West Coast Here We Come!

February 4th, 2013 by Hexfix93

The post below this has all the tour dates for the west coast. Yes I am booking the east coast for this summer now. What has been happening now is a lot of work, getting the transportation ready. I learned to play synth parts on 12 Twilight Garden Tracks. This is the first time ever I am playing live synths in a band on stage, its fun, and I really enjoy it. Todd’s voice is strong, and Chris Kutz The drummer is powerful sounding, and his drumming brings Twilight Garden to life.

The Vac set is bigger, 21 songs we are bringing, we wont play all of them every night. We are bringing enough to change the set from city to city. I am working out vocal FX. I will be doing vox without monitors :) Todd is playing guitars and a lot of synth lines. We have enhanced many songs on the set list and remade some old songs. We are playing songs from every VAC LP. We will have live keys, and lots of strange stuff, hope to have backing video. I am still figuring out how to cut my hair and do my makeup. I will not look like i did in the past. Still we hope to put on a very good energetic show. This will not be the standard EBM thing you see. YES we are bringing laptops. I managed to get low latency with the traktor dj usb DACs. We are using sylenth 1, kontakt, renoise, omnisphere, minimonsta, jup 8 v, Tyrel nexus 6 and a korg micro X for the live instruments and its working great. I could of brought some high end analogs and workstations, but with my budget being so low if something were to break, i could not replace a $2000 synth on the road. But a PC for 500 bucks, fine, easy to move around and cheap to replace and get up and running again fast on the road if something goes wrong. When I make more money, I think I will be able to afford a couple of korg kromes, a king korg, and the new moog sub phatty. This is what I hope to bring out east if I have the funds. Do not be alarmed when you see the pcs, we are using them as instruments because RENOISE KICKS SO MUCH FUCKING ASS AS A SAMPLER AND VST PLAY BACK SYSTEM!!

BTW. Todd can play all my fast 16th note progressions. Like you hear in futile, bend the sky, christ whore, etc. So be prepared. This is why I had to tour with Todd, His classical Piano training and degree in music is like gold when it comes to live shows. WOW.

We have been practicing on a PA, I bought a new mackie VLZ3 and wow we are impressed with it, sounds great. Vac Set and TTG set sound great. I also brought over my new Mauvais lp tracks to check them out on a PA. HOLY SHIT. The next vac has slower tempo songs with high energy, its like trip hop meets VAC and Haujobb. The BASS IS HUGE, and the songs are super melodic and glitchy. Got Femme Vox on two tracks from Sabine. Will finish vocals for this when we get back from West Coast Tour. Hope to have it out this september. Next VAC = OMFG HUGE BASS. So Stoked. Spacey and atmospheric trip hop VAC style.

We have a Tour shirt, VAC HOODIES, BABY Ts, and MALDIRE SHIRTS! We have a big poster, and stickers also. This is our life blood, so please buy this stuff. There is not a lot of VAC merch out there, and I have not toured for 13 years. Thank you.

Still all in all, remember that we are playing stuff live! We will put on a show. I promise not to be the typical EBM karaoke band!!!

See you at the shows, and please tell your friends!!!

Tour dates

Feb 20th Twilight Garden Only & Toxic Coma @ 3 Clubs in Hollywood. 1123 Vine St – Hollywood, CA 90038.
Tickets: Soon. Facebook Event: Soon.

Do not forget to pick up the new Velvet Acid Christ LP MALDIRE.

Amazon MP3.
Amazon CD.
Metropolis CD.
Metropolis Digital with pdf booklet.

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  1. Image Says:

    Are you not using monitors because of feedback?

  2. Agravene Says:

    Awesome news! I wish you guys all the best :) Spread that energy

  3. Michelle Says:

    Awesome! Is there any way I can purchase clothing on the website? Thanks!

  4. rluna Says:

    How much is your merc?

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