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Video: Velvet Acid Christ: Evoked HD + Tour stuff.

June 27th, 2013 by Hexfix93

Please Share this video EVERYWHERE!!!!!!
One of the first songs I wrote for maldire. I used a lot of software on this track. Vocals into boss me-50, into ksp8, into lynxtwo l22. Waves Api 2500 and 560 eq on every track. Renoise, Sylenth, Omnisphere, Tyrell Nexus 6, Alchemy, Through Korg FX and Api plugs. This song was inspired by Witch House and Old Skinny Puppy. Frantically summoning demons.

During the production of Maldire, I used to walk my dog a lot in a park by my house. One day a neighborhood dog got out, and I noticed it as he charged across the street, it happened so fast, he bit my dog, then i picked my dog up and started spinning around, trying to protect him, i had a trench coat on so it poofed out and distracted the dog, he was not able to bite me, but he jumped up once and I punched him, where his tooth caught me once. I still remember my dog wailing in horrid pain, breaks my heart still. Sad story. I ran my dog home to find his testicle had been bitten into and his scrotum was torn open. Then to find a bite that tore my dog’s leg open with a 3 inch gash that had to be stapled, and i had to hot press it for a week and watch it ooze nasty shit. This happened right before I did the vocals. It spooked me so hard core. Being attacked like that by a big dog. It freaked me out, and it could of been so much worse if I had not reacted the way I did. The events of this day inspired a lot of maldire, especially this song, which is a curse to the dog owner of the one who attacked us. We won the court case, and I am getting restitution. Sucks though, I even had a rabies scare for a while. I was freaking out so fucking bad. This dog attacked other people the same day, and weeks prior. I hate mean dogs. We did nothing to provoke it. I’m still traumatized a bit by the experience…. My dog healed up.. We are ok now, I just have to carry a weapon now when i walk around neighborhoods in fear of negligent dog owners. Big dogs too, and I don’t care what people say about them, they are scary when not on a leash thinking they are defending their territory, even my dog will attack. Except my dog is tiny.

^^ My dog is so nice, super cute. Smart, Knows tricks, he is amazing, and my best friend… 🙂 I love him……..

Video concept by Dustin Ferguson. A horror style music video paying homage to the greats like Lucio Fulci. Fictional tale of Pagan Satanic Revenge. Don’t try this at home kids.. I am also working on a sound track for a film by Dustin this summer. Todd is going to help me..


Tour news…. Montreal is in the bag, date will be posted soon. Detroit is in the air still hope we can nail it down soon. Indy is the bag as well. Will post that date too. The south, it looks like we wont play Atlanta. But we might play to the north… So Atlanta, people, you will have to drive to see us, sorry.

East: aug/sept/oct 2013
10 shows:
Chicago Wednesday Sept 25th @ Bottom Lounge
Columbus Sept 27th @ Skully’s Music Diner
Detroit Sunday Sept 29th @ Smalls
Ottawa Oct 1st @ Zaphod Beeblebrox
Montreal Weds October 2st, @ Les Katacombes
NYC NY Oct 5th @ Drom
Baltimore Oct 6th @ Ottobar
Richmond Oct 8th @ Fallout
Pittsburgh Oct 11th Rex Theater
Indianapolis October 12th, @ Birdy’s Live

South: Oct/Nov/Dec 2013
8 Shows:
Denver TBA
Nashville TBA
Charlotte Wednesday Nov 13 @ Amos’ Southend
West Palm Beach FL Friday November 15th, 2013 @ Respectable Street
Tampa FL Saturday November 16th 2013 @ The Orpheum
New Orleans Monday November 18th, 2013 @ Siberia
Austin Friday Friday Nov 22th, @ Elysium
Oklahoma City Saturday Nov 23rd @ Voodoo Lounge OKC

In the works:
Edmonton Alberta One off in January 2014.
Want to book a show in Australia, Tokyo, New Zealand.
Plotting 2014 European Tour. Want to play all the big cities, and one festival..

Buy Maldire: Click Below:

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Itunes. Metropolis CD.
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Official Bend The Sky Video by Dustin Ferguson.

January 7th, 2013 by Hexfix93

Velvet Acid Christ: Official Video for Bend The Sky. Velvet acid christ continues its video relationship with rhr video. One more video is in the works for the maldire lp. Expect that in the coming months. For now enjoy this trippy story video. Buy maldire today! Licks below.

Amazon MP3.. Amazon CD.
Itunes. Metropolis CD.
Metropolis Digital.

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Video: Velvet Acid Christ: Mysteric official video

September 27th, 2012 by Hexfix93

^ Finished. Official video for Mysteric. The unknown rules, even the unknown of one self. Dustin Ferguson and his crew made yet another Velvet Acid Christ video.

Be sure to check out their facebook page

Check out their official web site and order some of their movies>

Please Buy Maldire, it helps my label, helps pay them so they can live, helps me so I can live thank you:

Amazon MP3.
Amazon CD.
Metropolis CD.
Metropolis Digital with pdf booklet.

More good Maldire Reviews”….

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Velvet Acid Christ Official MALDIRE Music Video.

August 18th, 2012 by Hexfix93

Here it is. The finished product. I want to thank everyone who worked on it. It is like a short horror film. Very Dario Argento like. Argento is my favorite film maker. Suspiria, Tenebre, Opera are my favorite horror films of all time. I was so happy when Dustin sent me a message about wanting to do this. Seeing some of his other work convinced me this was the way to go. I want to work with him in the future as well. Would love to write music for his films. Or even work on a film with him in some way.

With Maldire, I tapped into the anger of the fallen. The pagans and non christians who were burned alive for being witches, or strange or pagan. Talk to a cat, into the fire. Anal sex, Into the fire. Say anything bad about the christian beliefs, into the fire. The priests of this time period also blamed the pagans for the mini ice age that led to shortages in food. Claimed that the pagans pissed off GOD so they had to kill them all. This did not bring an end to the mini ice age either. What a joke. The Dark AGES woooo. Granted, christians do not own oppressive behavior, seems like most all religions and mob mentalities therein have this wonderful fascism built into them. I chose this because my heritage is very scarred by the christians of yester year. I see this oppression still. Now more towards gay people. It makes me sick. I hate the mob mentality, vigilante justice. Idiots who think they are right and should have the right to take others lives because their stupid morality thinks its superior to all others. No way. This is a fictional tale. In no way do I support murder in the real world. The scary part is, in the future I see food issues, and I am willing to bet the christians are going to come after the goths, the pagans, the gays, and the atheists this time. Be afraid. Be very afraid. History has a sick way of repeating itself.

In other VAC news. Todd Loomis and I have patched things up. He has a tour van. He said he wants to play guitar for VAC and go on the road. This means I have steve and todd now. Stoked. Working out details. Going to try and set up a Velvet Acid Christ / Twilight Garden tour/mini tours. We want to play Canada, we want to play the usa, We have been invited to play on the goth cruise(not sure about that one yet). We are not sure about europe yet. We might be able to make some of the festivals in 2013. As it stands right now, I want to go out maybe this december, maybe feb, maybe march. We are working on it. Just so you know. Live shows “WILL” HAPPEN! Its for for certain. I am working out the stage art, theme, look of the band. Todd will have a new LP out soon with the twilight garden. I am so happy to have Todd back in the fold. He really is the most talented musician I have ever worked with.

^ Remember, Maldire the full LP will be out in north America on Sept 11 2012. In Europe on Sept 14. Spread the word! Thank you …

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Velvet Acid Chris: Cover of “EVEN NOW” By Edward Kaspel Video.

April 20th, 2012 by Hexfix93

Video by Headcase! This is a cover I did about a year ago, was planning to put it on a single. Singles don’t sell. Opportunity to get it on a really cool compilation came up and that is what I went with. Dependence 2012 compilation with a lot of other cool acts on it like front line assembly, skold, informatik, decoded feedback, and kmfdm. Click here to hear a preview. Edward Kaspel is the front man of the Legendary Pink Dots and The Tear Garden. Those are my favorite bands over all. Kaspel is my favorite lyricist of all time. He has inspired me from the very beginning of my music career. I did this to help promote Kaspel and the dots. I really hope this gets my fans into their music and helps them out. Check out the Legendary Pink Dots official web page. Special Thanks to headcase for making the video, check out headcases’s other videos Click here. I can relate to the lyrics in this song so much, and has some power lyrical moments in it for me. Reminds me of failed relationships and missing people. Any how if you like this, please make it viral, spread it everywhere.

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Video: Fun with Drugs

December 19th, 2011 by Hexfix93

WOW. Drugs.. Oh man memories. I am drug free these days..

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Video: Parasite.

November 11th, 2011 by Hexfix93

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Video: Fun With Knives Fan Video.

November 10th, 2011 by Hexfix93

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