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Toxic Coma in the Media!

February 14th, 2012 by Hexfix93

So far only one interview, On the horizon vampire freaks is working on interviewing Toxic Coma. Still the press response to the new Toxic Coma LP has been great. We could not be happier about spreading the word of Satan! Gravy is in china digging a hole to come home, it is taking him forever too. We miss his sweaty palms and lipstick that he uses on his nose. The next Toxic Coma will feature more music from LungGravy and Krztov, so they promise. If they don’t deliver I will poke them with a sharp spear for good measure. I have to torture people to participate in the blood orgy we call toxic coma. It is not fair to do it to strangers, so I make sure that I only do it to those who agree. S and M freaks. I got a call from the devil himself, and he could not be happier with what we did on the new LP. He promised us great seats in hell, he promised we would get to take turns with the flame-omatic 9000, and the earth mover 2500. He promised that we could use the dimensional weave splatter and the razor lemonade stand. Satan makes some wonderful torture devices for the fallen. Enough of that talk though. We sure hope that all you freaks party with this music an make sure to brainwash as many assholes as you can with it. We need souls! Empty your emptiness into our starving mouths! We promise to deliver more sonic hell.

If you live in Europe and are having a hard time finding a physical copy of the new toxic coma, Audioglobe is our physical cd distributor in Europe. Universal, and Itunes sell it digitally in Europe. Physical CDS can be bought at . Sorry no one licensed Toxic Coma over in Europe that is why there is hardly any press, Metropolis is handling it all. So thank you to all in europe who are interested, doing interviews and being really cool reviewing us and helping us out! Thanks. ENOUGH!!!! BELOW YOU WILL FIND LINKS TO REVIEWS AND INTERVIEWS.

Coma Online Magazine Review of Satan Rising.
Fearnet Review of Satan Rising.
Italian Stordisco Magazine review of Satan Rising.

New Interview, German:
Bodystyler Interviews Toxic Coma…… The English Translation Click Here.

Click Here To Buy in the USA cd or mp3 Via Metropolis Records

Click Here To Buy CDs in Europe via Infrarot

Click Here To Buy mp3s in Worldwide via ITUNES

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Toxic Coma: Satan Rising is OUT!

January 23rd, 2012 by Hexfix93

Click here for the official Toxic Coma Web Site.

Go listen to the new TOXIC COMA LP out on metropolis records: Click Here, to listen to sound clips and buy online. It is vacish, but toxicish. This new Toxic Coma lp is a hybrid of VAC FWK and Toxic Coma. It is the ultimate lsd lp, the ultimate pot lp. The theme of the new Toxic Coma is SATAN ov course. Absolutely one of the most fun mythical beasts to groove to. Absolutely Wondermus. After listening to the new Toxic Coma you will be able to enter the gates of hell at the end of your time here on earth. Hell is not a bad place, I’ve been there and the curtains and decorations are fabulous. So many more interesting people hang out in hell. Way better artists, way better musicians, way better weekend games! Satan doesn’t even give a shit if you worship him. He is a very lax angel. He seriously likes what we have done with the new Toxic Coma. The new Toxic Coma is kind of like Christian Mingle dot com. After listening to it you can date many invisible demons that will curse you in ways you could never imagine. Besides Satan is gearing up for his battle with Christ and his undead zombie empire that is soon to come, and I know you want to be on the winning team. TEAM SATAN. FUCK TEAM EDWARD! TEAM SATAN! BUY Toxic Coma. Click Here To Buy!.

For those who don’t know. Toxic Coma is a funny side project of VAC. This is where you see my sense of humor. It is drug music. I make it to weird out normal people. I love the reactions I get when i play Toxic Coma for normal people. They always go WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS. 🙂 Music to torture normal people with. YES!

And Please. I no longer use Facebook or myspace. So as fans, can you guys please link to this from your social network profiles? PLEASE HELP PROMOTE VAC AND TOXIC COMA. If you want to contact me or interact with me, the Velvet Acid Christ forum is the place to do it, set up an account there now.


PS: You can also read the most recent interview done with Toxic Coma by Clicking Here
Please comment below.


PS: PS PS PS: And just so you know, Toxic Coma Makes songs for its fans on their birthday. This year only. So please to get a song made just for you, register on the Velvet Acid Christ Forum and please post, then for sure you will get a special birthday song for you this year.

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Toxic Coma Rises from the Ashes! New LP on Metropolis.

September 19th, 2011 by Hexfix93

It’s true. 10 tracks were done, and 4 bonus tracks were added. We got the artwork done. The above image is not the CD art. The lp will be released in early January some time on Metropolis. This time Toxic Coma is releasing a more socially acceptable LP. LOL You might know that toxic coma is known for being so absurd and strange that it is unbearable to some. This time, I made it more musical and less strange. More dance oriented and trippy as hell. Still I use samples and noises I would never use in VAC. Vac is more dark and angry and sad. Toxic Coma is more fun, silly,weird, and psychedelic. I still Categorize this new Toxic Coma as Industrial Techno. It is heavily influenced by bands like astral projection, the prodigy, aphex twin, front 242, and skinny puppy. I am working on the vocals for VAC now as I have finished up the new Toxic Coma. Ages ago I stated that there is no VAC without Toxic Coma. That tradition is still here today. There are now 17, yes 17 toxic coma lps. This is the ultimate cult band that no one has heard about yet. Please, Spread the word. I am working on getting a web site up for Toxic Coma. Oh the pain. It will be part of this site i think. Stay Tuned for more Details.

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Toxic coma: ADW MUSIC VIDEO!

December 10th, 2010 by Hexfix93

Yes, Back with a new music video. It Sounds like Dr Dre Farted and Fucked a hick. It looks like someone blew their noses on your computer monitor. Seriously possessed fucked up magick here. The most Bad ass dance video since Skinny Puppy’s Protest Video. Nothing can touch this. In a League of its own.


Toxic Coma has done a very funny and Silly Interview, all the questions were submitted by the fans. Click here to check it out.

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