The Denver Show feb 9th 2013 past tense.

February 12th, 2013 by Hexfix93


Gah, bad hair day. it snowed on my hair, and the back stage did not have a shower so i could not fix the poofy short mess it became. Any how. It was great. We made decent money, more than I imagined, decent turn out, 318. This cow town delivered!!!!! I am so proud of our shattered local scene. I mean all these great djs, local bands, and a alot of old friends where there. Like I expect for this tour, there will be a few newbs, but our advertising on facebook has reached out to the 30 to 40 year olds of yester year who liked VAC back in the day. It was so cool. I was blown away by the crowd. I was kind of out of shape even though I have been working out. My work outs did not prepare me for the 2 and a half hours I would spend on stage. Still we pulled it off, with a couple of hiccups. We are refining the sound more and more for VAC and TTG. For a first show I was so happy with how everything turned out. So glad we remade some of the old songs, it really got the crowd going. The Local opening act was really good as well. They blew me away and had a tight refined sound. Check their fb out click. They were really nice and respectful, and i tried hard to help them when I could. Go Buy their cds and support vendetta and Dead Hand Project!

The Westword people were there and doing a great job, they even threw up a review..

They also did a really cool interview with us here:

We had backing video thanks to good ol Dustin F. and I think this added a lot to the experience. Ara came in at the last moment and did merch for us and man did we sell a lot of shirts and cds. So impressed with the results. Those who said we asked too much out east, FYI we made more than we asked for in Canada. I cannot imagine my draw being less in Canada. I sold so many cds up there according to our sales figures. I think we will do well there as well. I am not taking anything away from Colorado though. The scene here has been consistent ever since I was going out in it. Since the 80s basically. We had teletunes and that was a big influence on me here, seeing all the cool goth and industrial videos of the 80s and early 90s was priceless, on pbs!!! I am famous because of Colorado. Because the scene here inspired me, the people here as well. I love this town and I am so happy we played it first. Any how some shout outs. Dave Vendetta, Thank you so much for great promotion and your street team was awesome. Eric and Kim Kosnar(darker days yet again!)Click , Slave One (thank you so much for promoting), (The Siren Project click. Check them out, really good local band. Synapse (mark, patrick u guys rock, Hugs for coming out, peace). And To Amy, DJ Raid, Dethrock love, Matt, All of you who showed up, Thank all of you so much. We could not do this with out our fans. Also, 2 guys from Tennessee flew out, Days in exile, thank you so much, and to all others who drove or flew out.

To think, I thought VAC was dead in Denver. LOL wrong….. Vendetta proved me wrong. There are still plenty of things for VAC to do when they are dead in Denver.

PS: Also old band mate Gary Slaughter was in the crowd, and we talked a bit afterwards and it was so nice man. I miss that guy so much some times. He was the King of Toxic Coma. And check out his local band The Vergers.. Indy rock stuff.


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  1. Dustin Ferguson Says:

    AWESOME! Love the pic too! Cool to see a shot of a video on the big screen!! Glad it went so well!

  2. Joe JOhnson Says:

    Hey.. link to Dead hand Project’s FB page is broken…checky

  3. Hexfix93 Says:


  4. Jennafhur Says:

    Bat-ass! So glad to hear things are going well! See you Friday in Austin.. so stoked!!

  5. thecalling66 Says:

    Fuckin’ Awesome Bryan! :D

  6. BadTron Says:

    Right on! I always wondered what happened w/ Gary. So psyched for AZ!

  7. Projekt Eins Says:

    Very awesome!!!

    I can’t wait to see you on the east coast!

  8. Alx Says:

    It´s great to know it is going fine for you.

  9. Hexfix93 Says:

    One show so far, hope the rest do well too. So happy.

  10. sick disease Says:

    great to hear that you aren´t on bad terms with Gary Slaughter anymore.

  11. G diddy pfunk Says:

    The vergers are dead. is my new project.

  12. impl0dr Says:

    Absolutely great news. So glad you guys had a good experience and that the turnout was better than expected. Also happy you made some cash. Can’t wait for the show in San Francisco.

  13. whatever Says:

    “Also old band mate Gary Slaughter was in the crowd, and we talked a bit afterwards and it was so nice man. I miss that guy so much some times. He was the King of Toxic Coma. And check out his local band The Vergers.. Indy rock stuff.”
    And I did do so.
    “Hi everyone. I don’t think a single member of the band has even looked at our myspace page in over 2 years. Anyway, for those who care, The Vergers officially broke up in July 2012. We had about a 5 year run and are proud of the music we created. Thanks everyone who paid any attention to us. You are in a very exclusive club!”

  14. Zylann Says:

    Took me forever to get around to reading this – I just wanted to say Thank you so much for doing this tour – Sadly it will be the last trip I do to Denver as we lost Frontier but this was certainly a trip to remember – I enjoyed that you took time to really talk to the crowd.
    ps your hair was fine…goes with the music and that’s about how my hair ends up when I listen to it.

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