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VAC press picture 2012

August 27th, 2012 by Hexfix93

One of the new VAC press photos. Very cheesy. Love it. Mask by Seven. More to come, I will be doing some with Todd.

Also check out the new review i did for darker days tomorrow: Click Here.

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VAC Photo: Frankenhand!

July 16th, 2008 by Hexfix93


Yes, at work, misconception led to injury. An accident. I wont explain the exact details, but the above is the results of working on panels I am not familiar with. What was so strange, it has helped me eat healthier these days, cause I wanted to heal up right. People said they wanted to see it, and I wanted to show that it wasn’t fake or an excuse. Good thing workers comp is going to cover it. I think I get the stitches out friday. I hope the tendon damage doesn’t make it so i don’t play guitar or synths as well. I hope for the best…

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January 9th, 2008 by Hexfix93

Hexfix93, In florida, first show in the USA, 2000, found out that george bush won the election that day, it was super depressing, and very sad day for the world. I burned myself good at this show.

Hexfix93, Thorsten, Hypostasis @ the Doomsday festival. We played with puppy, in place of the legendary pink dots who cancled. We paid to play, we got cevin key and ogre green pajamas, we though we would be paid back, i never wanted to give them green pajamas, but we did out of the goodness of our hearts, they said they had to have green pajamas. That they would not play with out them, and at the last minute, no one had money for the green pajamas, so hypostasis and i put up the money for them. We were promised to be paid back. But puppy never paid us back, they didn’t like the green pajamas, but they just did wear them. they gave them back after using them. After all this time, i don’t have hard feelings. I look at it like we played to play. It was a day show, we had bad sound, because we didn’t get a sound check. Our sound got better by the 3rd song, but we only played for 40 minutes. In day light. Uhg…


The huge crowd at doomsday.

Hexfix93, Pissed off at Doomsday.

Hexfix93 in holland 2000, This show was funny. The night before was the worst show we had ever put on, it was the first in 2000, the first since 1998, our sampler wouldnt load thanks to the crappy iomega jazz drives that never worked right, poor emu sampler got broke in the flight as well. Shit. So there were no vocal fx becuase we had never worked with the sound guy before and he had no idea how to do my vocals live till the second show. Dude, that show was so bad, the audience would not even come up to the stage. No cheers, silence. After that show, I went into our tour bus and thought about slitting my throat. I was in horror, I could not believe what a disaster that show was. Stefan saved my life that night with the hope he gave me in words. But this is a photo from the night after that disaster. Funny story, it was in holland, in this light house or something like that, the back stage was up all these stairs. Any how, I was still super depressed from the first show, so I got super drunk. I drank like half a bottle of vodka in like 15 minutes. LOL. i found out the Colorado Avalanche lost in the play offs to the dallas stars while I was about to go on stage. But i realized i was so drunk that i was about to pass out. So while the vac intro was on, and the band went out, i ran up all those flights of stairs and puked in the toilet fast, a ton. I ran down as fast as I could, on to the stage right as i was supposed to sing. We kicked ass, I was so pissed off that my hockey team lost, and our last show was terrible. This in my opinion was one of the best shows i ever put on.

Hexfix93, Holland 2000

Hexfix93 Holland 2000

Hexfix93 Holland 2000, I was really happy with these photos, I feel really bad, because i don’t remember who took them, come forward and say something if it was you.

Hexfix93 2000, Forget what town, was with steve bird and thorsten stroht PHOOOOOOMP.

Hexfix93 2000, PHOOOOOOMP #2.

The crowd at the free wave gothic treffin show we did in 2000. What a joke, we played in front of all those people, and didn’t get one cent. Just another fleecing I got in europe. In fact i made next to nothing on every european show i played, thanks to my then manager Stefan Herwig, who got big bucks for the festivals we played, and I only saw like a few hundred dollars. while he got thousands. After i left dependent over the bs money rip off on tour, and our bothced fwk tour shirts that dependent fucked up in europe, it was fucking pink. fucking pink VAC shirts. PINK!. That was the beginning of the end for his label. Any how, that show was huge, thousands of people.. thousands. it was crazy..

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VAC Photos: 1995-1996 Between The Eyes Era

January 9th, 2008 by Hexfix93

Hexfix93 1996 by the platt river in Denver.

Hexfix93 1995, Dig the Too Dark Park Poster kids!

Hexfix93 1995, yet another shot, I used to smoke, not any more.

Wow, I look like Gothic Boy George, LOL. The good old days. Dig the Diamanda Galas shirt, That is uber goth YO!

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VAC PHOTOS: 2004-2005 Hex Angel Era.

January 9th, 2008 by Hexfix93

Hexfix93 in the mountains, 2004, photo by Ara Vitalie. I think this is my favorite VAC photo. I was raw then. Felt great.

Hexfix93 in the mountains #2 2004, photo by Ara Vitalie. I like these as well, you can tell how irritated I am. I hate taking pictures of myself.

Hexfix93 in the mountains #3 2004, photo by Ara Vitalie.

Hexfix93 in the mountains #4 2004, photo by Ara Vitalie.

Hexfix93 in the mountains #5 2004, photo by Ara Vitalie. Hiding in the Trees.

Hexfix93 in the springs, Photo by Bonnie Bush.

Hexfix93 in the springs, being pissed, hate taking photos. Photo by Bonnie Bush.

Hexfix93 in the springs, I love the sky and that creepy tree behind me in this picture, Photo by Bonnie Bush.

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