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Flashback #7: Hypostasis.

March 15th, 2014 by Hexfix93


Yes Hypostasis. A guy who helped out VAC when it fell apart and needed cash to stay afloat during the Fate, Pest, Neural, COTD and FWK days. My best friend for years and years. He was also a member of Toxic coma and wrote many great songs in the project over the years. This was the guy that I did a lot of mind exploration with many things. I remember reading Karl Marx with him coming down. I remember tripping my ass off watching Atari ST demos with him. I remember walking around my town with him while tripping. Concerts. Watching many hard core Asian Kung-fu movies. Becoming vegan with him. We Played Doom and Quake on mind altering substances.

Above the Alabama Dirt Whistle Video, he painstakingly took images of us and used KAI’s Power goo to morph our faces into super silly obnoxious forms that are frightening and hilarious to look at. Dan Did a lot for Toxic Coma. He is sorely missed. I hope to work with him some day again in the future some how.

This man also toured Germany with me long ago. Played @ Zillo and Doomsday in VAC. My favorite song he ever did was Satan Raving. I really liked Womanizer as well. Hypostasis started out with me in the Atari Hacking crew The Travesty of Idiots. He did artwork for us. It was his Mega 2 Atari ST that we wrote many of the between the eyes VAC era material with. He was one of the core members of Toxic Coma and its just not the same without him. He also stuck with me during many trying times and really helped me out in so many ways. I still feel like I owe him to this day. He is also the guy who got me into a lot of cool GOA trance back in the day. We both got really hard core about that.


A very talented person. A very great friend. He is missed in the VAC and Toxic Coma Camps. I would resurrect Toxic Coma if Hypostasis some how came back into the fold.

^^^ Check out Satan Raving, Hypostasis wrote the whole thing for the devil.

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Flashback #6: The German Cookie, Thorsten.

April 25th, 2011 by Hexfix93

This man worked on the tour bus of frontline assembly during one of the tours I don’t fucking remember. All I know is that Disease gave some VAC cds to bill leeb, fate, pest, neural. All I know is they did listen to them on the bus, and Bill Leeb hated it but one person was going ape shit over it(played it over and over again in the bus driving the FLA crew nuts). That Person was Thorsten Stroht. As soon as he got back to Europe with the VAC cds he took from Bill Leeb he told his then partner Stefan Herwig who worked with Thorsten at OFF BEAT RECORDS. Thorsten told the people at OFF BEAT RECORDS that if they did not sign Velvet Acid Christ he would quit working for Off Beat. DEVOTION EH? VAC made up legendary stories about Thorsten in the German press claiming in one that He ran over Bill Leeb with the fucking tour bus because Bill Leeb was really a cyborg and not a human( this turns out to be true to this day).This is why every person in the world knows of Velvet Acid Christ. This man. In the early days at off beat Thorsten was the much needed buffer for Stefan. When they split and Thorsten was no longer working with a label Disease’s relationship with Stefan nose dived.
Every Velvet Acid Christ tour to date Thorsten Stroht was performing in as a keyboardist. Thorsten was one of the main driving forces behind VAC’s touring back in the day. So many fucked up stories on tour. The one I remember the most was this show we played in Germany. Everyone got so fucked up on booze and drugs. Thorsten cut himself with a broken bottle. Blood was every where. Thorsten was so wasted, we went to go eat late at night and the place we wanted to go to was closed and Thorsten wasn’t having it he started pounding on the glass of the restaurant and freaking out. He would start yelling at the cops and flipping off random people and just being totally fucked. A perfect match for VAC. Between Thorsten and Disease Self destructing its amazing that the tours lasted and no one ended up in the hospital. Disease and Thorsten would have deep conversations about suicide, always thinking about the best way to off yourself, and how to leave your corpse. We both agreed that hanging yourself with your pants down with a note tied around your cock saying “suck it”(mostly because most men get Rigor mortis in their junk and a permanent post life hard on that is rather putrid) so who ever, your family or loved ones finds it they have that lasting impression in their head of you. This is our black humor. A very healthy sense of humor that no one around them could understand or care to.


Thorsten was like Disease Factory’s long lost brother. When VAC stopped touring and Disease moved to Metropolis records the ties with europe and Thorsten seemed to grow apart. Thorsten was burnt out on the music scene and was more into goa later on. Still with out this brilliant person VAC would of never gained any ground in the industrial music scene. Thorsten’s Favorite thing that Disease would do is imitate Hitler, this would make him laugh pretty hard. Also, Disease bought a Ps3 and got into games like socom. While Thorsten bought xbox and beat off to halo. Thorsten and Stefan would both play a lot of games with the VAC crew back in the day. They would all fall to Disease Factory’s Tekken 2 skills in the end. But Disease would fall to Thorsten’s Cunt Mountain nhl games.
I don’t think there can ever be a tour with out Thorsten Stroht. It is a must that he be involved in any VAC tours. Fart war 3 allies vs the axis of evil. The very best russian german that ever lived is The evil German Kookie known as Thorsten Stroht. In my opinion, when Thorsten left the scene, the scene went to shit. Thorsten did so much for the industrial scene back in the off beat days. All the bands he has worked with and discovered. I tip my hat to him to this day for letting the world know about Velvet Acid Christ. I know that VAC is going to keep in better touch with Thorsten from now on and get his input on songs and things. I wish I could fly him out here and have him help me with the new vac record and go on tour with me again. Who knows. I know that there is one person that I have missed alot of over the last 10 years, and that is Thorsten. Click here to check out Thorsten’s Web site with great pictures and other morbid shit.

Over and out
Hexfix93 aka Disease Factory

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Flashback #5: Twisted VAC Generator.

September 13th, 2010 by Hexfix93

Above, a pic of the TTG gear.

PRE TTG PRODUCTION: High, out of my mind, floating on pure ethereal, painkiller bliss. Oh, opiates. Driving with a long lost band mate to get food while listening to the Tinder Box by Siouxsie. This drive inspired the song “Dilaudid”. I was sick or something. I don’t remember why or how I got the drugs. This same bandmate and I used to get so drunk, watch very silly horror movie, and joke around all the time. We would drive up into the mountains in the fog listening to Carnage Visors and Faith in an old Hyundai. For the few great times we had, so many lines were crossed and so many betrayals had happened. Yet I still look back fondly on some of those days and think of them as innocent and meaningful. I still remember the birth of Toxic Coma, in an apartment, downloading tracker songs and samples on an amiga. The sense of humor we all had. The tragedy we all had in our youths. The sadness we all had. The geeks we were. The potential we all had. The purity we all once had. Working on TTG was so hard: the drug haze and the final nails in many friendships. I remember knowing about half way through TTG that I would never again be friends with certain band mates, that rock in my gut. The band mate I am referring to would just randomly stop showing up. Found out later he found jesus and was embarrassed to have even been a apart of the VAC history. This broke my heart. Some sad days. VAC was never the same after TTG. I remember having to get really drunk to finish the vocals on TTG, knowing that it was the end of all the old vac members. The creation of that lp was like making funeral music for our own project. I started making TTG before the first European tour, finishing it when I got back, just before I went on the us tour. So many depressing things. Tours were failures, no money, break ups on every front of my life. In the TTG liner notes I blamed Mdma for my sadness. It didn’t help, but honestly, it was losing my gf at the time, a great band mate, an old friend to a bullshit religion, and others I worked with as well that led me down that path of sorrow. In every song on TTG I hear all the catastrophic events that transpired. It is why I cannot bare to listen to that LP at all on a personal level. It was the death nail for the old VAC. I remember struggling with my broken micromoog, getting the supernova and hating its wimpy sound, using the dm pro to make wicked drum fills on TTG, Being so wasted on drugs and alcohol. Some of the worst days of my life.

While making TTG, I worked with Paul (Paul was the door guy I met at the last minute before starting the us tour. A cool guy who jumped on fast to help out and did a good job. We only worked on 2 lps together: TTG, and Hex Angel) on a track, Lysergia. We wanted to make a single for this, but only ended up making Dial8. I also worked with a friend of my x-gf who did guest vocals on Dilaudid. her name was Abby. Some of the songs from TTG ended up being used in the sound track of this really bad film called Gypsy 83, a movie about a girl, who is obsessed with Stevie Nicks and thinks Stevie Nicks is goth(LOL), and her gay friend. I never talked about it because I was embarrassed that this was the movie where I get on the sound track, and its… um… this lame. Even though I was part of it, I didn’t want to promote something I didn’t like. My problem with the movie was not the gay stuff. I’m very pro gay. It was the whole Stevie Nicks thing and how wrong and lame it was about the scene I was in at the time. It felt like a slap in the face to us scene people back then. Metropolis releases the sound track as well.

Paully helped me write the lyrics on Dilaudid. Paully also sang and wrote lyrics on Lysergia. Click here to check out Paul’s Facebook. Paul is a poet. He travels the world performing in poetry slams. Check him out man. To this day I regret letting my old friend Rafi, who is now is doing tons of video interviews for Vampire Freaks. Yes, the bald jew ๐Ÿ™‚ do the rants you hear at the end of some of the songs. If I could go back in time I would delete those stupid rants. They irritated the fuck out of me and everyone I know who bought TTG. LOL. At least you get a free hidden lp on TTG tho.
Above picture, Din 5, Haujobb, VAC, merch and sound guy and tour manager
The TTG tour in the usa. Many memories. I was a depressed wreck, made a fool out of myself, and drank myself into oblivion. I can’t believe that the people on tour with me put up with my bullshit honestly. I remember Daniel from Haujobb borrowing my pintech drum pad heads and destroying them from banging on them so hard. Then we didn’t get to use them for the 2nd half of the tour. I remember doing blood rituals, cutting myself and drawing symbols with my blood and spitting on it, back stage in LA while so drunk on tequila. I was angry because these stupid, LA scene fucks invited themselves back stage while I was trying to meditate my stage fright away. I couldn’t focus because of them so I freaked out and started doing banishing rituals. Sure enough, they left. LOL. This was the show when Brian our merch guy from metropolis dressed up like a goat, went on stage, and molested me in front of the LA crowd. So embarrassing. It was filmed, too. I freaked out after the show. Before the show, this guy wanted to film the first 3 songs. I reluctantly gave him permission, but he ended up filming the whole show and even got the goat scene. I freaked out so bad afterwards. Got violent and wrecked the back stage. I chased the guy down, pulled a kgb moscow stunt, and forced him to give me the film. Then, I lit it on fire on the ground in front of him. Jesus, what an asshole I was that night. I was freaking out because my x-gf told me she was pregnant with my kid (which was a lie, but I didn’t know that until after the tour). So much drama: my band broke up weeks before the tour, and I had to find replacements (Paully). It was such a disaster in my mind, the whole tour. Then, the tour did not make money. It put us in the hole. I remember how the tour started. I burned the fuck out of my arms and had to wear all these bandages because of it. The first night after the show, I go back into the tour bus, into the back room, and my tour manager is tied from the ceiling and some dominatrix is electrocuting him with a stun gun. My jaw hit the floor. The debauchery that followed on the entire tour from some of the people on the bus (I wont name names) really annoyed me. I hate groupies, and I hated being made fun of by groupies with bat tattoos on their cleavage. To this day it is why I hate bat tattoos. There were these girls on the tour bus snorting coke, doing heroin or some shit, and making out. They hated me. Made fun of me. Ruined my ego pretty bad. Set me up for all the other bullshit I dealt with on that horrid tour that put an end to all my future touring plans. This tour ruined me, and is the reason I have not toured since. Hexfix93.

Added: Don’t get me wrong. There were some good things about the tour, some great times and great memories. I met some really cool people along the way. It was just all the personal things in my life and the financial aspect of everything that ruined it for me.

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Flashback #4: Fro the Ware & EDT Records.

August 3rd, 2010 by Hexfix93

*UPDATED, RE READ* Yes, Disease met Fro the ware when he was 15. It was through a bbs system, met on old forums talking about games. As teenagers, Fro the ware and Disease at one time ruled the Atari ST elite underground cracker scene in the USA as TOI(travesty Of idiots, a modern day pc version of a crew like this would be Razor 911 on the PC), we ran several bbs systems(private home computers set up to take calls on the modem, you would log in and you could download and upload files, or read the forums and use the messaging systems or play online text base games), wrote many documentation files for games, cracked games, and distro’d rare euro software to people in the usa, This lasted from 1989 to 1992. This was before VAC. Once Disease and some of the toi members got raided by the cops, toi was dead, Disease thought his life was over, so he started doing drugs and writing music like crazy, toxic coma and VAC were born out of this. Fro was a key part in VAC actually becoming known. Disease and Fro were the ones who recorded all the songs into the pc and made the cd burns, before this was even popular. Fro saved up and bought an expensive 2x cd burner, at the time they were like over 1 thousand dollars and were brand new. We recorded in the songs from a DAT machine. Fro also bought an expensive printer. So Disease and Fro copied and printed hundreds of cds, and cut out the lp covers by hand. over an hundred of each, fate, pestilence and neuralblastoma, these were sold at the local wax trax in down town Denver, we also made fliers, we sold about 100 + copies of each cdm We also branched out to isolation tank, and they started selling our home pressed cds. This was Electric Death Trip Records. It was a ton of work, Fro and i spent months many nights cutting out art and burning cds. This and posts from us on are what started VAC in the scene. This was the initial ball that rolled us onto the music scene. The funny thing is we did actually get attention this way before off beat records picked us up. In fact the guys that used to work at metropolis records used to make fun of VAC, as did a lot of the people on back in those early days, 1994-1996. Funny how things worked out in the end though. Metropolis would end up making us even more famous in the end. ๐Ÿ™‚ Fro was also a part of Toxic Coma. Fro stood by us through all the hard times back then and always helped us out. He also did the most work in electric death trip records, a label we all ran, cept he fronted the money for klinik, and suicide commando.
The first VAC lps were released on Electric Death Trip records before Off Beat Records pick VAC up. The first printed flyers that EDT made for VAC’s cds was hilarious, it was around christmas of 1995, Fro and Disease made this fucked up flyer with all these deformed babies, gross shit, and at the top of the page it said” MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS, FROM VELVET ACID CHRIST”. It was so foul. We had a lot of experience with flyers from the DJ days, we plastered them in parking lots at clubs, and at retail malls lol. This is how we sold our first records, with really foul fucked up flyers. EDT also released Pain Konsept, Suicide Commando, and Klinik. We tried really hard to get aghast view as well and lassigue bendthaus. We failed. EDT was supposed to be everyone in vac, plus hypostasis and fro. Once VAC got signed, Disease ended up doing tons of promotion for vac, and edt was left in the hands of everyone else, fro could not do it all by himself, so it eventually just vanished. Disease was also working with culture shock magazine at this time as a reviewer, the above add was for culture shock magazine, and because Disease worked for the magazine he got a lot of coverage for Velvet Acid Christ in culture shock magazine, another reason why vac got popular back then, we were in the biggest industrial music magazine a lot back then, that magazine was way better than industrial nation. EDT and Culture shock worked together as well, EDT was the ones who helped put together the included music cds for the magazine. The plan was to get VAC back on EDT, edt would fuse with culture shock but that never happened because culture shock vanished off the face of the earth over one weekend, and no one even knows what happened. Our only distribution was through metropolis records, and we didn’t have enough releases to be taken seriously by the other big distributors back then. The sad thing is, that Disease and Fro were the only ones who did anything for it. No one else cared. This was part of the beginning of the end for the people who did not help. This is where the early bickerings and fighting broke out with voevod and baphomet. The only people who were promoting VAC and edt were Disease and Fro. Voevod ran off to do his side projects, baphomet was allergic to work. Fro and Disease had to do it all, with a little help from hypostasis now and then. It’s a shame edt was a cool label and had a lot of potential, but a lack of dedicated staff killed it, and no one would step up to help. ๐Ÿ™ In the end it is why i chose the name of the vac media blog to edtm, to remember what was, and how we began. Electric Death Trip Records was what broke VAC onto the scene first. EDT was also the first label to release Suicide Commando in the USA with their Contamination LP. Then off beat, then metropolis. The funny thing is this, after fate, pest and nerual, VAC broke up, only Disease was promoting the records and writting new vac material. It wasn’t until VAC got signed to off beat that the former members even cared about VAC, and once they saw how little it made, they cared less and less and less. Once they left. VAC broke out with Fun with knives and changed everything. At one point Disease was thinking about putting toxic coma out on EDT, but that was a short lived fantasy, the world will never be ready for toxic coma. Over and out Disease Factory, aka Hexfix93.

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Velvet Acid Christ Flashback #3: We have to know.

June 10th, 2010 by Hexfix93

A weird night, after making We have to see we have to know and putting the finishing touches on it, Disease was greeted by a friend who had been in la visiting with at some record label out in California, she got a bunch of cds from them. Juno reactor transmissions was what she brought back, all day after listening to we have to see we have to know, later that night we dropped acid and listened to juno reactor’s “transmissions”. This would forever change Velvet Acid Christ. This is the moment that sparked and first lead up to the creation of Calling of the Dead. After this, Voevod showed up really late, and took over the CD player, and threw in some of the most wild and insane shit ever heard. Praxis: Sacrifist. “I was tripping so hard, and this music was like a blow torch to my fucking brain”, said Disease. Praxis forever changed how Toxic Coma would be written. This was a huge night in VAC’s past, these two lps resonated with the VAC/Toxic Coma crew and became a main inspiration for the act. “I remember the hallucinations, with juno reactor it was like mars bending into Buddha, aliens dancing on insects on purple water, the planets were dancing on chem trails, and the faces in the patterns agreed that this music was the future.” said Disease. “Praxis on LSD, one of the most terrifying fucked up things that can be done to the mind, it was like mental rape. Especially really loud in the dark. I kept seeing headless chickens attacking priests, holes in the universe being punched through by huge hands and people being grabbed and pulled through violently, Like the world was being eaten alive by trans dimensional beings that had huge translucent fangs and arms that could stretch for miles and miles, people’s skin just melting off, talking skeletons, real night of the living dead shit.” Said Disease.

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Velvet Acid Christ Flashback #2: The Bottle and the Head.

May 20th, 2010 by Hexfix93


1998. VAC finishes Calling of the dead and sets out to tour. Band turmoil, only one member left is Disease Factory. This all led to the 1998 tour, in the last minute Disease found two keyboardists, Thorsten Stroht from Klinik and Ingo Bitez from Kalte Farben. Screen Shot above. This tour was strange as it was VAC’s first. Disease alone in europe while everyone around him spoke german and hardly ever spoke english. Suicide commando and pierre point where on this tour with VAC. At the end of this tour, VAC played WTG in 1998. The last show. So Disease decides to take a whole shit ton of drugs and drinks half of a bottle of vodka for good measure. Disease and torty pass out big joints to the front row. LOL. Disease was so high and dehydrated, he has all kinds of water on the stage by his monitors in the front. After the first couple of songs, Disease was dying of thirst, went to find his water and soda at the front of the stage but they were gone, he ask the audience who stole his water, someone in the front row handed back one of the plastic 1 liter bottles, it was empty. So Disease threw it back into the crowd. Vac finishes set. Back stage Disease was hallucinating at this point, there was this guy that looked like a mummy with blood on his face. He had his head all bandaged up, Disease thought he was a fan dressing up like ogre at first. Disease kept staring at him, till finally stefan herwig comes over and says, “you did this”. Disease was in shock and clueless and had no idea that he had thrown the bottle hard enough to hurt someone like that. It was an empty light 1 liter plastic bottle. Disease Apologizes and says, “I was not trying to hurt anyone, I didn’t think I even threw it that hard”. VAC paid the person off. Put a big dent in VAC funds at the time. Tour made no money as a result. This made VAC really poor at the time. Still today some people in eastern Germany think vac is a psychopath band that has been investigated by the government and beat up their fans. Once something like this happens, you get a reputation, it wasn’t helping that all the interviews VAC did at the time were all done on heavy amounts of drugs totally saying crazy shit joking around like, they might drive through a church in a pick up truck shooting nuns and preists with shotguns. LOL, shit like that doesn’t help your street cred. Hahahaah. This was before all the mass shootings in the media. It’s a shame people do not understand our dark sense of humor. They were kidding around…………………………………………………………….

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Velvet Acid Christ Flashback #1: The legend of Orange Disaster.

April 21st, 2010 by Hexfix93

Sometime in 1992. Some idiot got drunk and spilled orange juice and vodka on our only keyboard that we made everything on, our roland w-30 sampler. That good old 12 bit sampler. Sounded good and was reliable, we ran it through this mixer from the 70s that was mono, we faked stereo with the monitor channel. This is when VAC was this really fat guy named }{%{}%(censored), and this freak who called himself Disease Factory. We spent the next week taking apart the entire synth and manually cleaning by hand every part to get the sticky crap off, all the buttons stuck when pressed and the keyboard mis fired. This was one of the most depressing moments in VAC history, because this was the only keybaord we could afford and owned at this time.

I can remember wondering if we would ever get it to work again, i remember tediously cleaning everything, and putting it together and then it still stuck, we had to take it apart and put it back together three fucking times, clean each part by hand, and there were hundreds of parts, it was a nighmare. This drunk person was not even in VAC at the time. These were the beginings, this was the era of oblivion interface, the first VAC ever made. I was a psychopath then. I remembered wanting to beat someones ass so fucking bad. Good thing i didn’t. It might of voided VAC all together if I had. This event lead to many things in vac changing for the better in the end. This guy who ruined our sampler was one of toxic coma’s best members, who would later on join the vac crew. He more than made up for it later. We did get the keyboard to work again, but my access to it was short lived after that event when the big fat dude i was in the band with decided to break into houses, i had no idea, i would of never let him if i had known. He was doing this all along to fund His drug habbits. He got caught, went to jail. The funny thing was, that we even tried and failed to steel gear to fund VAC. We were all poor at the time, doing lsd and smoking a lot of pot listening and trying to create some of the weirdest music out there. I looked to strange to get a job then, this was way before hot topic, nin, and manson made goth trendy. After I cleaned the W-30, and on the day my band mate left forever, i wrote “Cease to Understand, click to listen”, in 1992 which was about relationships deteriorating and ceasing, and later in 2008 became the main theme of my last release “The Art of Breaking Apart”. Funny how things work. END……..
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