decent. For the money, this is the bomb though.

LOVE IT. For sound fx too LOVE IT. For ARPS LOVE IT. For bass, LIKE IT good enough. This is no bass king tho. This is a arp and lead synth, bass synth 2nd. It does do some good bass, still I would go for a Moog Phatty, or minitaur, or older roland sh 2 for bass duties. This thing sounds exotic, like the old yahmaha cs30, like the korg ms 20. It has that kind of weirdness to the sound. It is not a bread and butter synth. It is botique, for style and original sounding stuff. Forget this thing if you want a minimoog bass, roland bonky sounds. Grab this if you want a great lead synth that gives you a flavor that is unlike any software, VA, or standard analog synth. This is what I wanted out of my modular, and it is 1/4 the price.. AMAZING!!!!!!!

12 out of 10!!!!!!

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The Virtual on Paper Battle of the modern Analog Monosynths.

March 31st, 2012 by Hexfix93

The Contenders: I am a poor poor musician now. Thank you net pirates. Any how, I really need a new mono synth that delivers dark and bright tones, sync, fm, lots of waves, great filters, and snappy envelopes for bass and percussive sounds. There are a ton of new small monosynths coming out. So many choices. What Desktop box is getting your money this year? I can only afford one or two. Keep in mind this is an on paper battle, price, and specs.

Studio Electronics Boomstar, comes in 4 models, The Moog filter, The Arp Filter, The 303 filter, and the SEM multimode Filter. This thing is loaded. Two snappy analog envs taht are exponential that will offer the a trim pot on the side so you can dial in how much “HOLD” you want on the attack like the original minimoog model D had and no other synth offers to get that huge snappy thump in your face bass sound like you hear on old madonna tracks like burning up, borderline, luckystar. The Boomstar should deliver with its moog filter as well with its atc and code 6 octave vco osc that are being used here with sub osc, sine, tri, saw, pulse and pwm(pwm only on one osc)(wave mixer only on one osc). one lfo, Ring mod like on the old arp odyssey. Bi directional Sync, noise, filter with 1/3 or full keyboard tracking, osc to filter for filter fm, glide as well. Pros: sound quality, vcos, stable for 6 octaves, tons of modulations, pick your filter model, 2nd osc can be lfo 2 with lo mode. Cons: no wave mixer on osc 2, one dedicated software lfo only, no memory. $799.

Arturia Minibrute, This is a cool cheap new monosynth. It has the steiner parker multimode filter the same thing i had in my modular the frequensteiner, but i thought my modular sounded way better than the demos I have heard of this synth. 12 db filter. Has only one osc plus a sub osc that lets you mix in wave forms. It is a lot like the sh101 in that regard. It has a lot of modulations for the osc, saw gets a super saw unison sound with detune, pulse width with pwm, triangle with metalizer that is like a flange sync sound. It sounds ok from the demos, but not huge and fat like the moog stuff, more nasal quality. It has an arp, cv controls, audio in, two octave keyboard. Pros: VCO, unique sound unlike anything else outside of modular synths, arpegiator rocks, brute filter over drive, price point. Cons: No 2nd osc so no sync, fm. 12db only filter, not so great for bass, no memory. $499

Ken Macbeth Micromac, Specs are hard to come by but this is what I know, 3 x VCOs with multiturn pots, 1 x LFO, Mixing, X-Modulation, 24dB/O?ctave Filter, 2 x Transistor based EGs, MIDI. I have head demos and man it blew me a way! Pros: patch points modular capabilities, sounds amazing, 3 osc fat city. Cons: maybe the price a little, no memory but thats it. This will come in a eurorack formate and a desktop. the desktop is about $2400.

Waldorf Pulse 2,
The pulse +, i owned it years ago, i thought it was ok, decent, but for bass it just didn’t do it for me, i didn’t like it much, the osc was just not musical like roland osc. From what i have read, this is jsut a revamp of the old model with new features. 3 analog oscillators + 1 noise generator, Pulse width modulation, Hard sync, Filter FM from Oscillator 3, Ring Modulation from Oscillator 3, XOR Osc Mode
8/4 Voice Paraphonic modes, Cascade Filter, 24dB/12db Lowpass, 12db Highpass/Bandpass filter modes Powerful Arpeggiator, 8-slot Modulation Matrix, USB, , MIDI, External analog signal input, Stereo line out, Headphone out, Backwards compatible with classic Pulse, 128×64 character backlit LCD, 8 stainless steel knobs, 500 Sound Programs, Electron-absorbing black case. Pros: New multi mode filter modes, ring mod and lots of modulation routings, 3 osc, memory. Cons: DCOs not VCOs yuck. $730.

MFB Dominion X, This module looks very promising and some of the demos I have heard are sick. Still i did not care for the build quality of the synth lite i owned, or the mfb eurorack dco. This thing has sick specs. 3 VCOs with wave shaping and ring modulation, Dual-Sync and Dual-FM features, 6-fold multimode-filter including 3 low pass configurations with 12/18/24 dB, patch-section for external CV/Gate-control, Velocity routing matrix with 11 destinations, 3 LFOs with 2 LFOS offering one-shot-modes and reset. Pros: this thing sounds sick, tons of modulations, VCOs, 2 lfos, complex multimode filter, fm, sync, memory!. Cons: Suspect MFB build quality. $1040.

Moog Minitaur, Moog is a company I have grown to dislike. After buying their VCO pedals and not being able to make them track or stay in tune worth a damn I lost hope with that and the fact that the little phatty I bought and my friends voyager sounded so dark and dull when next to my micromoog and sh2. The high end VCA they use on the LP and Voyger do not allow the filter to open up all the way, so no bright leads and chimey sounds with top end fizz. That does not make these synths suck, it just limits them in a way that no matter what, you cannot get those classic fizzy vintage tones out of these boxes, and for how much they cost it is unforgivable. So with the minitaur I was skeptical, to my surprise it can get bright, the filter opens all the way. WTF. but at what cost? LOL moog shoots themselves in the foot yet again. Two oscillators with Sawtooth (Original Taurus) and Square wave-shapes for each VCO. Recreate sounds of the original Taurus with sawtooth waves, or create new sounds with square waves or a combination of both. 2 Mixer VCAs for VCO levels control of Oscillators 1 and 2., Moog Ladder Filter with adjustable resonance, designed to deliver ‘classic Taurus 1 and 3 bass and boom’. Two Minimoog style ADSR Envelope Generators for modulating VCF and VCA. The Decay and Release segments are controlled by the Decay knob, while the Release segment is enabled or disabled via Release On/Off switch. Midi-syncable LFO with Controls for Rate, VCO LFO Amount, and VCF LFO Amount DIN MIDI and MIDI over USB offer complete control of the Minitaur’s sound engine. Analog Control inputs for Pitch, Filter, Volume and Gate. Use an EP2 or CV to connect and control MInitaur with everything from Modulars to Moogerfoogers. External audio input for processing external audio through the Mixer and Filter section of Minitaur. Headphone output with 1/8? connection. So it lacks wave forms, sync, fm, ring mod, PWM, and cannot play high notes, so it cannot do high leads. Pros: It does fat bass, and the wave punch thing is great. Cons: WAY TO MANY LIMITATIONS. ARE YOU KIDDING? $649

Doepfer Dark Energy 2, The dark Energy 1 is no longer being made, due to a lack of CEM parts no longer being made. The new model changes lots of stuffs. 12dB multimode filter with lowpass, notch, highpass and bandpass (instead of 24dB lowpass of Dark Energy I), the previous LM control of the filter becomes the filter type control (continuous crossfade lowpass – notch highpass – bandpass), the LM function of the filter is no longer available, the waveform switch is used to select between saw and clipped/distorted saw (in the center position the saw is off)
the basic waveform of the VCO is saw (not triangle like the Dark Energy I), because of the pure analog circuit and the temperature control it takes about 30 minutes until the VCO is in tune, the VCA has a exponential scale (not the combined linear/exponential scale of Dark Energy I). Plus: Price, sound, multimode filter. Cons: 1 osc, 12db only. $570.


Over All: I never personally liked the sound of the waldorf pulse, I had a pulse plus years back and thought the filter and osc were just not that musical or fat. Minitaur is too limited in modulations and waveforms, limited as a bass machine wont play high notes, it sounds good tho. Older moog stuff like the voyager and little phatty lack brightness because the vca prevents the filter from opening up all the way so no open osc bright sounds, say goodbye to the super bright leads of the 70s and 80s. Minibrute, I decided against because I would rather have the SEM Boomstar. Minimac is probably the best, but at 2300 us dollars i wont be picking that up any time soon. MFB Dominion X sounds promising, i’m not a fan of their build quality, bad luck with stuff I have owned from them in the past. Dark energy 2, one osc doesn’t cut it for me. None of the above suck, i think it’s amazing we have all these choices honestly. What a great time to be a mono synth freak. I can only hope that the Envs on these synths really give us the goods.

and the WINNER is?

For me, easy: BOOMSTAR. The one with the most bang for the buck. It has great sound as well, its the studio electronics code sound with snappy analog envelopes, so i know it sounds great from the demos I have heard of the CODE and ATC. Boomstar Moog. 2 osc + sub, tri, saw, pulse, sine, pwm, ring mod, xmod, filter fm, sync. The works. I also plan on getting the SEM model as well. The ATC sounds great, i just didn’t likes its ENVs, so they promised that this will be fixed on these boxes. Snappy envs, fast. Knobs galore. Who could ask for more? If you buy two you can link them together with their cv patchbay so you could have a monster 4 osc mono like the monopoly and it would still be less than the Macbeth Micromac. It is a steal at $799.

PS: This is just my personal opinion, yours may vary. Please post who you think the winner is in your opinion? Comment. Thank you.

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Synth: Imks80 Ipad editor. Hexfix93’s take.

February 18th, 2012 by Hexfix93

Imks80 Ipad edit. This program replaces your need for any of the expensive Roland PG programmers for the mks 50, 30(with upgraded 30 roms), 7, 70, and 80. These are going for mad money on ebay now for example you would spend up to $1100 us dollars on one of these just to be able to program your mks80. Even the mks70 hardware editor is expensive now along side the mks50 and mks30 hardware editors. I am a roland synth freak, so these Ipad apps are a godsend.

In use: II had to setup apple bonjour and rtpmidi For windows 7, and i could use this inside of ableton, cubase and most other daws on the market for windows. What I really liked was being able to use the Ipad wireless over the wifi network into my daw. I could play the synth and edit at the same time, or record a midi seq and play it back in loop mode while i edit the sound. This is something I could not do with other apps. I tried booting up old emagic sound diver, and had all kinds of trouble using my usb midi controller and my pci midi at the same time. I had trouble with midiquest software that was supposed to work as a vst plugin, it never worked and had a horrid interface. I was pulling my hair out. I read about rekon’s editors and read about all the bugs in the mopho and mks80 editors. I have tried ther Itetra and the Imks80 editors from iControlMIDI and it worked. No hiccups, and installing the wireless stuff was not all that hard once I found the rtp midi instructions.

The interface on these apps are very simple. The look and feel is strange as well. edting the sliders from left to right dragging motions, with plus and minus buttons to edit incrementally. You have to jump around some pages to get to the different controllers, there is the osc page with lots of osc related stuff, then the filter page with the filter env and filter settings etc etc. It just works. It loads super fast as well. This is way cheaper than buying the hardware to edit these synths, and i love that its wireless, i can put this on my lap while i play my keyboard or mess with the sequencer. Convenient.

Things I would like to see added: Being able to control the synths save functions from the app. The app should have memories to back up your patches and store the ones you make on the app on the ipad’s memory, so if something happens to your synth, you can recall your edits. Would also like to see a resend all current parameters to the synth, because in real world usage, sometimes the sequencers will reset the synth you are using when you stop the sequencer and you will lose all your edits.

Final thoughts: This saved me a lot of money, I had an ipad, spend 20 or 30 bucks on the editor, and wow you have a programmer for your old analogs. If you were to buy the hardware editors they can break, and cost a small fortune. This app has really saved the day for my knob-less analogs. I give it a 4 out of 5!

Click here to buy this application!

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