Flashback #6: The German Cookie, Thorsten.

April 25th, 2011 by Hexfix93

This man worked on the tour bus of frontline assembly during one of the tours I don’t fucking remember. All I know is that Disease gave some VAC cds to bill leeb, fate, pest, neural. All I know is they did listen to them on the bus, and Bill Leeb hated it but one person was going ape shit over it(played it over and over again in the bus driving the FLA crew nuts). That Person was Thorsten Stroht. As soon as he got back to Europe with the VAC cds he took from Bill Leeb he told his then partner Stefan Herwig who worked with Thorsten at OFF BEAT RECORDS. Thorsten told the people at OFF BEAT RECORDS that if they did not sign Velvet Acid Christ he would quit working for Off Beat. DEVOTION EH? VAC made up legendary stories about Thorsten in the German press claiming in one that He ran over Bill Leeb with the fucking tour bus because Bill Leeb was really a cyborg and not a human( this turns out to be true to this day).This is why every person in the world knows of Velvet Acid Christ. This man. In the early days at off beat Thorsten was the much needed buffer for Stefan. When they split and Thorsten was no longer working with a label Disease’s relationship with Stefan nose dived.
Every Velvet Acid Christ tour to date Thorsten Stroht was performing in as a keyboardist. Thorsten was one of the main driving forces behind VAC’s touring back in the day. So many fucked up stories on tour. The one I remember the most was this show we played in Germany. Everyone got so fucked up on booze and drugs. Thorsten cut himself with a broken bottle. Blood was every where. Thorsten was so wasted, we went to go eat late at night and the place we wanted to go to was closed and Thorsten wasn’t having it he started pounding on the glass of the restaurant and freaking out. He would start yelling at the cops and flipping off random people and just being totally fucked. A perfect match for VAC. Between Thorsten and Disease Self destructing its amazing that the tours lasted and no one ended up in the hospital. Disease and Thorsten would have deep conversations about suicide, always thinking about the best way to off yourself, and how to leave your corpse. We both agreed that hanging yourself with your pants down with a note tied around your cock saying “suck it”(mostly because most men get Rigor mortis in their junk and a permanent post life hard on that is rather putrid) so who ever, your family or loved ones finds it they have that lasting impression in their head of you. This is our black humor. A very healthy sense of humor that no one around them could understand or care to.


Thorsten was like Disease Factory’s long lost brother. When VAC stopped touring and Disease moved to Metropolis records the ties with europe and Thorsten seemed to grow apart. Thorsten was burnt out on the music scene and was more into goa later on. Still with out this brilliant person VAC would of never gained any ground in the industrial music scene. Thorsten’s Favorite thing that Disease would do is imitate Hitler, this would make him laugh pretty hard. Also, Disease bought a Ps3 and got into games like socom. While Thorsten bought xbox and beat off to halo. Thorsten and Stefan would both play a lot of games with the VAC crew back in the day. They would all fall to Disease Factory’s Tekken 2 skills in the end. But Disease would fall to Thorsten’s Cunt Mountain nhl games.
I don’t think there can ever be a tour with out Thorsten Stroht. It is a must that he be involved in any VAC tours. Fart war 3 allies vs the axis of evil. The very best russian german that ever lived is The evil German Kookie known as Thorsten Stroht. In my opinion, when Thorsten left the scene, the scene went to shit. Thorsten did so much for the industrial scene back in the off beat days. All the bands he has worked with and discovered. I tip my hat to him to this day for letting the world know about Velvet Acid Christ. I know that VAC is going to keep in better touch with Thorsten from now on and get his input on songs and things. I wish I could fly him out here and have him help me with the new vac record and go on tour with me again. Who knows. I know that there is one person that I have missed alot of over the last 10 years, and that is Thorsten. Click here to check out Thorsten’s Web site with great pictures and other morbid shit.

Over and out
Hexfix93 aka Disease Factory

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11 Responses

  1. magenticka Says:

    Big up Thorsten. Cool read.

  2. ghostepsil Says:

    one of my fav read about your memories. Thorsten is really a cool guy ^^ oh, yeah, thanks to him for his great devotion for VAC and industrial scene in general. i hope a new collaboration with Thorsten will be possible.

  3. hidden_void Says:

    Love reading these background stories (especially with you in the third person). I always suspected Bill Leeb was a fucking cyborg. And a great note to hang on your post-death hard-on would be: It’s not what you think. Blow to resuscitate.

    Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. Listening to the song “Disflux.” Add a few Star Trek: TNG quotes to the next album!

  4. Image Says:

    First off, I’m listening to “I Owe My Smile To You” by Adrian H. and The Wounds while reading this. XD

    The flashbacks are always the best when they revisit happy memories. Glad you wrote one about Thorsten. I remember seeing you talking about him on FB the other day and wanted to know more.

    Thanks for continuing the flashback series, I look forward to more.

  5. Audax Says:

    awesome stuff. glad you guys made it through such a wild tour without getting arrested or hospitalized, that would’ve sucked! that’s good you’ve still got some bridges man, keep the focus.

    also that shit about leeb gave me a good laugh :)

  6. oscuro Says:

    Hahaa! Awesome flashback :D
    VAC really had some good ppl flow thru its veins.

  7. tHORSTEN sTROHT Says:

    LOL, awesome, nice to get some “flashbacks”….I did a lot of tours wit FLA, PUPPY, NUMB, COVENANT, HAUJOBB, etc etc but touring with VAC was the most awesome experience ever! Hope to see ya agaon one day, its 9 years already since we last met….. :-/

  8. Steeevy Says:

    Besides tekken 6 and soul calibur 4 out..We must throw down again. BSAT6 ! ha

    Thorsten vs Torney from Project X in Soul Calibur 1

    “This is for ABAA!! And FUCKING ACE OF BASS”

  9. Bungling Ben Says:

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    Feel free to visit my blog – Bungling Ben

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