The East Coast is done. South here we come.

October 18th, 2013 by Hexfix93

It was epic. Promoters were great. Our lights really improved our shows and made it more atmospheric and epic. Our gear held up and we had no tech issues with sound. All Hail the mighty Korg Kronos simply the best live synth ever made. Our laptops we used on the west coast overheated , and failed and glitched and screwed up and had latency. Kronos is perfect. Key splits, sampler, VA, PCM, plus backing tracks and live sequencer. Our lights were coded to the music, to the beats and to sections of songs. It was not just buying dj lights and throwing them in Auto sound active mode like I have seen so many other bands do. We spent 3 months programming lights for every song. Wow it really helped out both bands a lot. I thank Chris Kutz who got us great deals on our lights.

High Lights:
Chicago(so industrial, I loved the architecture and the size of the city, the bridges. When I was there before I was in a tour bus and I missed everything. The fans were very great and bought a lot of merchandise. I love this city.

Ottawa: My first time in Canada. It was so strange. Once we got through the border(crossing T’s Checking I’s) all the trees and the colors were amazing. Once we got to the city, I was like “am I in Europe?”. WTF “This is still north America?”. Weird. The buildings looked very different and the people were very chatty and nice. Dj Lesley put up with a very worried and freaked out VAC. I heard all the horror stories of bands being denied into Canada so we were very paranoid. But everything worked out. The crowd in Ottawa was simply amazing. Screaming so loud I went deaf. They made us play for 2 hours. Every time I would leave to finish they demanded more and more and more. So happy.

Montreal: My big internet tif was with a promoter in Montreal. This argument lead to all the “people don’t know how famous I am, LOL” Shirts. We did very well, from a FAN turned Promoter (Apo Kalex)and the help of Lesley. So I guess we proved the nay sayers wrong up there. We had a good turn out. I will go back there any time. Canada was so amazing. Plus, I love hockey. Only down side is the food. When you are a Odwalla drinking vegan who wants kale salad all the time, wow forget it in Canada. Maple syrup on french fries and shit. No thanks.

Columbus: Turn out was great, Promoters were fantastic, and the venue was the best. Killer sound on stage. Cool record store right next to the venue, our sound guy got a star wars don’t taze me brah shirt. Very cool.

NYC: Promoters were very cool all 20 of them… LOL. It was a late show but still we did ok, turn out was pretty good and krztov showed up to help so it was great having him around. Parking is always fun in NYC. Still I cannot get over how cool the promoters were. Dj Krieg is great.

Richmond: Strange stage and sound. The crowd was so great, very interactive. It was fun being called names in a cute way. the city is very cool, lots of brick and i liked how the highway was woven in. This city really surprised me from how it looked and to how interesting all the people were. If this is how all the south is, I’m going to have a blast in the south..

Pittsburgh: What a cool looking city. the San Fran of the east. Pennsylvania is my favorite state out east, the mountains are amazing, the valleys, and how Pitts looks with the rivers and all the hills and weird 2 lane roads. This was my favorite city out east, I even liked it more than San Fran. Plus working with Jim Semonik was amazing his band opened and it was pretty good, and he does that crazy cancer compilation that metropolis releases. I plan on giving them a track for it.

Baltimore: (the best city in north america lol) With Mind Cage Rick promoting and playing in my band for a song on Caustic Disco was amazing. One of the major highlights of the tour. The crowd in Balt was amazing. Very interactive. I will come back there.

But seriously, I know this. I hate really late shows. I do not like playing past 1 am. I like starting at 1030. 11 is ok too. but any later and I hate it. So do the crowds from what I can tell. I want to personally thank every single promoter, especially Alex in Montreal who went way above the call for a FAN to bring us to Montreal and make it happen. I could not of asked for more. Say high to Sophie! Also a big thanks to all the bands that opened for us.

Maybe in 2 years I will play the east again. We’ll see. Next is the south. Then Random one offs. And I have not heard back from the Mexico City promoter so it looks like that is OFF. Still hoping to play a one off in Toronto, Edmonton, and even Vancouver. Still hope Mexico City happens. And Finally after all that, Construction has already begun on crafting the European tour that will happen spring or Fall. We hope to play the UK, 3 shows in Germany, France, Holland, Sweden, maybe Spain. I would also love to play shows in Australia and meet Durian Rider and Snog in person! A mini tour with Snog and VAC would be a dream come true.

To all you VAC fans, if you saw the shows, you see the toxic coma in me. I am a funny guy, silly. I take money seriously cause I have too, but never myself. I know I am far from perfect. I would rather make you laugh and smile than make you look up to me, or act godly and above everyone. I would rather thank you and show you appreciation in a friendly way, than shun you and act too cool for school. I personally am very sick of the elitism in the scene from the musicians, to the super cool scene people. Lighten up, the end of the world is coming. Laugh and have joy. You don’t have much time. All this petty shit is no good for anyone. The scene is way to small for it and we really don’t have time for it.

Huge thank you to my crew, they all busted their asses hardcore. Dave, Jeremy, Krztov, and Todd. Super Huge thanks to all the promoters. And and Astronomical huge HUG to all the fans who showed up, supported us! I had a blast!

South: Nov/ 2013
7 Shows: Click on dates below to see facebook event page and to buy tickets:
Nashville Monday nov 11th @ The Rutledge.
Charlotte Wednesday Nov 13 @ Amos’ Southend.
West Palm Beach FL Friday November 15th, 2013 @ Respectable Street.
Tampa FL Saturday November 16th 2013 @ The Orpheum.
New Orleans Monday November 18th, 2013 @ Siberia.
Austin Friday Friday Nov 22th, @ Elysium.
Oklahoma City Saturday Nov 23rd @ Voodoo Lounge OKC.

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