VAC news Dec 17 2013.

December 17th, 2013 by Hexfix93


Something positive. I finally Figured out how to use groove agent one in Cubase 5. Drums are not so hard in cubase, just less headroom compared to renoise it seems. For remix work I have to use Cubase. I think With the processor upgrade I will use cubase a lot more. I also am waiting for my motu Micro Lite midi interface that is supposedly super tight midi over usb. We shall see. Going to use the Nord Lead 4 and Slim Phatty on my wumpscut remixes. I love the songs I am remixing for Wumpscut. I am tempted to do a 3rd. No Idea what he wants or thinks. I’m just a huge fan of his work still.

Still trying to book shows in Europe for summer 2014. Wish us luck.. We will be playing in mexico City April 4th, Friday, it will be a 3 day festival at Klub Terminal. I will post new details soon. I will also try and book some shows in Canada as well.

Playstation 4 is amazing. COD Ghosts, Battalfield 4, Killzone shadow fall, Fifa 14, and Assassin Creed Black Flag. I got spoiled. So far playing ghosts the most cause it just plays the best BF4 is a bug fest with no party system and I play with krztov and Lunggravy a lot so. Gotta have a party system EA WAKE UP.

Looks like I will be selling one of the Korg Kronoses to a cool fan. Going to try and sell my gear on Facebook from now on, and never deal with ebay again.. I have to figure out how to ship my gear on one off shows. For lights and the kronos.. Looks like we will be using laptops again on some of the gigs sadly but we have gotten them to sound better.

Public relations Disaster. I am notorious for blowing it with my fans on the internet. Sadly. It is my nature. I am injf. I am pretty unique and not great at dealing with masses of people. I am a moody weird reactionary fuck some times. People see this in me on the internet. It is why I should never deal with people, I should be locked away in some back room. If i had the money to hire people to to all this web stuff and bullshit I would hire them, and I would never utter a word to the public. Sadly the damage is done. If only I could just keep my mouth shut LOL. Sucks to be this social an anti social at the same time.

PS: I will start selling shirts online, but only if orders go above 30 dollars. So hoodies, Stickers, Posters, Tour Shirts, Ltd Tour Shirts. PM on my facebook if you are interested in buying VAC merch..


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7 Responses

  1. injf Says:

    For those who wondered (I did), INJF is Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging

  2. derchef Says:

    Great, was about time getting the merch directly. ;)

  3. ghostepsil Says:

    yeah, you can’t please to everyone. don’t take too seriously what the others think about you. stay what you are. i’m an INFJ too and i understand now why i was so strange, different for the others. i accept it and i feel good now. hope to see lie in France ^^

  4. ghostepsil Says:

    live not lie, arrggggg!!!!

  5. Dustin Says:

    As for public relations, I’m not mad at you, and don’t know why anyone else should be :) I understand you are a dynamic human being, an artist and you act 100% real. You don’t hold back your opinions for anyone, and you shouldn’t! They can take you or leave you! ;)

  6. Isabelle Says:

    Yaaaaa, come to germany !!! Please please please… :)

  7. Coconut Oil Says:

    It is not my first time to go to see this site, i am visiting this site dailly and get nice data from here every day.

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